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Mrs. CEO, Such a Wildcat

Mrs. CEO, Such a Wildcat


She was framed into the wrong room by the mistress and slept in the wrong room. She provoked the black-bellied man who protected her son. From then on, she started the domineering mode of favoring the gods. The new husband didn't believe her. The man directly broke up the sky and asked her to divorce. He also said to the brute, "From today on, you have to call her aunt. The male superior schemed against her, so he directly ordered, "Which one touched me? I'll disable the other one!" She went home complaining that it was too hard to go to work. He directly held her in his arms and said dotingly, "It's just a coincidence to have a baby for me. One is not enough. I need a nest." Until one day, she couldn't stand it anymore. She resisted and said, "Mo Lancheng, do you think I'm a sow?"
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  Grand and romantic hotel wedding.

  The bride, Chi Anxia, looked at the picture that was playing on the huge LCD screen. She was so shocked that she almost doubted her life.

  Because the picture on the screen turned out to be that a pair of people were fighting on the bed, and the woman was her!

  It was just that the man's face could not be seen clearly in the picture in front of them. There was only a figure with a graceful figure, but everyone could clearly recognize that this man was not the groom today.

  Chi Anxia looked at her new husband, who was standing beside her, and explained in an excited and trembling voice, "Shao Yan, please trust me. It's not like this, I..."

  "There's no need to explain. I don't want to hear a single word!"

  Xiao Shaoyan, who was dressed in a white bridegroom's dress, immediately scolded her. His gaze at her was no longer as gentle as before. Instead, it was filled with strong disgust and disgust.

  Chi Anxia wanted to hold the crook of Shao Yan's arm, but she was mercilessly thrown away. Suddenly, she felt heartache as if her heart was pricked by a sharp knife, and her eyes became wet.

  "Shao Yan, I was drunk that day. I thought it was you..."


  His sister, Chi Mingyu, suddenly stood up and said loudly, "Don't pretend to be a white lotus in front of everyone. You are an unruly and dissolute woman! Brother Shao Yan is willing to marry you because he used to know people very well!"

  These words were like a bomb dropped on the lake, which was originally not calm.

  In an instant, all the guests on the guest seats of the wedding banquet began to talk about those unpleasant words, which were even more violent than the aftermath of the earthquake.

  "I didn't expect that Chi Anxia was such a slutty woman. She even wanted to marry into the first family of the Northern City. It's wishful thinking!"

  "Shame on her! She already has such an excellent husband like Master Yan, and she even stole people outside! Shame on her!"

  "It's simply a lewd woman! Master Yan has married the wrong person this time!"

  Chi Anxia looked at her sister in surprise, and she trembled with shame and indignation. She held back the tears in her eyes and asked, "Huanyu, how can you slander me in front of everyone? You clearly know that it wasn't the case that night. You should explain it clearly to Shao Yan!"

  She still remembered that a week ago, at her 24th birthday party, she was drunk or helped into the room by Chi Huanyu.

  Before Chi Mingyu helped her back to the room, he said, "Sister, go in quickly. Brother Shao Yan is waiting for you to wait for a long time."

  She couldn't remember what happened after she woke up, but she always thought that it was Shao Yan who had something to do with her...

  But now, the corners of Chi Mingyu's mouth curled up and he said, "Sister, why should I lie to you? You have done some immoral things before your marriage, so you should admit it! As your sister, I know very well that you have a lot of spare dates in private, and your bed companions have to be changed every day..."

  "Chi Mingyu, you're lying!"

  Chi Anxia shouted out hysterically. Her hoarse voice was mixed with anger and heartache.

  "That's enough! Chi Anxia, I don't want to see you again!" Bo Shaoyan shouted angrily. He turned around and strode out of the wedding hall.

  "Shao Yan! Shao Yan..."

  Chi Anxia was even more sad and flustered. She shouted and tried to catch up with him.

  But at this moment, everything went black in front of her, and she was slapped in the face.

  "Clap!" The sound of the earth reverberated in the large wedding hall.

  As a result, Chi Anxia suddenly felt that half of her ears were buzzing, and she almost fell to the ground as she lost her balance.