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Trapped in His Adoration

Trapped in His Adoration


Every woman was looking forward to marrying her beloved man. So did I. Today, I married a man who had loved me for twelve years, but I used the name of my sister Qin Wumeng...
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  Every woman was looking forward to marrying her beloved man.

  So did I.

  Today, I married a man who had loved me for twelve years, but I used the name of my sister Qin Wumeng...

  Although my sister and I had the same face, I was sent to an orphanage because of the hospital's negligence since I was young.

  It was not until three years ago that I came back to Qin's Mansion.

  "I, a wild girl, am not suitable for the big Qin family. But because I have no parents since I was a child, I am very careful. I hope to integrate into this family and hope to get the love of my parents."

  So the day before yesterday, when my parents and sister begged me to marry Ji Qingxuan for her, I agreed almost without thinking.

  On the one hand, it was because I loved Ji Qingxuan. On the other hand, it was the first time that I felt that my family needed me. I didn't want them to be disappointed.

  It was already twelve o'clock in the morning. Ji Qingxuan left in a hurry after the wedding ceremony. He didn't even give me an explanation.

  Looking at the diamond ring in my hand, I felt unspeakable bitterness in my heart.

  Downstairs came the sound of the car being powered off. Ji Qingxuan was back. I walked to the mirror, combed my hair in a hurry, and walked out of the bedroom nervously.

  He went downstairs.

  He took out a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet and waited at the door.

  Seeing Ji Qingxuan come in, I put on a happy smile that a wife should have. I put the slippers beside the man's feet and shouted, "Dear, you're back..."

  Before I could finish my words, I smelled the smell of alcohol in the air, which was mixed with a strong perfume...

  He couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain in his nose.

  Where did he go that night?

  The answer was self-evident.

  "But, I know my task. I'm marrying her on behalf of my sister. The relationship between me and Ji Qingxuan is related to the cooperation between the Qin family and the Ji family."

  Thinking of this, although I am full of disappointment in my heart, I still tried to smile.

  Regardless of the man's disregard, she still followed her upstairs and shouted, "Husband."

  She looked up and saw that the man had taken off his shirt. His strong muscles looked particularly sexy under the ambiguous lights in the bedroom.

  My face suddenly turned red to the root of my ears. I quickly turned around and was about to apologize when I felt a strong arm coming from behind me.

  Before I could react, I had already been lifted up. Before I could react, I was already lying on the bed.

  Although the bed was soft, I fell too high, and my back was faintly painful.

  I saw Ji Qingxuan standing by the bed, looking down at me. The man's angular face was under the moonlight. Although I couldn't see his expression, I could feel deep coldness.

  The next second, the man suddenly asked me, "What's your name?"

  "Me?" This question made me panic, but I still said, "Qin, Qin Jiameng..."

  I'm not Qin Jiameng. My name is Qin Jiaqi.

  But I can't say my own name.

  As soon as I answered, the man pressed down directly. He grabbed my hair with one hand and forced me to look at him. He asked word by word, "Qin, Jia, Dream, right?"

  Only then did I see his face clearly. There was not a trace of warmth in his deep eyes at this time, but—

  Hatred that seeped into his bones!

  When he said his sister's name, his black eyes were full of madness, as if they were very deep.

  It was in the middle of summer, but my forehead was covered with a thin layer of cold sweat, and my heart was full of panic.

  His hair was pulled by him, and his face couldn't be turned. He could only look at him like this and nodded as much as he could.

  Lin Mengya's heart had long been hanging high.

  Ji Qingxuan seemed to see that I admit it, and his eyes became colder and colder. He said, "Since you are here today, you should be aware of it. I, I have never been a kind person!"

  As soon as he finished his words, I heard the sound of tearing the red dress on me!

  The next second, the man completely ignored my struggle and drove straight in...