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I Have Loved Your Fathers

I Have Loved Your Fathers

Author:Queen Anie


At 33 Amanda failed her 9 years relationship, tried her hardest to move on, no matter how hard it is. Doesn't want her family to see how she is coping up with her failure she decided to move out from her parents house. Struggling hard, drinking endlessly, working hard, tried dating but no success. Decided to start a new life in foreign place after 2 years. Fully confident, equipped with hardened heart and ambitions, she's determined to gain back her lost self. She promised to love herself more than anything, will do everything to earn as much as she can. Wil never care about men's emotion. This time she will be selfish a bit more. Igi's son Robert is a man of dignity, every move is on the social media, power tripper, no emotions towards women , they are a toy at least for him. Amanda is new face to him but with the company for more than 6 months. Overdrunk, lots of power, endless money, curious to an unfamiliar face, Robert spotted Amanda while ushering him to his VIP seat. Tonight is the engagement of his first born Erick to his future daughter-in-law Mariam. All notable men in the business are invited. Robert whispered to Rome, one of his directors, asking who is this new face. Rome replied, ohh she is the new assistant in our Business Development Dept. I like her attitude in fact, Rome replied. There is no competition for Robert, he is afterall the third richest man in his place. Silencing everyone is his forte to get what he wants. Connections, money, power are his combinations. Calling Amir, look after the whereabouts of this woman with eyes direction to Amanda. Amir nodded. After the banquet, Amir approached Amanda requesting her if she could send the paper containing speech that was delivered by Robert earlier to his private room in this family owned hotel. Amir gave the access card and instruction how to get in. Robert hates doorbell or knocking at his door. Just use the access card, go straight to the table put the paper and leave unless Mr. Robert ask for something. Give proper greetings if you see him somewhere. He doesnt usually reply, only nod and look. For him we are dust on his feet. Amanda is shivering, tap the access card and silently get in. No one is around. She get in hurriedly put the paper on the table.
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  Robert was heavily drunk, Amanda is full of confident, above average look but with a soul of an overcomer. Robert was challenged by her attitude. Amanda was not aware of it. Robert wants to feed his ego, Amanda wants to do her job. Opposite world, opposite character, opposite beginnings, opposite views in life. One hardened the heart because of greed and power while the other forced to get hardened to protect from pain.

  Living alone in a foreign place has never been easy. Amanda is thousands mile away from home.

  After Erick's engagement last night, there seems to be endless call for a celebration.

  Robert got all the information he needed from Amir regarding Amanda. For Robert, Amanda is mysterious, she doesnt have more friends, she is living alone in an old apartment. She works well with outstanding performance as per her boss.

  Amir is keeping eyes on Amanda as directed by Robert. Her actions is being reported to Robert from her jogging schedule to her office timing and going home.

  Easy as snap of his finger Robert knows what is Amanda up to.

  Later on that week, Robert called for a meeting that is to include all the departments head for the upcoming projects.

  Amanda's boss was one of the invitee, Robert is aware that Amanda's boss will bring her. He wants to look Amnda at a closer phase.

  Things went fast, meeting was adjourned. Amanda was tasked to take the minutes and distribute it after.

  Firts thing the next monday all reports are ready. All minutes can be emailed to all attendees but not for Robert. Amanda needs to send it personally and read it to Robert where ever Robert asks her to. This time Robert is in his office, therefore Amanda needs to go herself and summarize it to Robert. Amanda was accepted in the meeting room of Robert's office by his secretary.

  Amanda is shivering from inside uncontrollably. She was seated but sweating, her heart is racing, her tongue is tied, she is so red, visibly uncomfortable but fighting hard her emotions.

  Robert opened the door, he doesnt knock or giving you any signal that he is coming. Amanda stand up and greet him, she offered handshake but he refused. She doesnt know how to start the conversation until Robert broke the ice.

  How much are you getting from us? Robert asked. Amanda stunned? Her brain freeze, she doesnt understand the question at all. I mean how much is your salary? Still Amanda can't process in her head why is he asking about her salary, it was not discussed in the meeting last week. A moment of silence, again Robert asks, how much is your salary from us? Now its clear to Amanda that he is really asking for her salary. This time her brain processed the question. $ 2,500.00 monthly with free meal she answered.

  Robert took her ID, wrote a cheque, $2,000.00. I need you to work occasionally for me. He stood up and leave the meeting room.

  What kind of man is this, he came without me knowing and left without me understanding whats happening, that is what on Amanda's head. She left the meeting room requesting his secretary to handed the report to him.

