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Shades of Your Love

Shades of Your Love


She’s blind, and pregnant, after being traded to Quincy by her brother to offset the debts owed. “My child? Ok, then, abort it! Name a price for it!” Quincy dragged Evie to the hospital. “No! The future heir to Norman Group had to be kept!” Quincy’s father demanded sharply, a tinge of eagerness flitted across his eyes. And Evie’s taken to live with Quincy. But out of blue, Quincy’s in a rage and smashed the vase, accusing her, “How dare you! Flirting with another man while carrying my child!” What happened? Evie’s flabbergasted. And one chip of the vase got speared into her collarbone. She groaned, out of pain. Only to find him seized by a flaming desire. Didn’t he hate her? The next moment, his finger hooked into her bathrobe...
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"My child? You vile tricky woman, I won't have you any chance to get my kid! Go!" Quincy Norman hauled Evie Wettiner uncourteously to the hospital. Evie tried to break free but couldn't get rid of his pincer-like big palm. She staggered, couldn't catch up with him and almost tripped over...

One hour ago.

"Quincy Norman, you bastard. You got my sister pregnant. You have to be held accountable! Marry her! Don't try to avoid us!" A man in his 30s with receding hairline, as well as a giant belly was shouting ferociously outside Norman Group, the family-owned business by Quincy Norman, and one of the top3 real estate company in Chico.

"Be a man, and face it, bastard!" The man yelled again. It's in the early morning and lots of commuters rushed to work. So, people gathered and swarmed the entrance, to watch the drama.

The man making a fuss was Nick Wettiner. And the increasing number of onlookers seemed to add to his momentum, he took off his coat and dashed it on the ground, "Fu*k you, Quincy, don't pretend nothing happened after what you've done. My sister's three month pregnant. Didn't you sleep with her three month ago? The child is definitely yours. Don't try to walk away from this!"

Nick wanted to go on his curse, only to find that his right arm was dragged by the girl next to him. She's his half-blooded sister, Evie Wettiner.

"Nick, we don't need to do this. I can raise this child by myself," Evie pleaded. And everyone's attention turned to her.

She looked pale, with a pair of eyes too dim, too big for her face. She's in a loose gawn, but one can sense her nice figure from behind, tall and slender. Only her somewhat protruding belly revealed that she's about 4 month's pregnant. Though she didn't apply any makeup, she looked extremely exquisite, with a face that one could not forget after the first sight.

"Wow, no wonder she can be a bargaining chip to set off the debt her family owed to Norman Group. She's gorgeous!" One woman whispered, and she seemed to be an employee of the Norman Group, who knew something about the case.

"But look at her beautiful eyes. What a pity. She's blind. I heard that her blindness has something to do with her brother, the man who's yelling beside her. Are they really siblings. They don't bear the slightest resemblance to each other...He's so short with a big belly, and almost bald!"

"I heard her family business was under her brother. He's not good at management, and he's a regular customer of night clubs to pick up girls, and often solicits prostitution services. His company is on the verge of bankruptcy. He owed Norman Group at least 50 million at least." Another woman joined in the gossip.

"Yes, I remembered that Quincy Norman, our CEO, had been drugged and in a critical condition then. The girl's traded for off-setting the debts, and slept with Quincy, which helped him recover. Poor girl!" The first employee continued, and one can tell she felt sorry for Evie.

"Hum, raise it on your own?" Nick snorted at her sister's idea, "by what means you can raise the child on your own? Can you find a job with your eyes blind?"

"Maybe I can ask dad for help." Evie slurred out.

Nick sneered, "do you know it's dad who brought it up, taking the initiative to propose this deal to Quincy's father, Holland Norman. Do you think he would help you raise your child?"

Blood drained from her face. What a revelation! She's sold out by her own father. Words failed her, she retreated her hand which was holding Nick. She tasted the bitter silently.

How's she gonna raise the child?

Suddenly, the crowd roared. A group of security scrambled their way to Evie and her brother and hostilely escorted them into the Norman Group tower. The elevator whisked them to the 50th floor, where Quincy's office resided. They followed a very smartly dressed young lady who introduced herself as Lily, the secretary of Quincy, into the office.

His office was spacious. And the man leaning against the huge modern dark-wooded desk before the floor-to-ceiling windows was Quincy, tall, dressed in a fine black suit, with intense, bright brown eyes alight with anger, appraising Evie and Nick attentively.

Evie could feel his gaze. She's intimidated.

"How could you tell the child is mine?" Quincy snorted, "You have owed debts to different parties, right? Could you just have traded your sister repeatedly, so she had slept with different men?"

Evie's humiliated. Tears pooled in her eyes. But she held them back. She's just a slut in his mind. And he's partly right. She should have been traded to different creditors were it not for that she got pregnant. Quincy was his first man and it just happened that she got pregnant with his baby.

"The child is definitely yours. You slept her three months ago. Don't try to deny that. Or maybe you can take her to do an amniocentesis DNA test." Nick quickly responded.

"What you guys are up to? Firstly you persuaded my father to make this deal, which you successfully wiped off the 50 million debt. Then, you showed up here pledging you have my baby. Didn't we close the deal when the debt was offset?"Quincy's tone sarcastic.

"No matter what shit you talked about, you have to be responsible for this. You have to marry my sister." Nick quibbled ferociously, the fat on his face trembled.

"You have no right to force me to marry her." Quincy sneered.

"Oh, do I? I got something, and you'll definitely be interested." Nick then took his phone out, and played a video, in which two naked people entangled together.

"You can't walk away from it! Unless you want this go viral!" Nick sneered wickedly.

Evie immediately recognized that it's her having sex with Quincy that night and the moaning and growling in the video made her blush instantly.

Oh, god, when did he record this? How shamelessly! Nick resorted to these dirty tricks!

Quincy's face livid with anger, fury seemed to emanate from his every pore. He glared at Evie and strode over to her. He gripped her arm with great strength, gritting his teeth, "ok, since you guys are so sure the child is mine, then, my plan would be--to abort it. Isn't that you want money? Name a price after aborting it!"

He had never been threatened. Dare to set him up and threaten him. He'll make them suffer!

"Dare to set me up! You'll get what you deserve!" he pulled her arm with great force, without any mercy, like pulling a doll.

Evie felt like her left arm being torn apart.

She wanted to yell out that she didn't set him up.

And she had traded herself to him because she secretly admired him.

She thought bitterly.

Can she muse out loud her thought?

No! He wouldn't believe it.

Besides, she's blind, without a noble birth.

He's gorgeous, impeccable, way out of her league.

Was she so inferior that she's ineligible to bear his child?

Her heart was filled with tremors.