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Living With Charming Lady

Living With Charming Lady


The master went down the mountain to live in seclusion in the city and lived with the beautiful women. He wanted to live a peaceful life, but he was once again involved in the dispute because of an unexpected disturbance. A master and two beautiful women lived together in the same room, and it was wonderful to be separated under the night...
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  In the summer night, in the fancy clothing store of the fishing library, AtTai Ta Square in Las Vegas City.

  Hong Yi walked into the fitting room with a set of selected T-shirt and jeans in his hand, humming a tune.

  "Miss, there's... someone inside..."

  Just as Hong Yi took off his clothes, there was only a boxer pants left. Suddenly, the female waiter's voice drifted in from the outside.


  The door of Hong Yi's fitting room was knocked open, and a fragrant wind blew in.

  Hong Yicheng was furious. Who was so reckless? Didn't he know that there was someone in the fitting room? Didn't he see that he only had a pair of boxers?

  He was about to get angry at the reckless man who rushed in. However, when Hong Yi saw the man clearly, he couldn't help but be stunned on the spot. His words were swallowed by him.

  "Oh, what's the matter?" Hong Yi quickly put on his T-shirt and asked the man with a smile.

  Standing in front of Hong Yi was a beautiful woman who seemed to be in her early twenties. She had a oval face, long eyelashes, big eyes, white skin, and a slim figure.

  However, it was a pity that the pair of plump breasts seemed to be a little bit lacking.

  "Shh..." The little beauty was a little surprised at first, and then she gently bit her lip. She put her index finger on her delicate little mouth and waved to Hong Yi anxiously.

  Without waiting for Hong Yi's response, the little beauty hurriedly squatted down and hid under the stool. She took off Hong Yi's changed pants and clothes and put them on herself, leaving only a pair of bright eyes and big eyes. She looked outside with vigilance.

  Hong Yi smiled. Xunxun was most likely hiding somewhere from a little beauty, so he did not make a sound.

  "Sir..." The waiter outside was about to speak but stopped on a second thought.

  "It's okay, you can do your work." Hong Yi said flatly. While speaking, he quickly picked up the middle-sized trousers and put them on his legs.

  Hong Yi was not that kind of exposed maniac. He did not like to let his privacy be seen by a strange woman. Of course, he would not do something dirty with bare legs.

  However, there was a little beauty squatting in the room. She was staring unblinkingly at her key position and enjoying it without blinking, which made Hong Yi immediately react.

  He was stuck on the middle-aged man's trousers when he raised it to a certain height.

  Hong Yi was so embarrassed that he turned around in a hurry.


  Behind her, the little beauty couldn't help but laugh out loud, and her voice was as refreshing as a silver bell.

  Hong Yi was ashamed and angry. What's wrong with girls now? He was a living man, and it seemed that he was teased by her.

  It was not easy for him to pull up his pants. Hong Yi turned around and glared at the little beauty.

  The little beauty blinked her eyes playfully and made a shh movement again.

  At this moment, there was a noise of footsteps outside. The little beauty's face turned pale and squatted lower and lower in the gap of the stool.

  "Sir, you... you can't go in!"

  Outside, the waitress stuttered and tried to dissuade him.

  "Hey... come here..." The little beauty hurriedly waved to Hong Yicheng.

  Hong Yi scratched his head and walked over.

  "Come on, sit on my seat." The little beauty urged.

  "That's not good..." Hong Yi took a look at the position that the little beauty had mentioned. If he sat on it, he would just put his butt on her head...

  That kind of action was a little confusing.

  The little beauty glared at him. The meaning in her eyes was that if Hong Yi didn't sit on it, she would come out and fight for her life.

  Hong Yi had no choice but to sit down. He slightly separated his legs and looked down from the ground. He just witnessed the beautiful black hair of the little beauty.

  However, in this way, Hong Yi covered the little beauty's body tightly.

  Feeling the fragrance coming from below from time to time, Hongyi's eyes were focused on his nose and his nose on his heart.

  Calm down, calm down...

  The Buddha said, "The color is the empty, the empty is the color, Guan Minjiu, in the river, the charming woman..."


  While Hong Yi was fighting against the color in his heart, suddenly, the door of the fitting room was kicked open.

  Even the wooden door shook violently due to the man's strength.

  "You, I have something to ask you!" A man with a hoarse voice pointed at Hong Yi and shouted.

  Hong Yi gave him a very unhappy look and found that there was a long scar on the man's face, and his head was naked. He was obviously a local gangster.

  Behind the bald man, there was a young man with thievish eyebrows and rat eyes. He was also glaring at Hong Yi with an evil look.

  Hong Yi narrowed his eyes slightly. When he was about to take action, he found that his calf was tightly grasped by the little beauty, as if he was afraid that he would get up and expose her.

  "I'm asking you. Did you see a woman coming in just now?" The bald man came in with a dark face and shouted.

  "Yes." Hong Yi smiled.

  However, as soon as he finished speaking, Hong Yi felt a stabbing pain in his calf. Obviously, the little beauty thought that he was going to sell her out, so she had already used the woman's most primitive weapon, Zuo Qiu's nails.

  "Where is it?" The bald man's face lit up and he quickly asked.

  "Come on." Hong Yi waved to the bald man. At the same time, he felt that his calf was caught more tightly by the little beauty. He moved his calf, but he couldn't get rid of it.

  Without any suspicion or suspicion, the bald man stepped forward and threatened, "You'd better not play tricks with me. If you dare to talk nonsense, I..." While speaking, he was pointing at Hong Yi arrogantly.

  Hong Yi's eyes turned cold. He grabbed Zhang Ruochen's arm and exerted a little strength.


  With a pig-like roar, the bald man knelt on the ground on the spot.

  However, as soon as he knelt down, he suddenly found the little beauty hidden under the stool. His eyes lit up and he shouted, "Well, you are here! Zhou Gege, you... you..."


  Hong Yifei kicked the bald man. Before the bald man could finish his words, he kicked him to the ground.

  The bald man was caught off guard by this attack and immediately flew into a rage.

  Looking at the young man with thievish eyebrows and rat eyes on the side, he was so scared that he shivered.

  At this time, Hong Yi found that the little beauty's tender hand had moved up from his calf. She made a prompt decision and stepped on the bald man's chest.

  "Are you a fool standing here? Hurry up and call someone!" The bald man felt that his bones were going to fall apart. When he found that his subordinate was like a fool there, he couldn't help shouting angrily.