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Are we destined?

Are we destined?

Author:Divya D


Pearl had already hugged him for quite a while. The way she hugged him was like as if she was doing it for the last time. Her eyes were already filled with tears of deep sorrow. "Why are you behaving like this, Pearl? It's not like I will leave you ever and you don't dare." Shine looked in Pearl's eyes with so so much love and with the fear of losing her. Pearl couldn't look up in his eyes. Not after what she was going to do. She nodded vaguely with eyes filled with tears and left. She was leaving indeed. But those innocent eyes started suffocating her to death. Pearl has lost her shine. "It is said that of we are destined to be together the whole universe will make you be together but 'Are we destined?' "
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  "The tap is broken Sulu" her father shouted from kitchen." Paa it is the third tap broken this month" told Pearl fixing the tap by her own. She is 25 years old girl who is supporting her father to run her family after her mother demise she is like mother for her younger brother and sister.

  "Today is your first day at Barley collence University and here you are fixing this unlucky tap again." The person she loved most on the earth is her father who is a heart patient.

  " It's okay paa after all it works now", pearl grinned and left for the University. She is very talented so she got this job at such a young age as the replacement of the former professor. After she reached BCU she met the Dean of the college.

  "Are you the daughter of Pro. Jayman Sharma? "

  " Yes it's me. Nice to meet you sir."

  "Good to see you here your father was very good professor I hope you won't dissapointe us"

  "I will try my best sir" replied Pearl and hurried to the third semester of B.Bs. She was going to take English class but her leg slipped and she was about to hit hard on the floor a tall guy came out of nowhere and embarrassed her in his arms.

  Definitely the first day of BCU was such epic that could not be forgetable. She grabbed her belongings which where now resting peacefully on the floor. "Sorry sir I......my foot slipped", she thought the guy must be a professor and hurried from there.

  Shine luthra was still in confusion that the girl she saved just now must be failure like him but he really couldn't come out from her eyes those dark eyes they must be very deep. He was still thinking of the waistB that was embarrased in his arm just now and he hardly felt it's weight. Those long curls just above her waist and her rose and Daisy mixed fragnant.

  "Good morning guys I am Pearl Sharma your new English professor." It's enough for Shine to make him choke to death. Seriously! The one he was dreaming to be his desk mate was going to teach him.

  Here pearl was little socked to see the guy she called sir actually was her student and handsome too.." What... You have gone crazy Pearl "such a Devi mind.

  "Nice to meet you. Let's start the chapter" Pearl began to teach through embarrasment after all she was also fascinated by the filmy scene outside.