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CEO Daddy, Please Come Home

CEO Daddy, Please Come Home


Jocelyn was sent to Solomon, a billionaire's bed by her family, just for power. Yes, they had a one-night stand, but all he asked for her was to get away from him! Although she conceived with his baby, she had to totally disappear from his life. A few years later, he found her and wanted their son. But the son refused to leave Jocelyn. So she had to live with him together. She thought this was the beginning of her nightmare, but instead, he protected her from others' humiliation and stayed with her. It's true that he always looked cold, but for her, he showed tenderness. Perhaps, as long as she behaved well enough, she could make his family accept her. She thought. However... That day, she finally found out that, all his kindness to her was just for another scheme...
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"It hurts... Stop..."

In the dark night, tears welled up in the eyes of the woman due to the pain from being pressed down. She grasped onto the sheets below her tightly.

Due to the pain, she struggled like a little white rabbit in an eagle's claws. She could not escape.


Four years later.

In a kindergarten in North City, a group of children was doing some physical exercise under the guidance of their teachers.

A slender figure was standing in a distance.

The well-tailored suit made him look elegant and tall. His whole body exuded a temperament of a nobleman, which was extraordinary.

At this moment, the sunlight shone through the gaps between the leaves and landed on his angular face. It made his facial features look vague.

The scene which happened four years ago flashed through his mind, and in the end, it was fixed on the appearance of the woman under his body. She was begging him for mercy with tears due to the pain.

He had clearly felt disgusted and contemptuous towards that woman. However, every time he thought of this scene, he would feel the affection to her.

Just then, someone came over from behind.

"President Yarbrough, do you need me to bring the Young Master back home now?" The man asked Solomon Yarbrough respectfully.

"Tomorrow," said Solomon. His voice was deep, attractive and was without any emotions.

"Yes, Sir." the person replied.

Solomon took his gaze back, bent over and entered the black Bentley.

A moment later, the black Bentley left, bringing up a cloud of dust.


On the playground, a group of kids were playing after they had completed their exercises.

Among the kids, there was a little boy who was particularly eye-catching. He had a small face. His eyes were as round as black grapes and his eyelashes were as thick as fans.

While playing, the boy accidentally stepped on the foot of another boy, called Mason Clark.

"Ouch!" Mason uttered a cry of pain.

The boy apologized quickly, "Mason, I didn't mean it."

Then, he bent over to check on Mason's feet.

However, Mason pushed him away and said, "How dare you step on me. I'll ask my father to beat you to death tomorrow!"

Mason's father was a senior official in North City. Hence, Mason had always been domineering.

A kid began to feel indignant for the little boy, "Mason, Benjamin Marshall has already apologized to you. Why are you still bullying him?"

Mason snorted and said, "He stepped on me! I want my father to beat him up. He doesn't have a father. That's why we can bully him!"

Benjamin's face changed suddenly, "What did you just say?"

Mason's tone was full of contempt, "I'm talking about you. Everyone in the kindergarten knows you don't have a father. You are a b*stard son!"

Benjamin gave Mason a death stare. All of a sudden, he rushed towards Mason.

"Ah! Teacher, they are fighting. Come over quickly, teacher. Benjamin is hitting someone."


Jocelyn Marshall received a call from the kindergarten's teacher and was told that Benjamin was fighting in kindergarten again.

She took a taxi to the kindergarten hurriedly.

Her son had always been sensible and considerate. However, for some reason, he had fought in the kindergarten several times.

Jocelyn sighed.

She cast her eyes out of the window and saw some financial news broadcasting on the LCD screen mounted outside the opposite building.

"Yarbrough Group has become a global scientific and technological giant in their tenth year of establishment. It is recognized as the company with the highest salary among its employees all over the world. The president, Solomon, has done a great job..."

Along with the news, a photo appeared on the screen.

He had an angular face and his facial features were like the masterpiece of the sculptor. His chin was defined and masculine, and even his neck had a kind of natural noble temperament.

His eyes were particularly attractive.

It was a pair of extremely dark eyes. They were deep, calm and indifferent.

His eyes were like a vortex that could suck a person's soul into it with just a glance.

Jocelyn looked away.

Some people were destined to be God's favored one.

However, Jocelyn was just the most ordinary nonentity in the world.

God's favored one would never have anything to do a nonentity... Even if they had a one-night stand four years ago.