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Hooligan Warrior in the Urban City

Hooligan Warrior in the Urban City


The Road to the Underworld, the Gates of Hell! All the soldiers dreamed of the holy land, but it was a moment of life and death. Zhang Feng grew up in the streets without any support. He was just about to enjoy his college life, but he was forced to close the Road of the Underworld. When he entered the army, what kind of storm would it cause... layers of fog couldn't pull out his body. Under the danger of death, Zhang Feng knew that he had no chance to turn back. He could only go forward bravely and kill Gods and Buddhas. When he suddenly looked back... he might be born a soldier. But he was just a soldier.
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  "Little girl, the clear lines on your palm clearly shows that you are a sober person, but the slight yellow color in your white and tender palm shows that you have a lot of pressure recently." The old Taoist priest gently held the woman's hand in his palm and said calmly.

  The woman was wearing professional clothes, with her chest up and down and plump, and her long legs were exposed in her black hip-wrapped skirt.

  Listening to the old Taoist priest's words, she kept nodding. Recently, she had been disturbed by the company's leaders frequently. Today, she took advantage of the time at noon to come to the pedestrian street to take a stroll. She didn't want to see someone set up a stall to watch fortune-telling. She just wanted to have a try. She didn't want every word of this old Taoist priest to be involved in her heart.

  "Master, what should I do?"

  The master she mentioned was dressed in a worn-out Taoist robe, and there were two white beards on his lips. If his hands had not been constantly rubbing on the woman's palms, he would really be somewhat sage-like.

  "I took the bait, I took the bait. Oh, my, this little hand is really soft... Tut tut tut."

  Zhang Feng's heart was full of joy, but there was no trace of it on his face. He coughed twice and said calmly, "Don't be empty-minded in life. It should be known that I am lucky to have lost my life... huh?" He did not continue to say, but took out a hand from the woman's delicate palm, with his thumb and forefinger rubbing each other.

  The woman immediately took out her wallet and took out five red old men's heads and stuffed them into Zhang Feng's hands.

  "You're too polite. I don't need that much. Don't do this. Alas, okay!"

  Zhang Feng refused to accept it, but he quickly took the money and stuffed it into his pocket.

  "Little girl, close your eyes gently. Yes, relax, feel the cool breeze blowing by your side..."

  Slowly speaking, seeing the woman close her eyes, Zhang Feng quietly stood up and slowly tidied up the things on the ground. He continued to say, "Do you feel the feeling of the wind blowing on your face? It feels like the caress of a mother and the touch of a lover. They are so gentle and quiet..."

  As he spoke, Zhang Feng had already left the place where the woman was more than five meters away. He muttered to himself, "The wind is tight..."

  When he entered the crowd, he tore off his worn Taoist robe and put it into his backpack. He pulled off the beard on his face, revealing a young and slightly tender cheek. However, the smile hanging on his lips seemed to be flowing in the air.

  The woman slowly opened her eyes and saw that there was no one in front of her. She muttered, "Master is Master. He came and went without a trace. I have already figured out what to do. Thank you, Master."


  Zhang Feng didn't know the woman's reaction, nor did he have time to think about it, because he was blocked by four people in the alley around the pedestrian street.

  A bald head, an elastic vest, an exposed tattoo, a big gold chain as thick as a finger on his neck, and a standard ruffian four-piece set.

  "Brothers, I don't know what I have done to offend you. Please forgive me..."

  With a cowardly smile on his face, he took out his cigarette from his pocket and said obsequiously, "Brothers, let's smoke. Let's talk. Let's talk!"

  "Damn it, how dare you dig food on the pedestrian street without worshipping the dock? We have been staring at you for several days. Today we finally stopped you." The bald man standing in the front knocked off the cigarette handed by Zhang Feng on the ground and said in an unkind tone.

  Zhang Feng did not feel ashamed or annoyed at all. Instead, he said in a more respectful manner, "Big Brother, I'm new here and I don't know the rules. Please don't mind. Tell me what to do. I'll do it right away."

  The bald man nodded. It seemed that this guy was very sensible and saved a lot of trouble.

  "How about this, the protection fee of three thousand yuan a month, let's cover you."

  Hearing this, Zhang Feng was angry. It was really a big deal. He could earn a hundred and eighty yuan a day on the pedestrian street. If he paid 3000 yuan a month, it would be a waste of money. What's more, Zhang Feng's money was of great use to him. How could he give it to them?

  His eyes rolled around. Zhang Feng still had a flattering smile on his face and said, "Okay, I'll tell you. I don't know how you should call me."

  When the bald man saw Zhang Feng's attitude, he patted his chest happily and said, "People in the underworld call me Brother Hu if they respect me."

  "Brother Biao, Brother Biao!"

  Zhang Feng muttered a few words in a low voice, and suddenly his face changed. "I'll go to your grandmother and brother Hu."

  While speaking, he kicked Brother Tiger in the lower part of his body.

  Brother Tiger's body suddenly became three centimeters taller. His face was suppressed into a purple color, and his eyes were wide open. After two seconds, a terrible scream came out of his throat, and then he covered his severely injured crotch with both hands and couldn't help jumping.

  Seeing his boss being attacked, the three hatchet men of Brother Tiger were all stunned and then became angry. They took out their folding knives from their pockets and rushed toward Zhang Feng fiercely.

  However, as soon as they took two steps forward, they stopped and slowly stepped back.

  "You guys want to charge my protection fee even if you smash it? Brother Tiger, I swear, you're just an old cat!"

  Zhang Feng held a black pistol in his hand and walked forward as he spoke. As he took a step, the three hatchet men took a step back.

  Usually, when they took out their knives, the other party was scared to be paralyzed. They had never seen a tough guy with a gun. If they had not been pointed at by the gun, they would have run away.

  "Come on, throw all the knives down! The three of you, stand side by side, stand closer!" Zhang Feng commanded.

  Under the threat of the pistol, the hatchet man naturally dared not disobey. He quickly threw the folding knife under the ground and stood side by side with his shoulder!

  After two steps forward, Zhang Feng suddenly grinned, revealing his eight white teeth.

  He put his fingers on the trigger, and the imagined fierce gunshot did not ring. Instead, it was: "Bang!"

  A stream of water gushed out from the black muzzle and splashed on the faces of the three hatchet men.

  "Damn it, this kid is playing with us. It's a toy gun... Ah, damn it, there's chili water in it. My eyes..."

  Zhang Feng slowly put the water gun back into his clothes, walked over and slapped the hatchet man on the face. He smiled and said, "I have been wandering in the world for more than ten years. How can I fall into your hands?"

  "Hey, Brother Hu, are you all right? Go to the hospital immediately, or you will become the last eunuch in the 21st century."

  With a strange voice, Zhang Feng went over and pulled down the gold chain on his neck and put it into his pocket. Then he patted him on the shoulder and comforted him, "Brother Tiger, this is the price you have to pay for bullying me."

  Humming a tune, Zhang Feng leisurely walked out of the alley.

  He didn't know that people were spying on everything happening here.