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Forced Rich Marriage

Forced Rich Marriage



Donna King is a beautiful and srubbornrich heir to King Empire who fell in love with a cold, handsome, playboy Billionaire Kelvin. To capture this elusive man, Donna used her mighty power. When Kelvin learned that Donna caused damage to his companies, Kelvin vowed to teach this stubborn spoiled woman a lesson. Alas, he fell in her trap, and his cold heart was taught a lesson that when it comes to love, a rich woman has more tricks to play. Would Kelvin hate her or love her too?
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Chapter One

The Wedding

Donna 's POV***

I, Donna King, the only heiress of the famous King Resorts, just could not contain my burst of happiness because today is my wedding day.

What kind of a woman does not dream significant about this day?

Next to seeing the most important people in her life gathered all together, it is walking beside the groom of her heart's desire would complete her dream.

And I felt that today. I have all my dreams came true.

My mother said that my eyes dazzled more than the diamonds when I walked the aisle. I could not agree more. I was dazzling happily like twinkling stars.

The guests praised me for my wedding aura today. And they are not ordinary guests. Almost all the important people in society came to witness the wedding of the century. The worth of their gowns and suits had been poured out of the best talents of the designers, putting to shame even the last Royal wedding.

From the Pavillion with billion worth of wedding production, nothing was left to tickle the imagination. The floor was transformed into a dreamy flash of sweet smoke, and the lights were softened to romanticized the occasion. The music was played by the Italian Orchestra, eliciting sighs when the music flew in the air.

They said that I looked very captivating on my lacy layered diamonds and pearls bridal gown as if I was the fairy who descended from the clouds. Of course, I think they can make much jewelry out of my dress. This wedding dress would surely enter the Guinness record as the most expensive gown of the century.

Money was not significant. My happiness came first, and I am thrilled.

Why wouldn't I? I am now the legal wife of the first love of my life, Kelvin Soong. I could offer what I have in his feet so that he would love me.

Yes, my Kelvin Soong. I sighed as I look at my husband, so handsome, so majestic, so manly, the man whom I love so dearly with all my heart and soul.

I can die loving him. A bit exaggerated, but so true. I really can die loving him. And if he loves me back, he can take my heart. I will rip my chest open for him.

Every detail of the wedding ceremony was imprinted inside my memory because standing beside me was the most important person in my life.

No detail escaped my eyes. I accepted everybody's congratulation, sincere, or not sincere. I do not care.

What begins will always come to an end, and the ceremony finally came to an end at last.

Beside me was Kelvin and one by one, we walked around the Pavillion hall, sending off the last of our wedding guests, My family and Kelvin's family were now also sent on their way.

Only myself and Kelvin were left. My husband and I then padded towards the hotel VIP suite.

We will have our first night together as husband and wife. The thought swelled my heart. And I felt like dancing and twirling around.

I nervously looked at my husband Kelvin under my eyelids because he was reticent during the ceremony, not even breathing a word of greeting to me. Still, I inhaled deeply at awe. I have been waiting for this day for eight years!.

Smiles could not stop leaving my lips as I assessed my husband's broad back. Young CEO, handsome, rich, successful, intelligent. Tall, athletic, fearless. Magnetic eyes, welcoming eyes, and warm smiles.

Indeed, Kelvin Soong was the answer to every woman's dream.

I have to pinch myself. I could not believe that my long wish came true. I am on cloud nine as we walk towards our honeymoon suite for the night. My heart has wings, flipping in joy.

I also remember that tomorrow, we will fly to the Maldives. My heart was cheering on the King. There will be the two of us, and I hope we can really begin knowing each other.

My happiness is sincere and genuine, but as to my husband, I can not read much of how he feels.

Kelvin's eyes were hooded and dark. His chiseled face remained unsmiling.

Although he looked elegant on his extravagant piece of black suit, a Diamond Edition, which took more than 800 hours to design and stitch, his expression did not match it. The suit that was made of wool, cashmere, silk, supposed to be the only one in the world, did no event lighten up his mood. As a groom, he acted strangely distant towards me the whole ceremony.

I was hurt that he never held my hand as his bride, nor leaned towards me sweetly. This aching feeling, I tried to hide well under my makeup.

My groom never even spoke to me the entire ceremony, except when he agreed to marry me with an almost forced voice of "I do." Most of the time, he only nodded to the guests. He was courteous, though.

Of course, my heart ached, my pride was hurt when he ignored me most of the time. But I let it slide. He must be having jitters on this marriage.

After all, we got married because I overly exerted my influence on my grandfather. I begged my grandfather to pull all strings so that my dream will be a reality. Which is to make Kelvin mine.

I heard that Kelvin opposed my grandfather's wedding proposal, coupled with the business union clause. My secretary told me that he got into a heated argument with his father when his own family pushed for it. When I learned of his adamant refusal, that really stressed me to the max.

Kelvin argued that he did not want to be tied to marriage with me, yes ME.

So I devoted myself to finding out about him. Luckily, after years of research on his company, I finally found that weakness of how to attack his own business and cripple it, which I relayed to my grandfather. Grandfather studied my discovery. I guess I really did it this time.

When my father relayed to me that Kelvin agreed to our wedding, I tapped my shoulders victoriously. Congratulations to me, I beamed with pride.

I got my trophy, my wedding trophy—the handsome CEO Kelvin Soong.