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Unintended Marriage: You Are My Dream Come True

Unintended Marriage: You Are My Dream Come True


All of Thalia Cloude's family favored her younger sister, Agnes, including her husband Adam Matthews. Adam even wanted to divorce Thalia to marry her sister! Thalia agreed but drugged Adam to sleep with her for the last time, wishing that he would remember her after she was gone. And her only condition for the divorce was that Adam must design a wedding dress for her. But Adam mistook Agnes the little girl he met at that time. Thalia was depressed. She wanted to die alone. But then she found out that she was pregnant, with Adam's baby...
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"Adam, I love you!"

In the dim bedroom, Thalia Cloude sat on a man's lap, trying her best to seduce him.

However, the man instantly shoved her away. "Thalia Cloude, how could you become such a sl*t!"

Adam Matthews looked at her with disgust, as if he was looking at something dirty.

Instead of retreating, Thalia moved forward and pressed her body against his chest. "Adam, you rarely come home. I won't leave your side..."

Adam suddenly sensed a surge of warmth at his bulging private part. He narrowed his fiery eyes and gripped her chin tightly. "B*tch, how dare you drug me with an aphrodisiac?"

Thalia did not answer. She gritted her teeth and endured his roughness as they had sex. Her tears trickled down and wet the pillow.

He called her a b*tch, which meant that he at least knew that she was Thalia Cloude, not Agnes Cloude.

She was his wife. If they were in bed together and he called out the name of another woman, she would be awfully bitter about it!

She wanted to remind him that the woman who was currently having sex with him was named Thalia, whom he had married for the past three years!

"Adam, when you f*ck Agnes Cloude, were you this rough as well?"

Thalia's body was in so much pain. She couldn't help but clutch at his waist and ask.

"Who are you to mention Agnes and compare yourself to her?" Adam pulled away, got up, and flung her onto the floor. "A disgusting woman like you is nothing compared to Agnes!"

There was a bang. The back of Thalia's waist hit the foot of the bed. She suddenly tasted blood in her mouth. 


How could he call her disgusting?!

He used to treat her gently like she was as precious as a treasure to him. She thought, 'Why does he treat me so horribly after we get married?'

Despair spread like weeds in Thalia's heart. She gave a bitter smile and said, "In that case, Adam, let's get a divorce."

Adam's hands, which were buckling his belt, froze. His gaze fell on her face.

Since the day they got married, he had asked for a divorce countless times. But no matter how he threatened or tried to tempt her with money, she never compromised.

However, on this day, she caught him by surprise by seducing him, drugging him, and even suggesting that they got a divorce.

What on earth was that b*tch trying to do?

Thalia held back the tears in her eyes and slowly stood up. "I agree to divorce you, but I have a condition."

Adam frowned. "What game are you playing?"

"You must design a wedding dress for me!"

"Design a wedding dress for you?" Adam was stunned for a moment. Then he sneered at her. "Who are you to ask that of me?"

His words were like sharp swords that pierced into Thalia's heart. Her body faltered, but she still held her head up high stubbornly. "If you want me to sign the divorce paper, you must promise me that! Otherwise, Agnes can only be your mistress for the rest of her life!"


Adam was furious. "If it weren't for you, Agnes would have been my wife! If it weren't for you, Agnes wouldn't have to go through something so awful!"

Thalia gritted her teeth and said slowly, "Adam, stop bringing up the past! If you refuse to get a divorce, I don't mind playing the long game with you!"

Her eyes were downcast. "Our marriage was approved and decided by your grandfather. You didn't forget it, right? If I refuse to get a divorce, no one can force me to do so!"

"I wonder why Agnes has such a wicked sister like you!"

Adam's gaze was as sharp and cold as an icicle. Thalia felt as though it was stabbing right into her chest.

There was a bitter smile on the corners of her lips. She still wanted to say something, but she suddenly felt blood gushing up her throat. 

"Give it a thought. I don't have much time to waste!"

She quickly hopped off the bed, ran out of the room, and rushed into the bathroom attached to their bedroom. 


Thalia spat out large mouthfuls of blood, and all her strength was drained. She looked at the bright red blood in the toilet and felt very dizzy.