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Author:Foreign Lady


A beautiful journey of a girl who fell in love with her brother in law then became his best friend and ultimately his wife. Never ever she had thought her love life who have so many turns of emotion. Let's discover the beautiful road trip of the divine beauty from being sis-in-law to become a loving and adoring wife.
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  Welcome back Anya!!!!

  My whole family had decorated the house and I could see the happiness in their eyes, smile and ofcourse in their loud voices that was enough to make me deaf while they were still screaming and cheering on my return to home after I completed my educational course.

  I could so many faces some old and some new. I guess the new faces bwolngs to my brother and my cousin's friends and colleagues...

  I never thought as soon as I enter I would be welcomed with such a bashing party!!! I am sure the party idea is of my little brother. Oops he is just little in the age, but in height and words he is much bigger than me. I guess most of them who have younger brother who acts like an elder one can relate to my situation.

  Oh shit, I forgot to introduce myself and my precious gems of my life, my family.

  I am Anya, 25 years old just completeled some additional educational course. You guys might be wondering 25? Still studying? Did she fail? Relax guys, don't worry i didn't fail. It's just I like and love studying, though I completed my post graduation i was still studied 2 - 3 educational courses on business so that I can enjoy my love for studying as well as prepare myself completely to enter the business world.

  Now let me introduce you to my loving, caring and the craziest family. The party planner my cute litte bro who isn't cute any more as keeps on fighting with me. He is working as dad's assistant in our company of clothes and jewelry. Dad wanted him to take the post of CEO, but my brother just like me wants to earn based on his hard work and capability hence he first wanted to join as the CEO's assistant to impress everyone by his hardwork and earn the post by his skills and capabilities. By the way no one in the family knows that my dad is a CEO of a big company named Anyric Group & Co. which is named after me and my brother. The reason for this is our company's headquarters was in Australia and now dad has comeback to our hometown in US. to expand the business and stay with us forever. Silly me.. Didn't tell their name only, my bro Mr. Ricky Dallas, my dad Richard Robert Dallas. As my dad has two names only the company and in the business world people know him as Richard Dallas and in family they know him as Robert Dallas. Hence now one would have made a guess till now that Richard Dallas and Robert Dallas are one and the same person.

  Here comes the backbone of my family, my mom who is right now crushing me in her hug. She is Amaya Alina Dallas and she is working as personal secretary of the CEO in big company named Willmates Group & Co. My dad was totally against mom working in different company but my mom didn't wanted to rely on dad for earnings. The Willmates Group & Co. is best in dealings with clothes, jewelry, entertainment industry and hotels, they are the top most company in the world in the categories of Entertainment and Hotels, the clothing and jewelry had just started and was on the way to make it top most in the world.

  So now I freshen up and got ready for the party. You know right that my dad's company is into clothing and jewelry so obviously I will be having the best dress to wear. When I came down the lights were on me I was happy that after such a long time our family could be staying together. Dad due to his business in Australia had to stay away from US. and i had to stay away from home due to my studies. As soon as stepped down the stairs my mom came and hugged me or you can say crushed me. My mom is the most beautiful person and my beauty has inherited from her. Then i met dad and my brother after that I get to see at the entrance where my best friends have just entered. I run to them as if I don't hold them in time they are gonna vanish. Firstly I hugged my childhood bestie Amisha Regins, my friends since my primary school days and other 5 besties Vicky Raymond, Felix Lewis, Danny Brook, Misha Williams and Tina Sebestian who are my friends from college days.

  I was chit chatting with them when my mom came and told me that I should also meet our cousins and relatives. I was like mom I am not interested to me such so called cousins and relatives, you know na how much do I hate them. Yes I hate them from bottom of my heart, because when dad had not established his business and lost his job here in U.S. at that time none of these so called cousins and relatives were ready to help. Now that they think that I may dad has got good job, they come shower their fake love and blessings. I literally hate them not just for not helping us in our difficulties but also mocked and looked down at my mom, me and bro when dad went to search of job. They never said something harsh in front of dad but they were always disgracing and mocking us when dad was not around. I and my bro always wanted to complaint about them to dad but mom used to stop us saying he is alone there, we need to encourage him and if we complaint about the cousins then he will be heart broken so I used to keep quiet. I just hoped that dad could see their true colors one day.

  At the end I had to meet these shit people just for sake of dad's happy smile. But I didn't realize one thing that dad has become to sharp and can see through people's thought after becoming the CEO and facing the cheap tricks in the business world. Every time when he used to come to vacation, he used to force me and my bro to be at family functions and used to make us engage in conversation with them. But this time I was different not just he didn't force us neither did my dad talk to them much, I wonder why? Did my dad get to know their doings behind his back but who could tell him. Of course my idiot brother, only he can tell him so I went to catch hold of him and scold him. Just as I reached there, I could see my brother talking with his best friend Fredy Lewis who also happens to be the younger brother of my best friend Felix Lewis. So I had to pull my bro and ask him whether he had said anything to dad about our cousins. So he said no, then he asked me why did I suddenly ask such a question. So I told him everything that when I went to meet our cousins, how dad didn't force me to talk to them and neither dad spoke with them much. Shock was totally visible on his face after listening to my words, he was like are you sure. I said yes, then a smile crept across his face and I questioned with the look why are you smiling. So he said it's better that dad himself is avoiding them so we dnt need to tell him to truth and hurt him. That was totally true, if we had told him truth he would be greatly hurt so it's better that he is avoiding them for whatever reason unless until he isn't hurt.

  Then my dad called me and my bro to cut the cake. Then I saw the my favorite chocolate cake on which "welcome princess" was written after all I am my dad's princess. I first gave the cake piece to dad, then mom and then my bro. I was wondering if my dad would ask me to feed the cake to my grandma as usually he used to ask me and my bro to feel grandma the cake on birthday occasions but strangely this time he didnt asks us to feed her the cake. I was shocked to core but however I composed my shocked face and fed the cake to grandma not because I love her but because I have habitual to feed her after feeding her the cake all these years.

  Then the dinner was served and few of them were dancing, among those few even i was there as i love dancing. Then afterwards around 10pm people started leaving one by one by handing my with bouquets and gifts.

  Here, comes Seona Dallas my dad's elder Brother Alex Dallas and his wife Reema Dallas's daughter and the favorite grand child of my grandma. I knew that my mood was going to be spoiled by seeing that creepy smile of Seona's, whenever she used to give that smile means she is going to show off her richness and insult us for poverty. However, I didnt won't to hurt dad so I just smiled back. She came near me and gave me a gold bracelet, what was the funny part was that the gold bracelet was from Anyric, my dad's company. The most funniest part was when she said that this is the most precious jewelry and she could understand that I cannot buy it so she bought it for me. I thought why to I have to buy it after all I can just ask dad to get me one, but I didnt say it loudly. She started boosting that they are friends with the Anyric Groups and the company was ready to give them this bracelet for free. My bro suddenly coughed actually he was laughing because he very well know that whatever she said was a total lie.

  The party ended after everyone was sent off, mom dad me and bro nd granny Ela were cleaning, we couldn't keep much servants as no one knew the real identity of my dad. So we had only one servant and Ela who was there with us from my birth time. Her son had thrown her into old age home, my mom dad used to always do charity whenever they had money so before my mom's due date of pregnancy with me she wanted to charity. However when her water broke while doing charity and I was born in the old age home, that time granny Ela came forward to help mom with delivery.