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My Sweetie, You're So Charming

My Sweetie, You're So Charming


Wen Shijiu was forced to marry her sister and marry a rich playboy. They didn't interfere in each other's affairs after marriage, but she accidentally provoked the "husband"'s second uncle! Her uncle's temper was strange, so she gave in! Her uncle's words were frivolous, and she endured it! Her uncle loved her very much, and she accepted it! But one day, her uncle suddenly wanted to be with her. She was scared and said hurriedly, "Uncle, we can't do it. We are actually relatives!"
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  "Tonight, don't turn on the lights. Don't let Mr. Fu see your face, do you understand?"

  "If you don't have sex with him tonight and get the Wen family into trouble, I'm going to kill you and make your life a living hell!"

  Her father's words reverberated in her ears, making her tremble all over.

  When her sister escaped from the marriage overnight and her father couldn't do anything about it, she stepped forward and was willing to marry Fu Jiangli to solve the crisis of the Wen family.

  Before leaving, her father whispered in her ear.

  As long as they slept together successfully, there would be many reasons for the Wen family to calm down the Fu family's anger.

  She wore a veil and was led to the bedroom of the new house by a stranger.

  When she was about to close the door, she could not help but speak nervously.

  "Fu... When will Young Master Fu come?"

  "We don't know, either. Mrs. Chen, please clean up and wait for us."

  After that, he closed the door.

  Wen Shijiu quickly locked the door and took off her veil.

  Looking at the gorgeous wedding dress on her body, she had mixed feelings in her heart.

  The person she wanted to marry was Fu Jiangli, a notorious playboy in the capital city. He was looking for flowers to ask about women. His private life was in a mess and he took advantage of his power to bully others... It was really a bad thing.

  There was a saying in the capital city that it was better to marry a poor family than Fu Jiangli.

  It could be seen how terrible this person was.

  However, the Fu family had sent a sky-high betrothal gift to marry her sister. They liked her sister who was both virtuous and virtuous. She was a model of a rich young lady.

  The Wen family had no choice but to agree. They didn't expect that their sister would escape from the marriage on the night of their marriage.

  She didn't want to marry Fu Jiangli either, but she heard her father's discussion that he wanted her to marry an old man in his sixties as his wife. She suddenly felt that it was not so bad to marry Fu Jiangli. After all, it was the Fu family!

  But the premise was that she could sleep with him. Otherwise, everything would be in vain.

  Just when she was in a panic, she didn't expect that there were footsteps outside. She was so scared that she was lying on the bed, shivering.

  The door creaked open, and she heard heavy and powerful footsteps.

  Apparently, she did not mean to turn on the light, so she could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

  The man stopped in front of the bed and did not do anything. Time seemed to be frozen.

  His heart instantly reached his throat, as if it would jump out in the next second.

  What were they going to do next?

  She thought this playboy would definitely lift the quilt and force her to come, but she didn't expect that he would be silent for a few minutes, then turned around and left.

  When she thought of her father's threat, she was so scared that she immediately got out of bed and grabbed his clothes tightly.

  "Tonight... is our wedding night."

  He used all his courage to say these words.

  The woman's body was slightly stiff. Obviously, she was surprised that she was so active.

  The man in the dark turned around and pinched her chin.

  "Do you know who I am?" The man's voice was hoarse and low, with an indescribable temptation.

  "Fu... Fu Jiangli?"

  "Huh?" The other party seemed to be a little unhappy. His tone rose and his nasal tone was heavy.

  When she heard it, her scalp instantly became numb. "Husband... husband? Darling?"

  Before her voice had completely faded away, her thin lips suddenly came and caught her lips. It was an overbearing attack.

  She was caught off guard and instinctively refused, but she suddenly thought of something and gradually let go of the resistance.

  She closed her eyes and tightly clenched her fists, waiting for him to take a step closer.

  Tonight... something must happen.


  His clothes broke into pieces.

  "It's a dry defeat."

  The man's big hand stopped somewhere and said coldly.

  His words were an endless humiliation to Zhang Ruochen.