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Passionate CEO Wife

Passionate CEO Wife


When he reached the end of the meeting, he was able to get out of the debt. When he reached the end of the meeting, he was surprised by the fact that he had reached the end of the meeting. He realized that he had more than 10 years of experience than he had expected. He realized that he had gained a lot of satisfaction than the other disciples. He realized that he had gained a lot of satisfaction and gained a lot of satisfaction. He had gained a lot of satisfaction and gained a lot of satisfaction from his family. He had gained a lot of satisfaction and gained a lot of satisfaction. He had achieved a lot of satisfaction. He had gained a lot of satisfaction and gained a lot of satisfaction. He had gained a lot. He had gained a lot more than. He had gained a thousand. He spent. He had gained more than.
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  It was June, and even in the depths of the mountains, it was still a little hot.

  Suddenly, a figure appeared and disappeared in the mountains and forests, like a ghost.

  This figure was Lin Hao. At this time, he was running fast in the mountain forest with a famous pig on his back, and the rugged mountain road could not slow down his pace for half a beat.

  Although it was almost noon and the air was filled with hot and dry, Lin Hao, who had been running for a long time, did not sweat at all and did not breathe.

  After Lin Hao saw the flickering thatched cottage in front of him, he looked up at the sky and estimated that it was less than 12 o'clock.

  Seeing this, his face lit up with excitement. He thought to himself, "I won this time. Finally, I can eat pig's trotters."

  Thinking of this, Lin Hao's heart was bleeding!

  Over the past ten years, he did not remember how many wealthy pigs he had hunted. However, he had never eaten half of the delicious trotters, and all of them had been eaten by his master.

  His master told him that unless he could take the pig back before twelve o'clock. What made him feel powerless was why he did not have enough time to go back every time he found the pig.

  He tried his best to cultivate in order to improve his speed. But why were these rich pigs getting farther and farther away from him?

  In the blink of an eye, the thatched cottage appeared in front of Lin Hao.

  Then, Lin Hao kicked with his legs and jumped up in an instant. Then, he jumped over dozens of meters and landed in front of the door in an instant.

  Then he threw the pig to the ground, put his hands on his hips, showed excitement on his face, and laughed loudly, "Master, I'm back! It's not 12 o'clock yet, and the pig's trotters are mine!"

  Lin Hao felt extremely comfortable at this time, and he seemed to have the attitude of a serfs turning over and acting as a leader.

  "Look at your temper. You've come back early in more than ten years. You're so happy. If it weren't for your hard work, you could... Ahem, come in." Then a loud voice came from the room, full of energy.

  Lin Hao smiled and opened the door and walked in.

  A gray-haired old man was sitting at the table, holding a worn wine gourd in his hand.

  "Master, your wine smells good. Just give it to me." Lin Hao stared at the wine gourd in the old man's hand. He had been hungry for it for more than ten years, but he didn't drink a drop of it.

  Hearing this, the old man threw the wine gourd in his hand to Lin Hao.

  Lin Hao was stunned. For more than ten years, no matter how hard he begged, his master had never given him this wine and pig's trotters. They were his fate.

  However, this did not hinder him. He took over the wine gourd, leaned his head backward, and then picked up the wine gourd and poured it into his mouth.

  "Little bastard, take it as water. Give it to me." Before his anxious voice had died away, the old man appeared in front of Lin Hao. He grabbed the wine gourd in Lin Hao's hand and knocked on Lin Hao's head severely. Then he looked into the wine gourd with heartache.

  "Wow! It smells so good! It's so comfortable! Master, you are too mean. You haven't given me such a good drink." Lin Hao returned the smell with an intoxicated look. As for being knocked on the head by the old man, he didn't care at all.

  "Humph, if it weren't for the fact that you have finished your apprenticeship today, do you think I will give you a drink?" The old man snorted with a painful face, thinking in his heart, "Little bastard, you think it's plain water? You've drunk my one month's worth of water in one gulp."

  To finish his apprenticeship? Lin Hao was stunned after hearing that. He looked at the old man with a puzzled face and asked, "Master, finish your apprenticeship? What do you mean?"

  The old man looked at Lin Hao and sighed with a look of vicissitudes of life. "Hao'er, do you still remember the time when I took you as my disciple?"

  After hearing the old man's words, Lin Hao was lost in his memories.

  That evening, he was seriously injured, as if he was soaked in blood. At that time, he had lost consciousness. He knew that if he hadn't met his master, he would have gone to see the Yama more than ten years ago.

  Now he still remembered that when he woke up, his master asked him if he wanted to be stronger or not. He said he was willing to do so without hesitation.

