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His Only Sweet Girl

His Only Sweet Girl


"Su Mo, don't worry. Don't worry, don't worry. Don't worry, don't you think too much about me?"
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  "Sangzi, if you can seize the opportunity, I can only help you here, and Chenyi will wake up later... You should know what you are going to do next." Uncle Shen put Shen Chenyi, who was a little hot and dry, on the bed and said to Li Sangzi with a serious look.

  Seeing Shen Chenyi who was drugged on the bed, Li Sangzi's delicate and good-looking face was tightly wrinkled, and his heart was a little heavy.

  She was a child brought back from the Shen family's welfare home, but they never allowed Sang Zi to call them Mom and Dad, so they only called them Uncle Shen and Aunt Shen.

  When they were young, Sang Zi knew that they had a child and a boy.

  She didn't understand why he took her away after having a child and didn't recognize her as an adopted daughter.

  Since young, Sang Zi had been trained by all kinds of etiquette skills.

  Qin, chess, calligraphy, and painting, and dancing and singing were not easy to deal with, so they were very excellent.

  When she went to college at the age of 18, she liked her senior. She didn't know why she was discovered by Auntie Shen.

  The Shen family was furious and confiscated their phones. They also shut her up at home for a week. When she came out again, they changed themselves into school and took her home every day.

  After that, Li Sangzi learned that she was brought back from the welfare home and was treated as a child bride.

  As soon as Uncle Shen finished speaking, he glanced at Aunt Shen.

  Aunt Shen looked at her with kindness in her eyes. She held her hands and comforted in a soft voice, "Sangzi, don't be afraid. This is something that every woman will experience. At first, it may hurt a little, and then it will be fine. It's not easy to wait for Chenyi to come back. Don't let us down." Then they left the room.

  Li Sangzi looked at the person on the bed, and his chest became more and more depressed. She really couldn't do that kind of thing with the person she didn't love. Besides, this man, except for the time when he was a child, he had not seen her for ten years.

  There was a uncomfortable sound coming from Shen Chenyi's mouth. He pulled his collar hard and said in a very agitated tone, "It's hot! It's so hot! The air conditioner is here! Turn on the air conditioner!" Then he turned over and fell under the bed.

  Li Sangzi was shocked. He quickly squatted down and tried to help him up.

  But as soon as he touched his arm, Shen Chenyi suddenly raised his hand to hold her neck and pulled her down hard. Li Sangzi's heart missed a beat, and his body fell on his strong chest along with his strength.

  Before he could react, Shen Chenyi suddenly turned over and pressed Li Sangzi under his body.

  Li Sangzi stared at the person on his body with wide eyes. His heart beat so fast that he couldn't help but quicken his breathing. "Shen, Shen Chenyi... um... no!"

  As soon as he called his name, Shen Chenyi's hot lips pressed down.

  His kiss was not gentle at all, not at all! He kissed very hard, as if he was going to swallow Li Sangzi alive.

  Li Sangzi didn't like him and didn't want to give it to him, but she knew that he didn't have any consciousness at the moment, and he didn't care about her resistance at all.

  Li Sangzi twisted his head and tried to avoid his overbearing and crazy kiss. He punched Shen Chenyi's back with his hand. Shen Chenyi frowned and made a dissatisfied sound in his mouth. He ordered in a cold voice, "Don't move!"

  As soon as he finished speaking, Li Sangzi felt his chin tighten. Shen Chenyi raised his hand and pinched her chin. He opened his mouth and bit her soft lip as if he wanted to punish her.

  Li Sangzi felt a sudden pain, and instantly, his mouth was filled with the smell of blood.

  Li Sangzi struggled even harder, and his tears could not help but fall down...

  "Bastard! Let me go! No! Don't touch me!" Li Sangzi cried, his voice full of fear.

  Suddenly, he flew into the air and saw Shen Chenyi open his red eyes. He looked at himself dazedly and threw her on the bed.

  Li Sangzi was so scared that he hurriedly sat up straight and wanted to run away. But just as he propped himself up, Shen Chenyi grabbed the collar of her shirt. With a tearing sound, the buttons were scattered, and his chest suddenly felt cold...

  A piece of spring light was instantly exposed in the air.

  Li Sangzi exclaimed and did not react at all. She did not expect Shen Chenyi to be so rude. She was so shocked that she raised her hand to protect her chest.

  However, when he heard a painful roar over his head, his two wrists were caught, and Li Sangzi's body was pushed back to the bed...