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Married to mr. Nightmare

Married to mr. Nightmare



The plot revolves around a Billionaire Rehan Malhotra and a psychiatrist Myra. They both are tied into the knot of marriage. Mayra wanted to save his life as Rehan was relying on drugs. She was asked by her best friend Vishal to marry him. At first, Rehan seemed to her nothing but just a Nightmare. With all the arrogance and rude behaviour, he put her through many tortures but Mayra was determined to help him. She knew that by doing so he was trying to hide his pain. As the story unfolds, Mayra falls for him and Rehan starts getting attached to her. He was still not in love with her but he was affectionate of her. Max used to be the best friend of Rehan but now he hates Rehan. He wanted nothing more than him to suffer and when he finds out about Mayra. He gets a chance to hurt him. Max has his own reasons, because of Rehan he lost his sister Zara. Rehan tells Mayra that he'll never be able to love her because of his past. He reveals his past that when he was 8 years old, he was playing with his sister and accidentally he pulls the trigger of the gun which kills her. His parents started torturing him and used to unleash their anger on him. He was beaten and abused. He never found love that's why he never learned how to love someone. And when he met Zara, they slept together under the influence of alcohol. She became pregnant with his child. He was okay with everything and accepted her and their child but the day Zara told him that she loves him, he became nervous and left the country for his business purpose. Zara felt unloved and she committed suicide. That's what Max told him and sworn on her to take revenge from Rehan. Zara wrote letters to both max and Rehan but Rehan never read it until Mayra asks him. He realizes how much she loved him and she committed suicide because she was tired of being unloved by everyone around him. Mayra took Rehan to Max's place and asks him to wait while she gives Max the letter Zara wrote for him. When he reads it, he realizes his mistake of hiding Rehan's child from him. Max tells Rehan that his child was alive and blinded by the revenge, he told him that he died too along with Zara. Max forgives Rehan and returns him his son. Rehan never tells Mayra that he loves her but deep down his heart knew that he does and that was enough for Marya to live happily with him.
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  "Rehan, you agreed to this yesterday.”

  I said, trying to pull the blanket away from his body but after shooting me one dark look he again covered himself in the blanket.

  I frowned and bite the corner of my lips in defeat.

  Since the minute I said to him that we will go for shopping so that I can help him to buy some casual clothes, he wrapped a blanket around him in denial. I thought that as he agreed to spend his seven days according to me but now he is not in a mood to relay on his words.

  "Please.” I whispered in a low voice.

  “On one condition.”

  He replied and sat on the bed, throwing the blanket away from him.

  I let my eyes linger over his face and found a mischievous glint in his eyes. I chewed my inner cheeks in nervousness.

  "W-what?" I shuttered.

  "Kiss me." He said which sounded more like a request and instantly I flushed in all shades of red.

  My heart started beating faster and unconsciously my eyes landed on his lips which seems like a magnet, tempting me closer.

  I also want to kiss him, don't I?

  I gulped audibly and shook my head to clear my mind. Since when such thoughts started invading my mind?

  By ignoring the huge amount of butterflies in my belly, I tucked the hair locks behind my ears and fixed my eyes at the floor.

  "Okay….Okay. We will go for shopping. Now happy?" He said in a teasing tone and a big smile danced over my lips.

  "But I want your kiss after that." He added with a chuckle.

  I turned my face away from him and a giant smile crossed my lips.

  This feeling. This is so different, so beautiful, so addictive, and so pleasurable.  I can't believe that how beautiful my life is becoming and all because of Rehan.

  We started as a strangers and now here we are, going as a married couples. Is this just a coincidence or something related to destiny for intertwining our life and then molding it into one of the most breathtaking reality?

  Definitely this was destiny, after all, relations are made in the Haven.

  Maybe we are not like normal couples but that's the thing which makes our relationship more heart connecting.

  I wish I could tell him my real feelings. But then the question is, will he ever love me back?

  Maybe not!

  I sighed.

  Licking my lips, I walked to the closet to get my clothes.

  "Love me or not, I am always going to love him no matter what." Whispering to myself, I took shower.

  "You ready?” I questioned and he shrugged after getting up from the bed slowly.

  “Yes. Just wait for fifteen minutes, I have to attend one important business call." He pointed and ran his fingers softly through his messy hairs.

  His white shirt sticking out of his waistband and his sleeves fold up to his elbows and few buttons were left open. He rolled his eyes, throwing his black blazer over his body in annoyance.

  Ah, how much he hates shopping! I smiled a little at that sight. He has no idea that apart from his cold look, how cute he is.

  “What?" He snapped, curiosity being visible in his eyes.

  "Nothing. You look cute when you are annoyed. “I said suppressing my laughter and after hearing my words his expressions went more annoyed.

  "Cute? Really?" He asked in disbelief to which I nodded.

  “Take your words back." He added calmly.

  "You are cute, Rehan." I said and placed my palms over my lips to hide the smile.

  “Take your words back or else you want me to kiss you?" I gasped at his question and ducked my head low to hide the blush.

  “No office work.” I said sternly, smoothly shifting the topic.

  “Whatever.” He muttered and tossed his cell phone back on the bed.

  After entering clothes showroom, I felt a small pang of jealousy overtaking my senses when I found every single female shamelessly checking him out.

  I shouldn't feel this way, right?

  Then why?

  I shifted my eyes towards Rehan walked next to me holding a blank face like this is one of the most uninteresting place he had ever visited. I shook my head and softly intertwined our fingers together.

  "I am never going to understand this petty brain of yours." He commented and pulled his palms away from my hold and instead snaked his arms around my waist, pulling me inch closer to him.

  My body filled up with sparks and I found that every pair of eyes were glued at us.

  "What do you mean?" I asked and quickly stepped into the men's section.

  I let my eyes roam in every direction and when I found that nobody was watching us, at least then a breath of relief came.

  "That's the thing. What do I need to be here?" I laughed a little at his words and wriggled myself out from his hold.

  "What the fuck Mayra? At least give me something to tolerate this shopping thing." He yelled and tried to hold me again in his arm but before that could happen, I easily avoided him and started selecting clothes.

  After twenty minutes of selecting the suitable clothes, I walked to him.

  His eyes were closed and his body leaned to the glass frame. His expressions, completely sour and displeased.

  "Try them." I handheld him and his eyes instantly snapped open.

  "Oh, wow you came? I thought you were lost somewhere” He muttered sarcastically and I playfully pushed him into the trail room.

  He did made some blank; emotion devoid face today but they were not like his usual cold expressions. They were different and if I say that I didn’t liked this side of Rehan then definitely it would be a great lie.

  His playful side. Well, I am in love with his every side but this playful Rehan is best of all.

  Suddenly I heard voice of someone's coughing and my eyes quickly turned into that direction.  And it was none other than Rehan with an unsure look on his face and his fingers scratching the back of his neck. I shot up my eyebrows and a big smile tugs on my cheeks when I found him wearing the clothes I have selected. He was in black denim and navy blue shirt. He has given his own touch by rolling his sleeves up to his elbow and letting the few buttons to remain open, slightly revealing his toned chest.

  I bite the corner of lips and somehow digested the fact that he looked delicious.