  His master asked him, "What if I need him to promise me one thing? He said that even if it's a thousand or ten thousand, he's willing to accept it."

  At the thought of this, Lin Hao's face changed. He realized that it was time for him to fulfill his promise.

  "Master, the pig still needs to be cleaned up. I'll go and clean it up now. I'll cook you some pig trotters today." Lin Hao smiled dryly and walked out.

  "Stop!" The old man's face changed and he shouted sternly.

  Hearing this, Lin Hao was shocked. His master seldom spoke so harshly, and the smile on his face suddenly froze.

  "Master, you must be joking back then." Lin Hao forced a smile and asked.

  When the old man saw Lin Hao like this, he knew what Lin Hao was thinking. He sighed deeply and said, "Hao'er, over the years, you have been taught by me. I am also very happy for this."

  After saying that, the old man looked up at Lin Hao and said, "I know you have already seen through my intention and know what you are going through. In fact, it's not a good thing. Why do you still persist in what happened that year? Maybe it's different."

  Hearing his master's words, Lin Hao was lost in thought. After a long time, he looked at the old man and said with a smile, "Master, shouldn't you compensate me for selling my disciple like this?" He knew that the people who should come would come sooner or later, so why not take the initiative?

  "Little bastard, I'm worried about you for nothing. Wait here for my master. Tell me, what do you want?" The old man shouted with a painful face, but he was very happy in his heart. As long as his disciple could take it easy.

  "Master, can you give me your wine gourd?" Lin Hao stared at the wine gourd in Master's hand with a greedy look. The smell just now was still lingering in his mind.

  Hearing this, the old man immediately hid the wine gourd behind him and replied as if he were a penny guard, "I don't even have a door to buy this."

  Lin Hao's face was filled with disappointment. He pouted and said, "Master, what else do you have?"

  "Hey, little bastard, you look down on me, don't you?" After saying that, the old man took off the ring on his hand and threw it at Lin Hao.

  Lin Hao took it. He stared at his master with a bitter face and said, "Master, I've seen your broken wooden ring several times. How dare you take it out? At least you can take a gold ring."

  The old man ignored Lin Hao's complaints. He took a sip of wine and said, "My disciple, you should know that courtesy is light and affection is heavy. Remember, we'll split the four pig trotters into two pieces, and we'll take this ring money."

  Lin Hao's face fell when he heard that. He raised his hand and was about to throw the ring back.

  Seeing this, the old man quickly waved his hand and said, "It has been sold. I won't return it." There was a hint of banter in his eyes.

  Lin Hao couldn't wait to slap himself in the face. Why did he want to take advantage of his master? When did he succeed? He was looking for trouble. Then he went out to deal with the pig with a face of anger.

  After lunch, Lin Hao said goodbye to his master and left with the 100 yuan that his master gave him before he left.

  When Lin Hao arrived at the train station by the bus, there were only seventy of them left.

  After lining up, Lin Hao used the remaining 70 yuan to buy a hard green bus ticket to Donghai City. He thought that his master must have done it on purpose. In the past, he went down the mountain several times, but he didn't give him a penny. It was too stingy.

  Holding the ticket, Lin Hao looked up at the index and walked out. After a few steps, he heard a woman's anxious voice coming from behind him.

  "Hey, friend, you can sell this ticket to me. I'll give you three hundred yuan. What do you think?"

  Lin Hao turned his head and saw a beautiful woman with an anxious face. She had long hair over her shoulders, fair skin, red lips, and white teeth. Her professional dress could hardly conceal her proud figure.

  Seeing this, he could not help but swallow saliva. He had lived in the barren mountain for more than ten years, and seldom went out for several times. He had never seen any woman, let alone a beautiful woman.

  Su Xiaoqian saw that Lin Hao did not speak for a long time. She thought that Lin Hao was free, so she immediately shouted anxiously, "Three hundred is not enough, five hundred!"

  Lin Hao was still in shock.

  "Beauty, is what you said true? I'll sell it to you." This person in the front turned his head and shouted when he heard that.

  Su Xiaoqian saw that someone had finally sold it, so she left Lin Hao behind and bought the man's ticket.

  It was not until Su Xiaoqian left that Lin Hao came to himself. Three hundred? Five hundred? What! Thinking of this, Lin Hao shouted, "I'll sell it!"

  But at this time, Su Xiaoqian had already disappeared.

  The crowd was shocked by the sudden sound. They couldn't help looking at Lin Hao, only to see a man in rags standing there. He was wrinkled and his hair was messy. He was carrying a big bag on his back.

