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Beautiful Women Surround Me

Beautiful Women Surround Me


Lionel Yip returned from the battlefield for an engagement. But instead of getting engaged, he hid himself up. Because as the God of Killing, Lionel got tired of all those years of fights and blood, he just wanted to live a peaceful life. In case that anyone would find him, Lionel didn't use the money in his bank account. So, he became a vendor of a small barbecue stall on the street to earn a living, also enjoy life. But unfortunately, he kept bumping into trouble and...different kinds of beauties... He saved a campus Queen by accident, got involved with a hot policewoman, became a security guard in his fiancee's company. What's more, his former enemy, a gorgeous female assassin also showed up... Well...surrounded by so many beauties, Lionel was not happy at all! He just wanted an ordinary life, but unaware that there was danger waiting for him...
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Southsea University, the No.1 Academy in Vasta.

At noon, students walked out of its gate one by one under the burning sun, spiritless as if they were sick due to the heat of summer.

But many male students were still in high spirits, with their eyes glancing from time to time, pretending that they just mind their way.

Against the sunshine, women's pretty slender legs and thin diaphanous clothes were extremely eye-catching, revealing their energetic youth beauty.

"The distance of the target is 700 meters away. Wind power is level two and direction is southwest. The target is three-quarters to the right. Readjust the angle to the left about two-degree..."

On the opposite side of the school gate, there was a barbecue stall. A man, holding a cigarette in his mouth under a sun shelter, held a pair of coal-fiddling tongs in his hands whose tip pointed at the playground of the school. And there, a beautiful, cold and sexy woman was walking toward the gate with books in her arms.

"Mister, I want two sausages and a can of beer!"

"Okay!" Lionel Yip put away the tong quickly and took out two sausages from the chopping board, peeling off the plastic cover and beginning to work.

Suddenly, a car slowly drove over. The pearl-white Land Rover was dazzling in the scorching sun, and Lionel couldn't help looking at it.

In places like Southsea University, most students came from rich families, so luxury cars would pass by every day. However, the Land Rover just stopped beside the barbecue stall with its window open and two men in it.

One of the men was taking a photo to the other side of the window with his phone. Lionel glanced at that direction and was stunned, because he saw the two men were taking pictures of the beautiful lady coming over.

Perhaps it was just an admirer secretly taking a photo as a souvenir, or they do it for pure appreciation. However, Lionel thought things were not simple, because he could see a sense of killing and conspiracy from their eyes!

"It's really strange!" Lionel frowned, but at this moment, the window is closed and the car slowly drove away.

Wendy Shepard walked out of the school gate, passing Lionel's barbecue stall. She didn't feel any crisis of being targeted. She was in a bad mood today because she had quarreled with her father.

"Hi, beauty!" Suddenly Wendy heard a voice. She glanced at the strange man coming over and frowned because he was in greasy clothes with stubble. Clearly he was a barbecue seller along the road.

"What's the matter?"

Out of the ten beautiful women, nine of them might be aloof. So Lionel didn't care about her attitude and kindly reminded her, "Someone has been following you. Be careful recently, especially when you go out alone!"

Wendy looked him up and down with disdain, thinking, "I'm afraid you're one who is following me?"

Wendy had met too many such kind of people. So she ignored him and left, giving him a cold glance.

Lionel felt unhappy that his kindness was ignored. He returned to his barbecue stall, fiddling with the roasted sausages once again.

"Haha, old man, are you being rejected? That's Wendy Shepard, the campus belle of Southsea University!" The girl with freckles on her face laughed, sitting on a stool and waiting for the roasted sausages.

Lionel blinked his eyes and grinned, "Don't call me old man! I am still under 30 years old!"

"Even if you are young, you stand no chance. She has thousands of admirers in the university and doesn't bother to look at them at all!" The freckle-faced girl curled her lips unhappily. Women would be jealous, especially when they saw another woman having so many admirers.

Lionel shrugged. He didn't care how many admirers Wendy had because he was not interested in such a rich and beautiful girl. He just reminded her out of goodwill but never expected that she didn't appreciate it. Then it was none of his business.

In fact, he was really born after 1990. However, due to his different experiences, he looked very mature with his firm cheek. And his face was full of stubble and looked angular, which made him looked older in appearance.

