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My Magic Hero

My Magic Hero


William Yang got a secret task to protect a millionaire's grand daughter--Christine Yeh. But the millionaire died and left a will, to leave his everything to Christine. William's mission was to protect Christine from all harm and make sure she could inherit the legacy successfully. However, all other family members, who also wanted a share of the will, had a dark agenda. But whenever they tried to make moves against Christine, they would always end up dead first before it happened. Everyone was walking on eggshells...wondering if there was a guardian angel behind Christine. Soon the family found some people who possessed most lethal power to help, they thought they could finally get rid of Christine. Then William decided to come out from the shadow to protect Christine, exposed his true identity and the mysterious power he had hidden...
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"It is heard recently that Tristan Yeh, the chairman of Yeh Enterprises, died at home last night. Many listed companies subordinate to Yeh Enterprises suffered a dramatic drop in the stock market this morning. At the close, its price came a limit-down. Is it a sign of a new financial storm? Please pay attention to the analysis of famous companies."

The death of the chairman of Yeh Enterprises and the sudden drop of stock caused a sensation across the country. For a time, some were happy while some were worried, and the news media reported the related news one after another.

At Silver Airport of City S.

Two women and a man walked out of the crowd. The leading woman wore a large pair of sunglasses and her nose was covered by a veil. Her face could not be seen clearly.

She lowered her head and got rid of the man and woman who followed her, and went straight to a long queue of taxis.

And the man and woman who came out with her were taken to three Mercedes S600 by several black bodyguards who had been waiting at the exit of the station.

When the woman with sunglasses was about to open the door of a taxi, a slender white hand took the first step to open the door.

It was a handsome young man with a sunny smile on his face, wearing a casual suit. He was tall, straight, and fashionable. Seeing Christine looking at him coldly, he grinned and said, "Sorry, I am in a hurry."

Christine looked at the taxi behind. There were already passengers in the taxi within dozens of meters. She was already in a bad mood, so she immediately said coldly, "I'm also in a hurry."

Before she finished her words, she bowed her head and got into the car. She also took out the wallet from her Hermès bag and gave the driver a hundred yuan.

The door had not been closed yet, so the driver naturally could not start the car. However, the short-haired young man stuck his butt up, which directly pushed Christine's body to the side, and he sat close to Christine's legs.

Because of the small space, his body was also tilted. Half of his body was almost pressed on Christine's body. Then he closed the door.

Christine was so angry that her eyes were filled with fury. She could only move her body to the other side in a panic. After she sat down and stayed away from the young man, she slapped him because of his offensive behavior.

The young man seemed to have expected that she would slap him. He raised his hand and grabbed Christine's wrist. He said in surprise, "Why did you hit me? It was okay to be angry, but was it suitable to hit me in front of outsiders?"

"You... let go of my hand, or I'll call the police."

Christine was going crazy. For no reason, she met such a b*stard. What he said could easily mislead others to think that they were lovers. She suddenly felt a little panicked. Was this guy going to kidnap her?

The driver was also dumbfounded. He didn't understand what was going on, and the taxi behind him had already made a loud horn sound.

"What are you looking at? Haven't you seen the couple quarrel? Just drive the car." The young man continued to hold Christine's wrist but gave the driver a glare.

The driver naturally turned around and started the car. So that was it.

"We are not a couple." Christine was really nervous. With her identity, it was really possible for her to be kidnapped. So she shouted, "Stop the car. I want to get off the car."

The reason why she took the taxi was that she took the secretary's advice. She was worried that she would be surrounded by reporters or she could not go back to the Yeh family as soon as possible because of an intentional accident. So she took a taxi alone to avoid some attention. But she did not expect that she would encounter such a thing.

Of course, the driver wouldn't stop the car. He didn't want to get involved in the quarrel of the couple. Then he asked with a smile, "Where are we going?"

"It depends on you. Should we go home or go to the hotel?" The young man chuckled and let go of Christine's hand.

"Go to Yeh Manor." Christine glared at the young man. She found that the young man was indifferent when he heard Yeh Manor, while the driver's eyes lit up. He wanted to say something but didn't dare to say it.

At this time, Christine calmed down. There were some doubts and curiosity in her eyes under the sunglasses. She knew the young man in front of her. He was sitting next to her on the plane, but he began to sleep since he got on the plane in London. During this period, he left for some time but she didn't know what he did. After a few hours, he came back. Then he didn't wake up until the plane landed at Silver Airport.

Along the way, she was sad about the death of Grandpa. She was worried that once Grandpa left, the Yeh family would face internal and external problems. She was afraid that she would face unprecedented pressure, so she did not pay much attention to this guy.