  Busy days ahead of Robert, monday is gone so fast, tomorrow is Tuesday he has a schedule for early morning site development inspection until 9:00 AM. Back to office before 10:00 am to attend to a directors meeting. Robert is not having lunch in the office whatsoever it maybe . He will have it at home with Amina and kids or in thier hotel with his favorite chef. Past 2:00 pm he will return to office to sign for all the documents, cheques, contracts and review of all the reports for the day.

  Wednesday is much more busier because he has only half day in the office, everything should be squeezed in morning schedule, 3:00 PM onwards is his schedule to practice Polo.

  Amanda's phone is ringing. She is not familiar with the number. She did not picked it up. It's lunch time she went down to cafeteria to have lunch. While sitting alone Amir sat down from nowhere. He said, next time pick up my call no matter how busy you are, even if you are with your boss. My boss is more important than all of your bosses combined, just pick up my call and i will manage the consquences, you may also leave even the most important meeting as required. Few words and Amir left.

  Amanda knows this game, power tripping from top boss.

  Ready to go home, Amanda turned on her engine but a tinted Range Rover stopped in front of her, she waited few minutes for the car to leave but it never. She was forced to go down knock the driver's window and to her surprise it's Amir. She knew someone is inside so she immediately say "Oh, I'm sorry Amir, yes, take your time if you are waiting for someone. I will wait." Amanda, get your stuff and get inside the car, those words were from Amir. Do not talk much, and no waiting...... get inside the car.. Amanda is always caught off guard, maybe because of the last words that Amir told her this afternoon, that his boss is the most important and no matter what she should follow what she is asked to. She went inside the car just to go down again after few meters, it's in front of private elevator access to Robert's suite. Amir handed the the access key to her, go quick without noise. Don't leave, it will be quick.

  Amanda was standing in the full window watching outside view when the front door opens. It's Robert, still in his polo outfit, he is skinny but chisseled muscles and face full of charisma and sex appeal. He smiled and past through her to his bedroom to change. He did not close the door. Robert wash his face and gurgled with mouthwash. He is in his boxer without top clothes. He put on his light textured robe and see Amanda waiting. He poured red wine for Amanda and Vodka for him. Amanda cannot react to anything, she is just composing herself. He gave the cup of wine.

  Do you know why are you here? Robert asked. You are paid in advance and i hope you know what I mean.

  I don't use condoms or anything, so you should know how to do it yourself not to be in trouble. You should'nt be dating anyone until i am still interested with you. I knew Rome is into you, but dont dare to do it. He will be in trouble and in this country my words has value, so dont put him in trouble too. I am not saying this to threaten you what I can do, but it's a promise. You be thankful I've got my interest in you, tens of women are willing to do that job for free just to be attached to my name. I love sex, but i never loved anybody. It is now clear to Amanda, the cheque he handed to her and why she is here now. No words from her, she cannot make the decision right now. Everything is like a strike of lightning to her, leaving her stunned, open mouth, brain freeze. Her brain is totally not working. Will she be his other woman?, but other women she knows were loved, pampered and protected. But in her case it's not the same. Will she be her slut that will get $2,000.00 everytime he wants to use her? What is going on? Her head is just not working. This is not indecent proposal either because he did not propose but rather he imposed. Out of nothing or nervousness or total shocked she cannot think of anything but grab the cup of wine and empty it.

  First time in her life that she encountered a man like this , not considering anyone, himself is only matter.

  She wants to run to the door and leave, but for some reason still she managed to ask permission. Can i leave now? She asked. NO!! It was calm but sharp answer from Robert, you don't go until I got the answers from you.

  Amanda look sharply to Robert, a look with sincerity , a look of disagreeing, a look that touches his soul.

  There were no questions but directions on what you like and what i shouldn't do. There shouldn't be no answer for a conversation when I am only allowed to listen. You did not ask me, you are giving me an order.

  Robert smiled, he was not aware that this woman's tongue would scratch his ego, it made him angry inside. He doesnt want to get him angry, he is very impulsive and tend to be hurtful in multiple ways, but for this woman he cannot vent out his anger. He controlled himself for the first time. This time Robert is the speechless, everything what she said is true and it offended Robert, making him feel that he is not sensible enough when he is asking for an answer to a no option situation.

  If there is no more directives then I need to go, Amanda replied.

  Are you ok with the directives? Robert asked.

  You intend to pay my body, not my whole being. When you satisfied with my flesh equates to your money, then you shouldn't care about me. A creature of your kind is rare so keep in your circle. Do not hang out with human like me, you might never like it. You people in the so called elite society are ruthless. Is there anybody in your circle who can treat us as human? And not pet?

  She grabbed her bag and left the suite.

  It's Robert's first offense from woman, beyond his belief.