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Doting on Me, Billionaire Husband

Doting on Me, Billionaire Husband


He was the president of the group who supported the whole world. He kept people away from him for thousands of miles, and he was reluctant to have sex with others. She was the lone daughter of a poor family and married him with a contract. An emotionless exchange of interests should have been put on a show when they had nothing to do with each other. As for her! She had to wash clothes, cook, run errands, serve her family to the company, and even create people?! She had promised that she would not be cold and cold! It was obvious that he was cynical and overbearing, but he ate it step by step. There was not even a bone left. He doted on her and was thoughtful and thoughtful. She thought it was love. But he and the female star were exposed frequently, so she knew clearly that she didn't ask anything. She was pregnant and left with the ball, but he was so sad that he wanted to destroy the world. When she appeared again, she changed her attitude and said, "Boss Su, do you still want to have fun?"
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  The woman on the European-style bed in the master bedroom frowned and fell into a deep sleep.

  The glass door on the balcony of the bedroom was widely opened, and the obscure wind mixed with raindrops floated into the wool carpet in the room.


  There was another muffled sound of thunder.

  The woman was awakened. She suddenly opened her eyes and sat up in an instant.

  Her eyes, which were as silent as ink, were slightly dull. She jumped out of bed barefoot and closed the door.

  Her slender and white arm was wearing a pure white silk nightgown, shining brightly in the dark bedroom.

  "Mrs." Aunt Liu knocked on the door and called.

  Ji Han opened the door. "Sir, are you back?"

  Aunt Liu nodded and replied, "The assistant called and said it's six o'clock. Are you going downstairs to have dinner or?"

  In her dream, the past was tangled and messy. When she woke up, she felt dizzy and had a splitting headache. Ji Han said, "No, I'll wait for him to come with me."

  "Yes." Aunt Liu gently closed the door and went downstairs.

  It was only half past five when she looked at the pointer. Ji Han turned around and walked into the bathroom with sweat all over her body when she had just been dreaming.

  She didn't even bother to take off her nightdress, so she stood directly under the shower and gave a cool blow to her heart.

  She was afraid that the man would arrive ahead of time, so she didn't dare to stay any longer. She shut down the water and went out of the cloakroom.

  Water dripped from his body, leaving a circle of water stains on the beige carpet.

  She thought that it was the first time for them to get along after marriage, so she had to dress properly. Ji Han squatted down to rummage through the clothes on the lower level of the cabinet.

  Before the clothes were selected, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open. The whole space was instantly invaded by the cold male smell, and then there was a cold gaze on her.

  Ji Han's blood surged to the top of his head. His brain went blank for a moment. He stood up and said, "You're back."

  Su Peibai ignored her with a cold face. He took off his suit jacket and threw it on the bed. Then he bypassed her and opened the wardrobe to take out his home clothes.

  He couldn't see his face in the dim light, only to see that he was wearing a high-end tailored expensive suit and the faint perfume smell of a lady with a nose.

  Ji Shi was no longer in the mood to pick up clothes. She took a skirt and bypassed Su Peibai, ready to go to the changing room and change it.

  It was dark. The light on the balcony was bright, and the wet silk was tightly attached to Ji Tan's body, which wrapped up the perfect body lines with a fatal temptation. Su Peiyan stopped the action of his hand, and his eyes were as cold as vines in the damp place.

  With his gaze, Ji Han lowered his head and suddenly realized that his current image was really ambiguous. His heart tightened and he casually covered the skirt in his chest to quicken his pace, but Su Peiyan pressed her down on the huge bed.

  The bed was messy, warm and soft. Su Pei showed a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth. "Get wet and lure me? Hmm?"

  Ji Shi bit her lower lip. Her eyelids drooped and her body trembled slightly. After a slight refusal, she did not make any further moves.


  The two of them leaned against each other tightly. Su Peiyan's palm was burning hot and gently stroked her slender waist. Su Pei's thin lips moved close to her ear and made a conclusion. "Ji Han, you are not a professional."

  He grabbed her right hand. Under his guidance, his delicate fingers went all the way down from Su Pei's earlobe to his cheeks and lips, as if they were the love of lovers.

  "You should be like this... like this..."

  Su Peibai was like a patient mentor. He taught her in a low voice until she untied the belt around his waist.

  No, no!

  Ji Min suddenly pushed the man away and glared at him. "Su Peibai, you're disgusting!"

  Su Peibai did not entangle. As if nothing had happened, he patted his shirt and stood up. He picked up the coat on the ground and continued to change it.

  Dressed in a beige home suit, Su Peibai looked more like a mortal. Ji Tan was still holding her arms in her arms and shrinking in the bed. Her thick and straight eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and her thin lips were tightly pursed to show her displeasure.