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Easy...My love

Easy...My love


As a professional stylist, Chloe Shafter accidentally annoyed the most powerful but merciless man, Noah Hazel, in the city. Misfortunes followed. Chloe’s fiance was dead, and she had to marry Noah’s brother, Quentin Hazel, for her family. Chloe decided to fight against her fate. She wanted to earn enough money by being Noah’s exclusive stylist, and then fled away. Unexpectedly, Noah married to her under his brother’s name. But Noah didn’t show up at the wedding. Chloe began to work for Noah without knowing he was the man she married. She thought he was just the brother of her escaped husband, but she didn’t expect she would be swamped in his fiercely but romance attacks...
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"I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." Because of her mistake, the hair spray was stained all over her client's shirt collar.

This was the second time that she had messed things up.

Chloe Shafter felt that she was definitely meeting her demise today.

As a professional stylist, she'd made a mistake that even an apprentice wouldn't make. She was probably nearing the end of her career if she continued performing like this.

The man who was her client was born with a pair of almond shaped eyes. The corner of his eyes were slanted down, the ends of his eyes raised upwards, and his gaze was slightly cold.

People would often say that such a man would be cruel and merciless.

Noah Hazel's gaze fell on Chloe's collarbone once again.

There was a flame-shaped birthmark on it, it was about the size of a fingernail.

The fiery red birthmark was in the middle of her delicate clavicle, it looked charming and warm.

"This is the second shirt you have ruined." Noah looked down at his damaged clothing before glancing back up at Chloe. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

Chloe felt an overwhelming pressure pressing down on her back.

Her fingers trembled. "I'm very sorry..."

Just as she mentally prepared herself for the inevitable judgement, Noah suddenly leaned forward to her ear and smiled evilly. "Are you trying to make me stay here as long as possible?"

His breath suddenly was hot on her ears, and the hormones exuded from him instantly permeated all the way into them.

Chloe's pupils contracted in an instant.

Her body reacted instinctively, she reached out and prepared to push him away.

Her fingers brushed against his chest, and the touch was so warm that it made her withdraw them quickly as if she had just touched a hot object.

Chloe took a step back awkwardly, but she had forgotten that there was a dressing table behind her, and she immediately found herself cornered.

Just as she was about to get up, Noah bent down over her, leaning his face way too close to hers. The tips of their noses were almost touching.

Chloe didn't dare to breathe. Her lips quivered slightly, her heart was beating faster, and her brain went blank in an instant.

Looking at her's gradually reddening ears, Noah smiled gently.

"This is your last chance," his pleasant voice said from above Chloe, and for a moment, she almost couldn't believe the words. Had she just managed to escape the consequences?

He was a business tycoon who could kick up a storm in the industry.

He was known to be a ruthless and merciless professional.

He was the legendary president of the Hazel Financial Group.

He was one of the most eligible bachelors who was known to attract the love and admiration of thousands of women...

There were so many well-known facts about him, but one stood out to Chloe in particular: If someone made a mistake in front of him, he or she could bid farewell to their career in that industry forever!

"I've made two mistakes in a row today, and yet he hasn't done anything to me?" She pondered.

The tall man finally backed away from her body. Chloe, who was only 165 centimeters tall, suddenly felt much more at ease, so she straightened up.

"Miss, I still have fifteen minutes left." Noah kindly reminded Chloe.

She suddenly came to her senses and hurried over to finish the rest of her work.

After styling him, she asked uneasily, "How much... is the compensation for that two pieces of clothing?"

Noah looked at her with mild interest and said, "Since you took the initiative to admit your mistake, you will only be charged the cost of the shirts, which was 500 thousand dollars per piece."

"What? These two pieces of clothing are worth one million dollars?!"

Chloe's face immediately paled at his words.

"What's wrong? Can't you afford it? Or... do you want to pay for it with something else?" Noah looked at his new style and looked at Chloe through the mirror meaningfully...

Noah stood up and left in a carefree manner after leaving behind those words.

Chloe was so angry that she couldn't speak.

As the head of the Hazel family, he actually...

Her ringtone suddenly sounded. When she looked at the number on her phone, she felt a sudden pain in her heart and hurriedly took the call. "Hello, Auntie, is there any news about Brandon?"

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone. After a full minute, she said tiredly, "The police said that it's been forty-eight hours of effective rescue. I'm afraid that there is no hope for survival."

Boom—Just like that, her mind filled with white noise. 

Her knees gave out from under her, and she collapsed on the carpet.

"Brandon is...dead?"

How...how could he have just died like that?

Hadn't they promised each other that they would spend the rest of their lives together?

Hadn't they promised each other that they would get engaged when they came back this time?

"Brandon, you big liar!"

She didn't know when she'd stepped outside. 

By the time she came to her senses, her entire body was soaked with the rain pouring from the sky.

She reached up to wipe her face - not knowing whether her eyesight was blurry from the rain or the tears.

All she wanted to do was cry and vent her anger. 

And yet, despite the horrible pain in her chest, she couldn't cry at all.

She stumbled forwards in the heavy rain. There was nothing but despair left for her in this world.

Noah saw the staggering figure on the road side and instantly recognized the woman who had just styled his hair. He suddenly felt a twinge in his heart. When his car was about to pass by her, he said to the driver, "Stop the car."

The pure white Rolls-Royce stopped at once, and the window slowly rolled down. On this rainy day, his handsome face looked more like a god who was otherworldly.

The woman in the rain did not seem to take notice of him at all. He could not help but frown a little.

No one had ever ignored him like this.

"Get in the car." He said, mildly irritated. Was this woman a fool? How could she not use an umbrella, especially in such heavy rain?

When Chloe heard the voice behind her, she stood up mechanically and turned around.

At the sight of Noah's cold and beautiful face, it was as if a dam had been broken, and all the tears she had been suppressing broke through like the ocean waves. She couldn't understand why was she finally crying. 

Chloe's lips quivered, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

Although he was just a stranger to her,

She just wanted to talk to someone about her sadness, because in this world, she had lost all the people who would listen to her.

As a result, she couldn't help but say, "He's dead. He can't come back... He can't come back... He will never come back anymore..."

Before she could finish her words, she was already choking and sobbing miserably.

Noah looked at Chloe, who suddenly seemed as fragile as a piece of thin paper. It was as if a slight breeze could be able to break her into pieces.

He didn't know why his annoyance had dissipated in an instant.

He opened the car door for her.  "Get in the car," he said, his tone suddenly much softer.

Like a drowning person desperately grabbing onto a wooden plank for survival, Chloe got into the car without any hesitation.

Curling up in her seat and crying like a child.

Her heart seized up in terror every time the thought of withstanding the darkness by herself came to mind. She didn't want to be alone...

Noah narrowed his eyes and said to the driver, "Let's go to Gem Manor."

The driver was stunned for a moment and then nodded in understanding, driving quickly towards Gem Manor.

When Chloe came to her senses, she found herself in a huge manor.

Looking around at the exquisite yet simple European styled rooms, she suddenly recalled that she had actually gotten into a complete stranger's car and went to his home in the most pitiful manner possible...

Chloe subconsciously stood up straight, grabbed her bag, and was about to run away in a panic.

"Where are you going? You owe me money and you're trying to run away already?" A distant and indifferent voice said.

She whipped around to see Noah walking towards her while drying his hair in his white pajamas.

His short black hair, which had just been freshly washed, was messy yet somehow neat at the same time, which made him look even more unruly and domineering.