After roasting two sausages, the barbecue stall was idle again. In fact, in such a hot summer, the business was not good during the day, far worse than that of night. But Lionel had nothing to do during the day, so he still set up the stall in such scorching weather. It was not bad for him to look at the cool-dressed and beautiful women coming in and out of the university in his spare time.

Lying in a simple armchair full of grease stains, he suddenly heard the noise next to his stall. He opened his eyes, seeing that three or four young gangsters were seeking for trouble.

"What's the matter?" Lionel went there with a cigarette in her mouth. Ten meters away from his barbecue stall was an old man selling sesame seed cakes. He was in his fifties with a dry and waxy face. The old man looked miserable, squeezing a few paper money in his hand tightly which was no more than fifty dollars.

"I really don't have any money. Please show some mercy. I will give it to you in two days." The old man faced a few young gangsters helplessly. Yet these young men stood beside the old man's stall, picking up the newly baked sesame cakes and throwing them away after taking a few bites. "Old dog, according to the rules, every stall in this area has to hand over the protection fee. They all paid it, except you. If you refuse it pay for it, we will smash your stall!"

"You're from the Green Dragon, aren't you? Didn't you just collect protection fees a few days ago?" Lionel frowned. It was normal for gangsters to collect protection fees, but they had just done it a few days ago. Now they came again. How could these vendors do their business?

Those young gangsters glanced at Lionel and said arrogantly, "We are transferred here and responsible for this area from now on. You won't be the exception. Hand over your protection fee. Twice the price because your stall is bigger."

"Dude, don't overact!" Lionel's frowned unpleasantly.

"What? Are you not gonna pay us? Are you looking for trouble?" they spitted and surrounded Lionel and were going to fix him as a warning.

The old man became anxious. "Mr. Yip, don't fight with them. I will give them money!" he said.

The old man squeezed the money in his hand tightly and miserably. He was old and his wife was sick in bed. His grandchild was in school. Every day he needed money. And now the weather was too hot, so the business was getting harder and harder. If he handed over the money, there would be nothing left for his wife's medicine.

Lionel pulled the old man aside and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. Fighting? He thought nothing of these gangsters in front of him. Even the Green Dragon behind these men did not give Lionel the slightest fear.

"Dumb*ss, let me teach you a lesson!" The gangsters picked up steel pipes and moved immediately.

Just then, a voice came from behind. "What's going on?"

"Mr. Wright, this guy refused to pay the protection fee. We are going to teach him how to behave himself!" A gangster said with a smile.

It was a young man about twenty-five years old with a two-centimeter-long scar on his left face, which made him looked a little scary. And his right arm was plastered. When he saw Lionel, he froze immediately and said with a trembling voice, "Mr...Mr. Yip!"

Lionel raised his eyebrows and said, "Jeremy Wright, you charge the protection fee quite often!"

Jeremy apologized with a smile, "It is because of personnel transfer. These guys just arrived today, and I forgot to ask them not to disturb you." He changed his tone and said to them, "You guys listen carefully. In the future, you can't charge protection fees in Mr. Yip's area. Do you understand?"

They looked at each other, confused. Then Jeremy quickly winked at them and said, "F*ck off."

When they left, Jeremy turned back and said, "Mr. Yip, I'm sorry. If you have any trouble here, just tell them my name in the future. I'll leave now!"

Lionel nodded lightly and watched them leave.

With a short distance, some of them asked, "Mr. Wright, who is this guy? Does he have anyone behind him?"

"I don't know, but don't provoke him anymore. He is horrible! Do you know why the organization sent you here?" Jeremy took a deep breath and glanced back. He was still terrified when thinking about Lionel.

Of course, they knew that several men had been seriously injured in the fight a few days ago, and two of them broke their legs. So it was short of men this area, and they were arranged to come over, but is there anything about that man?

Jeremy looked embarrassed, raising his plastered right arm. "We were injured because of him, so was my broken arm!"

"How, how is this possible?" A few punks gasped.

Only the people there knew what had happened. Jeremy had experienced it himself. That man was too strong. More than a dozen people were beaten in just a few breaths, and many of them were seriously injured. But this was not the most important part. The reason why Jeremy didn't dare to offend Lionel was that the murderous look Lionel had made people tremble.

Jeremy hadn't killed anyone, but he had been to prison. Some of the prisoners who had killed people were not as horrible as Lionel. The murderous look on Lionel's face was like that he used to live on a pile of dead people.

They felt a chill run down their spines. It was fortunate that they didn't make a move just now. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to handle him at all!