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The Substitute Bride: Forcefully Married To A Domineering Billionaire

The Substitute Bride: Forcefully Married To A Domineering Billionaire



Mature Contents Ahead. Please this book is highly rated 18+ 'You'll pay for this Amelia, mark my words, you get married to me through deception, you'll suffer the consequences. And now, you'll face your first punishment, you want to be my wife huh, you'll face what happens to them on their wedding night.' He chuckled, but it was one filled with bitterness. 'You're not that beautiful. But that doesn't mean I won't have your body.' Amelia Harper, a young lady with virtue, finds herself in a family and vicinity where she isn't acceptable. Her family borrowed money from Dylan Blackwood the billionaire and couldn't pay their debt. Dylan Blackwood decided to take the Harper's most beautiful daughter as a wife in place of the debt but she fled leaving her elder sister, the not so pretty one, Amelia Harper to suffer the consequences.
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The Substitute Bride: Forcefully Married To A Domineering Ruthless Billionaire.

Written By

Okeke-Eze Ifeoma Isabella


Subtitle : I'LL HELP YOU

"Please Amelia, I beg you, I've never asked you for anything, and I also know I've never treated you well, but please, help me out here, just this once." Jenner pleaded.

Amelia's back was turned to her, she was in deep thought, what Jenner was asking from her is something she just can't do, she knows her mother and father will definitely kill her if they find out.

Jenner was supposed to be getting married tomorrow, their father was owing a rich billionaire, and since they couldn't pay their debt, the man has decided to take Jenner as his wife.

Jenner was Amelia younger sister and she was the most beautiful, thereby, making her the most loved, eveyone in town admired Jenner because of her beauty, and no one ever seems to notice Amelia who was not too beautiful, even their parents favored Jenner the most and they treated Amelia like trash.

Jenner was in love with someone else, a guy who claims to be wealthier than the man Jenner was supposed to get married to, Jenner has fallen head over heels in love with him due to the fact that he claims to be richer than the man she was supposed to marry, and now, Jenner was planning to elope with the guy and she wanted Amelia to cover up for her, which is something Amelia was finding difficult to do.

"Amelia." Jenner called, then she turned Amelia to face her.

"Please help me." Jenner said, giving Amelia her best puppy eye look.

Amelia sighed deeply.

"I don't think i can Jenner, what will mom and dad say, you know they'll kill me if they find out I'm helping you out with this, and besides, you can just tell them you don't want to get married, they adore you, I'm sure they'll listen to you." Amelia said, trying to reason with Jenner.

Jenner let go of Amelia's hand.

"That's not it, it's not even possible, you know we're owing him, he has every right to take me as his bride, mom and dad won't be able to do anything, they can't stop him, he has the power to make our lives miserable, he can even send us all to jail, I don't want this Ami, please." Jenner said, then she began shedding fake tears.

"I love Jacob, and he's the one i want to get married to."

"Jenner." Amelia groaned.

"Please Ami, help me."

"What is it that you even want me to do, hope you won't ask me to get married in place of you, because i can't do that." Amelia said. Jenner laughed.

"Oh come on, that's not it."

"Then what is?."

"The thing is, I'll need you to tell mom and dad that I eloped with the man I love tomorrow morning, so you guys can flee from here."

"What!!!." Amelia yelled.

Jenner immediately closed her mouth with her palm.

"Shhhh....shut up Amelia, are you trying to bring mom and dad here." Jenner whispered.

Amelia slowly removed Jenner's hand from her mouth.

"I'm sorry, but are you crazy, flee from where, where do you want us to go, and why should we run away." Amelia said, and Jenner rolled her eyes at her.

What Amelia has just said sounded so stupid to Jenner's ears, and if she didn't need her help right now,she would have insulted Amelia so bad.

"Because of Dylan Blackwood silly." Jenner said, she had said silly instead of dummy, because that was what she wanted to call Amelia right now, a dummy.

"Because if he finds out I eloped, I wouldn't want to imagine what he'll do, and to save us all from his wrath, you'll have to tell mom and dad this, so you guys can leave this place."

"This is crazy Jenner, where are we even supposed to go to?."

"You do not have to worry, mom and dad have some relatives, I'm sure you guys can go to one of them."

"What you're saying sounds so selfish Jenner, you're not concerned about mom and dad, and how they'll feel if they find out about this, they love you so much, even more then me." Amelia said, muttering the last part.

"You should reconsider this Jenner, think of mom and dad who loves you so much."

"Don't try to lecture me Amelia." Jenner snapped, surprising Amelia.

"I've already explained things to you, you should just help me, and anyways, if you don't want to help me then leave it, I was wrong coming to you anyways, I thought you'll agree to help me since you're my sister, my elder sister, but no, you don't want to help, I'm sure you're doing this because you don't want to see me happy." Jenner said. And Amelia's jaw dropped in shock.

"What are you saying Jenner." Amelia said in disbelieve.

"The truth." Jenner spat, glaring at Amelia.

Amelia sighed deeply, what Jenner was saying wasn't true, despite the fact that her family treats her like a slave, she still loves them so much, and she hopes for the day they'll accept her.

"Forget it, if you won't help me, then don't, but that won't stop me from leaving this godforsaken damn town with Jacob, and mark my words on that."

"What if I tell mom and dad about your plan right now." Amelia said, quite angry.

Jenner scoffed, then she laughed loudly.

"Alright then, go tell them, and let's see if they'll believe you or me." Jenner smirked.

Her words cut deeply through Amelia's heart, Jenner was right, even if she tells their parents, they won't believe her, they'll believe Jenner over her.

Jenner noticed the pained look on Amelia's face, and she sighed, then she took Amelia's hand.

"Listen Amelia, I wouldn't want us to fight over this, believe me, I already explained everything to you, all I ask is for you to help me out, please, I know I don't deserve any help from you due to how bad I always treat you, but please, help me out." Jenner said, staring deeply into Amelia's eyes.

Amelia was a lady with a good heart, deep down, she knew she can't refuse her younger sister, no matter how bad she's been to her.

"Alright then, I'll help you." Amelia said.

Jenner screamed in delight, then she hugged her tightly.

"Thank you so much sis, thank you." She said, then she pulled out of the hug.

"It's okay." Amelia replied with a sad smile.

"When will you leave?."