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Endless Love From You

Endless Love From You


A glass of drugged wine brought me a billionaire husband who doted on me...Being drugged and chased by the evil, Isabella Limbaugh fled to Jefferson McKenna's room. Waking up on his bed, she believed she had a one-night-stand with a hot call boy. Such a little incident shouldn't trouble her normal life. Isabella forgot the guy and attended a blind date. However, careless she ran into a gent's toilet. She met Jefferson again and mistook him for a jerk. OMG, the jerk said he came here for her blind date. And he was a rich CEO! With so many coincidences, a sweet love story began. Gradually, Isabella's heart was filled with Jefferson’s infinite tenderness. Then Isabella discovered, there were no coincidences at all. There was only her husband's sweet scheme...
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Supreme Hotel, 9 P.M.

Two young girls darted out from a hotel suite. One of them was Isabella Limbaugh.

"Get them! They can't get away!"

The girls split up. There were nearly twenty bodyguards dressed in black chasing after them.

"Do whatever it takes to get those two back here!"

Then, a man walked out of the suite. He was fat, and he wore a gold chain around his neck.

"I'm going to make those two suffer tonight! They are going to wish they were dead!" the man said as he crudely spat a mouthful of phlegm.

"They can run, but they can't hide," he thought to himself. 

Besides, he had drugged their drinks. Once the drugs kicked in, the man would have his fun with those girls. Even if they were pure and innocent, they could only succumb to his torture.

Isabella's face was delicate, she had milky fair skin and a pair of dazzling eyes. She was wearing a long white dress that made her look even more adorable and attractive.

But now, she looked extremely disheveled. She was very tipsy, and waves of drowsiness engulfed her.

There was no time for hesitation, the bodyguards were behind her.

Clutching onto a pink bag, Isabella continued to run for her life. She entered the elevator and pressed for the top floor.

Her face was red and her forehead was sweaty as she was running so quickly.

Isabella exited the elevator. She leaned against the wall, gently patting her chest to calm herself down. She was terrified.

She was here to rescue her friend, but she didn't think there would be trouble.

"Hurry, she just took the elevator up. The boss wants her back."

Isabella's eyes widened in terror as she heard the bodyguards's voices. Her face was filled with fright.

In a moment of panic, she ran eastward.

She sensed the footsteps drawing closer, so she randomly pushed a door next to her.

Much to her surprise, the door opened. She expected it to be locked.

Isabella immediately entered the room without hesitation and cowered by the bed.

There were sounds of running water coming from the bathroom.

She was curled up by the bedside table, so focused on escaping from those bodyguards that she did not notice the sounds from the bathroom.

Bang! Someone kicked the door open.

About five bodyguards in black barged in the room.

They began searching the room without hesitation. They were looking for the girl.

Isabella remained still, she was terrified to even breathe. She did not dare move a muscle.

She knew clearly these were some very powerful people. If they found her, she would be doomed later that night.

One of the men walked towards the room that she was hiding in.

Isabella held her breath, her panicked face turned as white as a sheet.

"Get out!"

Someone shouted fiercely at the bodyguards before they managed to find Isabella.

Isabella did not dare come out of her hiding to peek at the scene, she could only hear the bodyguards apologizing profusely.

"We're really sorry Young Master McKenna. We didn't do this on purpose, we'll leave now..."

There was another loud bang. This time, the door was slammed shut.

The bodyguards had left, and Isabella could no longer hear their footsteps. She finally felt much more at peace.

She got up, wanting to leave, when all of a sudden...

She heard a cold and indifferent voice speaking to her, "Who sent you here?"

The voice sounded mean and hostile, and did not even have a shred of warmth.

Isabella raised her head, her frantic eyes looked up immediately.

Before she could clearly discern the man's face, she was pulled into his embrace.

"What are you doing!? Let me go!"

Isabella wanted to raise her head, but she was being grabbed in his arms and she couldn't move.

Just then, a strange sensation overcame her. She felt hot. Uncomfortably hot. 


Isabella heard the man curse loudly.

Then, he violently tossed Isabella onto the bed.