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Jane and the mysterious Vampire

Jane and the mysterious Vampire



Jane is a detective, one day she got called in for a case she never seen before. Her brother Carlos doesn't see what's wrong with it. But I do, the victim has two holes in his neck, half of the victoms blood has been taken out of its body. The only people I know do this are vampires,but they don't exist. Will Jane find the vampire that did this and prove to her brother Carlos that something was off about the case? To find out keep reading.
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  My alarm went off at 4:00 a.m, I got of bed cursing the alarm as I turned it off. I fought the urge to hop in bed and sleep again, I started to get less sleepy as I put on a black top and white leather jacket along with blue jeans. I did some makeup and left my room for some breakfast, as I reached the end of the stairs I found my brother Carlos and my parents talking about making me quit my job. Trying to walk up to the table quietly I stepped on Carlos's lego and yelled in pain.

  My whole family looked at me with sorry and worried faces. Finally the pain stopped and I walked to the table and sat down while giving them the explain look. We sat in silence until Carlos spoke up and said " Your job isn't safe, you go out of the country and we don't know how your doing..." My phone cut him off and I said "I have to take this,it's my job." I went to the kitchen and took the call.

  " Hey Jane we have a case for you, if you solve this case you get a raise. Okay I'll be over to look at the case now. "

  I walked back to the table and said " You'll have to explain later." I left the kitchen to put on my black Converse. As soon as I was done I ran to the door so I won't have to hear Carlos yelling how my outfit is inappropriate. When I got out I didn't bother trying to lock the door, I just ran straight to my car. With Carlos close behind me, I got in the car but as I was going to lock it Carlos was inside.

  What do you want Carlos I told him knowing he wanted something. Carlos Said " I coming with you so I know your safe " "Ugh okay but don't talk to anyone."

  I made to the department and said " Remember don't talk to anyone." "I know I know!" Carlos said giving me a smirk. I slapped him in the face and he got the hint, he changed his face quickly. As I made my way to my desk I had to keep Carlos from raiding the mini fridge. Finally I sat down and opened the file only to find the most weird thing possible.

  The victim had two holes in his neck, half of the victims blood is missing, and the weird thing is all 3 victims have healthy blood and have holes in their neck. Plus half of their blood is missing. I look up to sad Carlos, I said "Carlos do you know what's wrong with it." I gave him the file he took a moment to look at it and said " No nothings wrong it just a knife stabbed in the neck."

  I look at him with a frown as he gave me the file. " No the problem is that this is something a vampire does but they don't exist see that's when you come in." Carlos gave me a confused look so I explained it to him and he said he was pretty good at tracking this kind of things. I said " Great we'll get our materials and get started tomorrow."