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Awakened Love With Triplets Alphas

Awakened Love With Triplets Alphas



To protect myself and my brother, I took him and ran away from our demonic mother... In order to survive, I had to participate in a Street Boxing competition... However, the moon goddess played a joke on me and gave me three Alpha... *** I was waiting on a park bench for my wounds to heal, but the three Alphas who bullied me suddenly appeared... Just when I was about to push him away when I suddenly heard him say. "MINE!" What? Me? "OUR MATE!" the sounded again, making me freeze. Our? Oi, what do you mean by ours? Are ALL THREE of these people my MATE?! Suddenly, I felt a sting on my chest as if it was being electrocuted for a second which made me frown. They were staring at me like they measured my soul and dignity... Their eyes and breath revealed everywhere that they wanted to mate with me... NO WAY! Even if the hell would be iced, there's no fucking way I'll be mated with the three of you!
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I tiredly wiped off my sweat as I jogged back home, holding my brother's favorite snacks in my hands after I'm off with my part-time job. For sure that Asher would be excited to see that I brought his favorite snacks.

Just thinking about his excited face, made me chuckle.

I was in a good mood as I opened the door to our house. I don't know why but I felt a bad premonition coming. It was as if something bad would happen. My instincts are always off the hook which is why when I felt that something would happen, I didn't relax my vigilance.

My eyes wandered around the house until they stopped at the tall man who was wearing a black suit and he have this poker face expression. I pursed my lips as I looked in his direction with brows furrowed.

Is he mother's new lover? Will he be our new stepfather?

I hope not.

Just when I was about to step closer when I froze from my spot. I scent a unique smell coming from him. It was the kind of scent that is similar to mother's kind.

A werewolf?!

“Oh Yunifer, you're here!”

I turned around and found my mother who was holding a large bag, making me look at her with brows furrowed.

“Mother, where is my brother?” I calmly stated even though I could hear the loud thud in my heart.

Mother Kilda smiled at me and slowly approached me. “My dear, you don't have to worry too much about your brother. He's in his room right now sleeping.”

Hearing this, I froze. I could immediately tell that she was lying. My brother won't be sleeping especially at this hour if I won't come back home. He would always wait for me to come back, not unless...

I glared at her. “What did you do to him?!” I raised my voice, glaring at her viscously.

Mother Kilda frowned at my way of words as she slapped my cheeks. Her hand tightly grabbed my chin and lifted it, making me look at her.

“I told you, he is sleeping in his room. You must not be too disobedient okay?” She softly said but her eyes were warning me.

Just when I was about to say something when the tall man earlier slowly walked in my direction, then it was my mother who introduced me to him.

“Mr. Lacker, this is my daughter and she's still a virgin. Don't worry, you can use the guest room to do the things you want to do with her.” Mother Kilda softly said with a smile on her face, making my face distorted.

What? What is she trying to do?!

The tall man eyed me for a minute and nodded his head in satisfaction. “Good. The money will be handed to you once I'm done doing it with her.”

When Mother Cilda heard this, she nodded in satisfaction.

However, I tried to struggle to break free from them, especially after knowing that this mother of mine wanted to sell me! For sure that she would use it again to buy drugs! She had always been like this ever since our father died.

“No! I don't want to!” I yelled as I tried to break free from the hands of the man, as well as from the eyes of my mother.

Mother Kilda squinted her eyes and walked towards my direction as she slapped me in the cheeks again.

“If you dare not obey my words, that good-for-nothing brother of yours would be punished by me again.”

Hearing her threat, I flinched. I gritted my teeth in anger as I glared at her but she just tapped my cheeks and told the taller man, Mr. Lacker to drag me to the room.

After I was dragged inside the room, Mr. Lacker throw me into the bed while my mother locked the door from the outside, making me panic.

I looked at Mr. Lacker in horror upon seeing that he was starting to undress his shirt. Those eyes revealed his lustful desire that made me want to vomit.

When I tried to move away and slipped from the bed, he punched me in my stomach making me groan from the pain as he untied his necktie and used it to tie both of my wrists.

“Let go! Let go of me! Stop!” I screamed horribly as I tried to kick him with my feet but to no avail.

My whole body became rigid as tears swelled up in my eyes upon seeing his hand slowly touch my undergarments making me scream but I ended up getting a punch from him in my stomach.

“Shut up and let me taste you!” He angrily said as he was about to open my clothes when suddenly, the door burst open.

It made a huge hole in the door that was made out of wood. What appeared in front of me was a werewolf whose eyes were viscously glaring at the man on top of me and he growled.

“How dare you try to touch my sister!” He angrily roared as he rushed in his direction towards the man who was on top of me.

It happened in a second Mr. Lacker didn't have the time to react which led him to be kicked far away from me as his body slammed into the wall.

My brother didn't have time to look at him and immediately held my hands as he dragged me out of the room while staggering.

My brows furrowed when I noticed that he seems to be enduring something.

“Are you okay?” I softly asked while holding his paw.

My brother nodded his head. “I'm fine. Let's escape now before mother would wake up! I knocked her unconscious when she was drinking those weird medicines again.”

My mother was different from us which is why I always remember her unique scent. Because of her unique scent, it was easier for me to distinguish her among us. It was because she's a werewolf.

Asher and I are different from each other. He is a werewolf while I am a human. Although I'm a human, my nose is keen and could easily scent unique smells from a person which is easier for me to tell who's a werewolf or who's a human.

After the death of my father, Mother Kilda became like that. She became addicted to drugs. Because of her bad habit, she would use violence against us.

At first, I didn't leave the house even if I wanted to because there was still hope in my heart that was hoping that mother would go back to the way she was before. In the past, she was gentle and kind towards us, but now... she became the opposite and made our lives like a living hell.

When I was about to take his hand when I noticed that there was something wrong. When I looked at him, my brother slowly closed his eyes and fell to the ground.

“Asher!” I called out his name loudly out of panic.

I held him in my embrace as I tried to wake up but to no avail. My whole body trembled from fear as I held him in my arms.

Did my mother do something to him?

I gnashed my teeth in anger as my last hope from my mother snapped.

I took my brother and left the house. Escaping is better than staying in this hell.