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Transformation of Oneself

Transformation of Oneself



Growing up in a world where everyone is confident in their body, ever since Jake was born, was ashamed of his disfigurement. Not because it didn't look good, but because it was different than everyone else. He just wanted to fit in with the rest, but it wasn't going to happen.
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  The world has evolved. What used to be seen as frightening, or gross, was now the new norm. People were always trying to show the differences between what changes were made during their transformation when they were children. Jake was the only exception. He would do his best to hide his disfigurement, successfully, until he hit high school, and started to have to change for gym class with the other guys.

  Body shaming wasn't a thing after 2115, when transformations started to widespread occur, by 2130 most of the new children had some form of change, some were more apparent than others.

  What became more important to the kids after, was what their transformation looked like. Some grew feathers, scales, gills, some had bones that were able to grow and retract from their skin.

  However, not very many of these transformations were permanent. 99% of these were called upon when wanted, however a few never had a choice. Jake was one of these people.

  Having a large body or some disfigurement was so natural now, that it was easy for Jake to hide his, he pretended to be a BIG guy, and he walked with such weight, nobody bothered to even question it.

  Another thing that was abnormal, was having multiple mutations as the same time. The body couldn't handle having both simultaneously. It would tear itself apart, and the person would die. However, jake was able to not only have what seemed like 2 changes, but both were permanent, and growing along with him.

  Jake never had friends, he usually stayed away from people at all costs. He was very ashamed of his body, and just wanted to fit in. So he never played any activities, he never took part in celebrations. And always wore a huge trench coat, making him look like a hunch back.

  He was 6'8, black hair, not unruly, generally pushed back, and pasted down. His eyes were a bright silver, which usually drawn the attention of the girls in the class when they first met. Due to him keeping distance, this never lasted long. His hands were strong and rough, and voice was coarse, and high.

  He would shy away away from all conversation, however as he reached high school, he had no choice but to be out in uncomfortable situations.

  Gym class was the biggest hurdle, he would always be late, so he would be able to change after everyone else, and was always the last to leave. He would volunteer to clean the gym, so he had a reason to stay late.

  This was working great for him for the first two weeks, then one day, a small kid happened to be in one of the stalls, using the bathroom when Jake arrived. As he was getting undressed the small kid walked out and seen Jake getting undressed.

  This kid was a small guy compared to Jake, he was 5'3, 120 pounds. Light brown hair, very little muscle. You could count his ribs, and see his spine. Calling him Lanky would be an understatement. The kid sees Jake getting changed, and doesn't think twice about it, until Jake finnaly takes off his jacket!

  All of a sudden jake hears a GASP!

  A fierce fear swept over the room! Within seconds the room went dark, a loud thud sounded, like a tire hitting on pavement. Sounds of someone struggling to breathe, flowed through the room past the echo of the thud.

  "Don't mention this to anyone ever!" A figure said, as the door opened, and he ran out with haste.

  The kid, finnaly able to grasp at air, filled his lungs as fast as his body would let him in one go! "Holy shit dude!" He whispered to himself."No need to get so violent"

  "I need to think before I act!" Jake sighed to himself. In his haste to hide himself, he forgot to look what the guy looked like. He now has no idea who he just threatened!

  He was sitting in his homeroom class. From his seat, he can lookout to the beautiful lake next to the school. The gym classes take swimming trips down there often. The air is crisp and clean, slight breeze brings enough cool air to keep you from getting hot, but doesn't make you cold. Keeping the air at a solid 24 degrees Celsius.

  Jake has never been hot or cold, his body temperature never seems to change, he has never felt a temperature drop, or spike. He has never sweat, or ran out of energy, or was even able to physical labour and be tired. He could continue without stopping. His classmates noticed that he could constantly work and never stop, and always wanted to be alone, so the ended up pawning off all their chores, or things to do on Jake.

  The day started off rotten for Jake. His parents left him a to-do list, and didn't make him breakfast before the left for the day. So he made his own breakfast. 8 packages of oatmeal, 2 Bananas, a large glass of milk, and 6 slices of toast, 4 which were made into PB&J sandwiches. The last two were eaten first as just regular toast. As he started on the sandwiches, he got the taste of mold in his mouth, and spit it out quickly! It was too late, he had some in the back of this throat!

  He finished his milk, and the taste persisted, until eventually he got sick and ran to the bathroom. Almost making a mess, he managed to get everything into the toilet. He now has an empty stomach, but is no longer hungry.

  Now he's sitting in class staring out the window, and his stomach starts growling loudly. The whole class looks over and laughs, but the unassuming Jake is not aware yet about what the class is laughing about. The kid behind him gives his chair a nudge, and startled Jake. "Wake up bro!"