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You Are My Mr. Mcdreamy

You Are My Mr. Mcdreamy


Five years ago, she got on his bed. Five years later, she returned with her son. The purpose of Shize was to let her marry herself, create people, and create a lot of people! But the tea Xiao Xiao is not married, not married, or far away from this man! "Today's good dress is good for our production plan." "The weather is good today, suitable for creating people." "It's a little boring today. It's better to create people." Finally, one day, the tea burst out: "Shize Xiao, if you can't help it, you solve it yourself!"
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  Standing at the door of a high-end box in the bar, Hua Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and looked dignified. The noisy sounds in the bar were blocked out of her ears.

  He put his hand on the door handle and stood still for a long time before he slowly pushed the door open and walked in.

  Tonight, she would sell herself for money and give herself to the man in the room.

  The lights in the room were dim, but she could see a man lying on the big bed.

  With heavy steps, she walked to the bedside.

  The man on the bed drank a glass of wine, but he was not completely drunk. Noticing that there were footsteps, he opened his eyes and asked in a deep voice, "Who is it?"

  Chu Xiaoxiao didn't say anything. In this case, there was no need to say much.

  Under the dim yellow light, he could see his exquisite and impeccable face with sharp and cold edges. Under his straight sword-shaped eyebrows, there was a pair of slender and deep eyes, which seemed to have a soul-summoning magical power. It would be fascinated by him accidentally. He had a tall nose and thin and sexy lips. Everything was so perfect, as if it was the most proud masterpiece of the heavens.

  Yi Xiaoxiao was afraid that she would withdraw, so she took the medicine for herself first. Now the effect of the drug had already taken effect. Her beautiful face had turned red and her body was shaking.

  She bent down and stretched out her hand to unbutton his shirt, but her hand was caught by the man.

  "Woman, are you in such a hurry?" He smiled evilly, which made Chu Xiaoxiao's heart beat faster.

  The heat in Chu Xiaoxiao's body was shouting, while his hand was cold. He couldn't help but want more.

  Noticing her strangeness, the man raised his eyebrows and smiled. He held her in his arms and pressed her under his body.

  Because of the drug effect, Hua Xiaoxiao's chest fluctuated violently. His mouth was dry and his tongue was dry.

  "Tell me, what's your name..."

  The man's deep voice was low and hoarse.

  "Chan, I'm Xiaoxiao..." Elsa tried hard to regain her consciousness and said her name.

  "Remember my name, Size Ze." His warm breath sprayed on the neck of Chu Xiaoxiao, which made her tremble and her hands couldn't help hooking around the man's neck.

  "Shize, I want to..." Tea Xiaoxiao called out vaguely, but she was already unconscious.


  When she woke up the next day, she felt sore all over her body, reminding her of all the shame that happened last night.

  It was said that women would feel very painful for the first time, but she didn't expect that it would hurt so much. When she moved her body, it seemed that her whole body would fall apart.


  Shize Ze had already woken up and sat on the sofa. His black shirt and trousers made him look even thinner. He had a cigarette in his slender and pale hand, and there was smoke coming out of his mouth. The light smoke swirled around his handsome face, adding a sense of mystery.

  There was a faint smell of smoke in the room. Elsa coughed lightly. She was so sore that she didn't even think about it, but she couldn't lie here all the time.

  His uncle was still waiting for her to take the money to save his life.

  When she reached out to pick up the messy clothes on the ground, she found that her clothes were broken last night, which made her embarrassed.

  "Well, can you lend me a piece of clothes?" Elsa asked cautiously.

  Size Ze took a deep look at her and spat out the last smoke. The smoke made a circle in the air and then gradually disappeared.

  He gracefully walked to the wardrobe, took out a black shirt from it, and threw it to Chu Xiaoxiao.

  "Thank you," said Chu Xiaoxiao.

  After putting on her clothes, she hesitated for a while and finally couldn't help but open her mouth.

  "Well... Where's the money?" Elsa asked straightforwardly. Anyway, they had made an appointment in advance, so there was no need to beat around the bush.

  "What money?" Shize Ze raised his eyebrows. Although he had money, it was the first time that someone dared to ask him for money directly.

  "That's it, that's it..." It did not occur to her that he was pretending to be stupid, so she was at a loss for words.

  Size Ze looked at her anxiously with interest. "What is it?"

  "That's right, what happened last night..." Hua Xiaoxiao bit her teeth and said these words. She was really embarrassed to say the next few words.

  "Last night?" Size Ze was confused and suddenly thought of something. With a smile on his face, he held her waist and wrapped her in his arms. "Didn't you say to ask for money last night?"

  This woman, when he was drunk and climbed onto his bed yesterday, now she asked for money from him. Was it a scam? She even cheated Xize's head when he was drunk. She was really bold.

  "Didn't you say that? My aunt contacted you yesterday and said that she would give me 200,000 after the event!" Hearing her words, Chu Xiaoxiao became anxious and glared at him.

  She was going to use the money to treat her uncle. If she had no money, her uncle had to die. This was very important to her!

  Size Ze's eyes darkened slightly. He was very sure that he had not made such a "deal" with anyone. It seemed that he was really cheating.

  "Women, it's not so easy to get money." The cold voice of Shize Ze was like a thunder, hitting on the heart of Chu Xiaoxiao.

  "He actually went back on his word?"

  Elsa was anxious and angry. She didn't expect to meet a hooligan. For a moment, she didn't know what to do. She just asked, "What are you going to do to pay me?"

  Somehow, Shize suddenly wanted to tease her. After thinking for a while, he said, "There's a shortage of manpower in the bar recently. Why don't you go to be a lady of the bar?"

  "What? You want her to be the lady of the drink company?"

  Seeing that she was a little hesitant, Sizeze lifted her chin and asked, "What's the matter? You don't want the money?"

  "Haha, it seems that he is not a very professional liar."

  "Okay!" Hua Xiaoxiao clenched her fists. Her words were very simple, which made Size Ze's eyes a little cold. He didn't expect that this woman was really willing to give up for money.