But now, this guy forced to take the same car with her. What was worse, the driver didn't believe her. Christine felt panicked, but she didn't dare to do anything excessive, in case of angering the guy in front of her to hurt her.

But she was somewhat puzzled. If she was kidnapped, this guy didn't have lethal weapons to threaten her. Besides, it seemed that he didn't know the driver. It didn't make sense.

Moreover, she said that she wanted to go to Yeh Manor, and he didn't have any reaction, which made smart Christine confused.

The young man ignored Christine and continued to sleep, which made Christine even more confused. This guy was a pig. After sleeping for five or six hours on the plane, he was still sleeping now.

Fortunately, Yeh Manor was not far from the airport. When Yeh Manor was close at hand, Christine finally set her mind at rest. However, her mind was a little messy again. Looking at the young man who seemed to sleep soundly, she thought that he was a lunatic.

This guy was absolutely a lunatic. He didn't kidnap her or take the opportunity to talk to her but made her very angry and nervous. He just slept in the car. What did he want? Only abnormal people could do such a ridiculous thing.

Christine got out of the car, took off her veil and sunglasses, revealing her beautiful and cold face. She didn't have the mood to pay attention to the lunatic in the car. Her eyes were full of tears. Looking at Yeh Manor decorated by the black and white color, she saw the old butler James Yeh and hurried to him.

The old butler James also saw Christine. His eyes immediately lit up with joy, but his face was still full of sorrow and pain. "Miss Christine, you finally come back. It's going to be a mess inside."

"What?" Christine was very angry, and she was even more sorrowful. "Grandpa just passed away and hadn't been laid to rest, but they actually made a fuss at home. B*stard. They were not filial and loyal, and they were so shameless."

"Great anger hurt your body. Irascibility could lead to constipation. It seems that Miss Yeh needs to calm down."

As soon as Christine finished speaking, a playful voice came from behind, which startled Christine. She turned around and saw that the crazy young man was standing behind her. Like a ghost, he came over without any sound.

"Were you a lunatic? Why were you still here?" Christine had an impulse to kill him. This guy didn't leave and ran to the gate of Yeh Manor to enrage her. He was really abnormal.

However, James looked at the handsome young man in front of him in surprise. His voice sounded familiar. Suddenly his eyes lit up and asked in surprise, "Are you William Yang?"

"If there is no second William Yang here, it should be me." William shrugged his shoulders and said with a casual smile.

"Well, you really keep your promise. I was relieved that Miss will be under your protection." James immediately said happily.

"Yeah, I accompanied her on the plane and took a taxi with her. She not only called me a lunatic but also almost called the police to arrest me." William curled his lip and said, "She has such a bad temper. No wonder she still doesn't get married."

"What did you say?" Christine was so angry that she almost went crazy, but she also looked at James curiously. "Uncle James, what is going on?"

"This is the Master's order. Master felt that he was in poor health a few days ago. He told me to call someone if something bad happened to him. He said that the person would protect Miss Christine well from suffering any harm."

James looked at William and continued to say, "So after Master passed away, I called the number that the Master left me and contacted Mr. William at once."

"Mr. William, thank you for escorting Miss back safely. Master will be grateful to you for your help."

James looked at William gratefully. He had been the housekeeper of the Yeh family for more than 20 years. He was not only loyal and reliable, but also a shrewd person. After the death of Master Yeh, there must be someone who didn't want Christine to come back to take over the great power of the Yeh family.

Now that Christine could come back safely, James' worries were reduced by half.

"Just call me William. If you called me Mr. William, I felt that I was very old. Since I take your money, it is natural to get rid of disaster for you."

William waved his hand, yawned, and said casually, "Arrange a room for me. For this girl to go home smoothly, I have been playing with a group of women for several hours last night. I am so tired."

James was in a shock. The young man's words were really unbearable.

Christine also opened her mouth wide and looked ashamed and angry. She wanted to kick William away and scolded him a lecher in her heart.

However, she didn't want to pay attention to this lunatic now. Instead, she wondered why her secretary and bodyguard hadn't come back yet.

At this time, James's cell phone rang. When the old man picked up the phone, he suddenly looked shocked and muttered, "A car accident? I know it."

"Miss Christine, the three cars that I arranged to pick you up collided with a big truck. Two guards of the Yeh family died on the spot. Your secretary Shena and bodyguard Liam were injured and sent to Municipal Hospital."

Christine was scared and shocked. Fortunately, she took a taxi back secretly after listening to the secretary's suggestion. Otherwise, she would have been sent to Municipal Hospital.