  "Mom, what's wrong with uncle? Why did he suddenly cry out?" A girl in her teens pulled her mother's clothes and asked curiously.

  "Lil Li, remember to study hard, or you will be the same as this uncle. Not only do you wear bad clothes, but you will also have problems with your nerves." Seeing this, her mother took the opportunity to educate her daughter.

  "Oh, mom, I see." The little girl replied with fear in her eyes.

  Lin Hao heard from the back of his mind that although I didn't study for a few years, I had no problem with my nerves, so he couldn't help but glare at the woman.

  "Xiao Li, do you see? People who don't study hard will become like this, like madmen." The woman continued to education.

  "Oh, mother, I know, Xiao Li must study hard." The little girl replied firmly.

  Upon hearing this, Lin Hao stumbled and thought to himself, "You're so cruel. I'll leave."

  When Lin Hao got in the car, he was very happy to find his seat leaning against the window.

  Not long after he sat down, a fragrant scent suddenly hit him.

  He turned around and found that the woman just now was sitting next to him. He couldn't help smiling and thought that it seemed right that the ticket was not sold.

  At this time, Su Xiaoqian also noticed Lin Hao. She could not help but turn her head and snort at the same time.

  When Lin Hao saw this, he thought to himself, "Isn't it because I didn't sell you? As for it, I'm not going to sell it."

  At this moment, a bell rang. Lin Hao was confused. When the bell rang, the woman beside him took out her mobile phone and picked it up.

  Seeing this, he thought that it turned out to be a mobile phone. When could he have a mobile phone? He remembered that when he was a child, people who had mobile phones were either rich or high-ranking.

  "Little Chu, don't worry about me. You don't need to book a car. I'm in a green leather car now. It's estimated that I can't go back until tomorrow morning. You should be careful on the way," Su Xiaoqian said, with a helpless look on her face.

  "Okay, okay, then I'll have to trouble you. Well, thank you, goodbye." Su Xiaoqian hung up the phone and could not help but let out a sigh of relief. She did something on the way, but unexpectedly missed the high-speed train.

  Suddenly, Su Xiaoqian realized that something was wrong. Why was the man beside her staring at her hand all the time? She couldn't help looking at Lin Hao. She frowned slightly and said with dissatisfaction, "Hey, what are you looking at?"

  Lin Hao came to his senses and said enviously, "Miss, your phone is so beautiful."

  Hearing this, Su Xiaoqian's face could not help but look better. It turned out that she was looking at her mobile phone and thought it was a pervert. Then she replied, "What's there to look at if it's worthless?"

  Hearing that it was worthless, Lin Hao was stunned. Could it be that his phone was now cheap? More than ten years had passed, so it should be cheap.

  Thinking of this, Lin Hao's mind could not help but be active. Since it was cheap, he would buy some for himself. Then he asked, "Miss, how much is your mobile phone?"

  "Well, when I bought it, I bought it for more than 8,000 yuan. Now it's estimated to be only 7,000 yuan." Su Xiaoqian thought for a moment and replied.

  Hearing this, Lin Hao was stunned. Eight thousand yuan! He remembered before that it was only one or two thousand yuan, but now it was eight thousand yuan! Thinking about it, he used to move the brick twenty yuan a day. Eight thousand yuan was twenty or forty yuan equivalent to four hundred yuan. He just said that he didn't eat or drink. He could only buy a cell phone by moving the brick for more than one year.

  "Oh my god, what kind of world is this? Forget it, it seems that I don't have this life anymore."

  "Brother, are you looking for a job in Donghai City?" At this time, a fighting chicken on the opposite side looked at Lin Hao and asked enthusiastically.

  Lin Hao came to his senses. He thought for a while and then replied, "Yes, where are you?"

  "What a coincidence. Brother, we are also looking for a job." The chicken-eyed man pointed at the strong man beside him and smiled. Then he looked at Su Xiaoqian and said with a smile, "Beauty, what are you doing?"

  Su Xiaoqian was a little unhappy when she saw the chicken eyes, and then she replied, "You talk, I'm a little tired." Then she closed her eyes.

  Seeing this, Douji smiled embarrassedly and then looked at Lin Hao and asked, "What's your business?"

  Lin Hao scratched his head and replied, "I used to hunt at home and didn't do anything else. What about you?"

  After hearing Lin Hao's words, Douji avoided his eyes. He looked Lin Hao up and down, then looked at the strong man beside him, and then said with a smile, "We are both good at cooking. It's too boring for us to sit like this. Why don't we play a game?"