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Daughter in law of Helping Family

Daughter in law of Helping Family

Author:Adity Oberoi


Rudrdev Sinh was the second son of Pratap Sinh, Kriti Rathod was the only daughter of Vikram Rathod they both get married, the family of Sinhs are called as helping family, the mother of Rudrdev, Nayika Sinh and mothef of Kriti pallavi Rathod were best friends in their past life, and still they both are connected as a family, but something is happened in their family, which broke the whole family
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The Sinh family was called as Helping family since it was monarchy in India, after 1947, the whole India was ruled by P.M only, and therefore, the Kings of India were only so calling kings, they had a lot of places and treasure in their home, they were liked by people of India, but still because of the rules, it was impossible to rule India. The kings were the son of Mother India, the kings were humble towards public, they were so loving and caring towards public, but still, this democracy was applied in India, so there was no way to get back the kingdoms. In Gujarat state, when it was 1975 one of the Old king was still in the middle of everyone, everyone loved him by whole heart, but the fact was that, he wasn't ruling this India, but still he was one of the respected person in everyone's eye, because he was the one who helped everyone, whenever someone was stuck in problems, The king would help them without any type of hestitation. The people of Gujarat were so happy, the king's son grew up, his name was Pratap, Pratap took his father's place after his father passed away, Pratap had also two sons, Rudradev and Bhadra, Bhadra was the elder son and Rudradev was second. Both of the sons were eyes for Pratap Sinh, Nayika the mother of both sons, was happily doing her work as a House wife. Definitely they weren't king of the place, but still everyone was respecting them as King, because they were from Helping family after all, the days were passed but still Pratap sinh helped everyone with his heart. Rudradev and Bhadr studied in foreign and then came again in India. Both of the sons were now mature enough, Bhadr got married with Shantidevi at the age of 25 and rudradev was at the age of 23, yes both brothers had difference of 2 years. Shantidevi was also a good wife, she helped her mother in law and father in law in their difficult time,

After all she and Bhadr was thinking that all the property was their. Everyone was fine, Bhadr and Rudrdev were happily living under the same roof, they both were happy with each other, even Bhadr and shantidevi were happily married, but now it was time for marriage of Rudradev. Rudradev was happy without marriage, he didn't want to marry, but Pratap was thinking that it was the correct time to get married, after all it was the time to take decisions about property too. Taking the decisions of property wasn't as simple as everyone was thinking, the Crown wasn't in their hands but still the respct of crown was still there in everyone's heart, so it was important to think about it.