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Uncle Spoils Me

Uncle Spoils Me


One day, Vanessa found her boyfriend and her sister had an affair, so she planned to video them as revenge. Unexpectedly, she lost her way when she followed them. By accident, she went into the wrong room. In the darkness, she tried to save a critically ill stranger but she was attacked by him. The man kissed her and bit her hard on the shoulder. Vanessa struggled to get out of the dangerous place, then she knew the man was her fiance, her boyfriend's uncle, Regan Garcia. However, Regan married Vanessa for her special blood to cure his illness. At the same time, he kept looking for the girl who saved him. At their wedding ceremony, Regan recognized Vanessa but Vanessa didn't. What's worse, Regan misunderstood Vanessa still had feelings towards his nephew...
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In the trunk of an SUV, Vanessa shrunk her body tightly and dared not to breathe heavily.

The trunk was not narrow, but it was still uncomfortable for a woman of 165-centimeters height to hide in. However, what made her most uncomfortable was the flirtatious voices coming from the front seat.

A man and a woman. The man was her boyfriend who she had been dating for more than a year. The woman was her half-sister. As for how and when did they got together, she had no idea.

She was informed about her boyfriend's affair through an anonymous message. In this message, she also knew that they are going to spend the night together in a hotel.      

In order to figure out whether it was true or not, she used Winston's spare car key to open the trunk and hide in. Beyond her expectation, she witnessed the truth.

Winston drove to her sister Lindsay's company to pick her up. They hugged and kissed passionately right after she got in. They seemed to just fell into love.

Seeing these two people, Vanessa only felt her mind gone blank. She was so shocked that she almost couldn't believe her eyes and ears.

Her boyfriend actually had an affair! With the person who was her sister. How ironic it was!

They are still flirting, without caring too much that their car was running on the road.

Stopped at the red light, Lindsay whispered with her coquettish voice, "Honey... I don't want to stay in the car. It's not comfortable at all."

"Then where do you want to go?" Winston's voice and smile were full of evil.

"How about...your house?"

Winston shook his head, "Are you kidding? If my grandfather sees us, he will kill me."

"That will be full of excitement!" Lindsay giggled and said in a provocative tone, "Don't you dare?"

"Why should I dare?" Winston stepped on the gas pedal and the car immediately ran fast.

Hiding behind this b*tch couple, Vanessa almost was angry to death. She clenched her hands and ground her teeth.

She had dated with Winston for more than a year, but she had never visited his house, how dare he agreed to her sister's request? There were a lot of men in the world, why did she choose her man? It was so hateful!

Vanessa was still struggling over whether she should jump out and catch them now or leave secretly after they arrived destination. The lights outside faded, they were into an underground garage.

It was the garage of Garcia's residence. When Winston got off the car with Lindsay, he shut her mouth with his finger and said, "Keep your voice down. Grandpa should not have slept at this time."

"OK, I will." Lindsay rushed into Winston's arms and they kissed while walking toward the stairs.

When leaving the garage, Lindsay tilted her face and glanced at the trunk. An evil smile showed on her face.

Until the two people went away that Vanessa climbed out quietly.

In the darkness, her face was pale and her hands were still tightly clasping. She felt angry and sad.

However, she did not leave. Instead, she stood there for a moment and then chose to follow up.