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You Will Be Mine

You Will Be Mine



Being young and soon to be alpha, Fransisco fell inlove with a guy who is younger than him. He put his mark and will be claimed as his when the right time comes. Marko had a phobia when a wolf bit him when he was young. Now that he is a teenager, he is always bullied by Fransisco. Little did he know that Fransisco is trying to make him stronger and being close to him.
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  Fransisco “Franco” Izquierdo, a young man, soon to be alpha of Blood Moon Pack who had found his mate at a very young age. Very unusual for his age and uncommon for his lineage.

  As an heir to the throne, he must be mated to an opposite sex but his situation is very different.

  His mate is from a visiting family of hybrids, a peculiar family with a halfblooded witch and wolf mother and a half vampire half wolf father. His Mate’s family is being feared as they were the heirs of the most powerful clans of their own kinds.

  Franco, pure breed werewolf, had been trying since the age of 7 to become the strongest among his pack and his nation. But at the age of 10, something had happened.

  “I am not feeling well, father. I will not go to the training today.” Franco barged in to his father’s study

  The Luna of the pack, Luna Alira, went to his side to check on him.

  “You are burning. You should see the doctor.”

  The soft-spoken Luna went to the infirmary to get Doctor Charles, her brother.

  “Son, what do you feel in your body? As an alpha or soon to be alpha, you should not be getting sick very easily,” Alpha Darco asked with suspicious laced in his voice.

  “I feel like I am having a flu but ten times worse. Everything is so loud and bright.”

  Alpha Darco called his Beta Eliazar to have an emergency meeting with the elders in a few minutes.

  “Stay here and wait for your mother. I have an important matter to attend to.” With that, he left his son and went to the house of the elders with his Beta.

  Few moments had passed, his mother arrived together with the doctor and a nurse to check on him.

  “Where is your father?”

  “I heard him that he needs to consult onto something with the elders.”

  Charles check him and found nothing unusual even his temperature.

  “There is nothing wrong with him. He is showing some of the signs that he would be turning to his wolf. I suggest that he either stay inside and try to connect with his wolf or go to the forest to calm his body.”

  “But he is too young, the youngest I had heard to turn into a wolf is 15. He is only 10!”

  “The kid had been training since he turned 7. Once a werewolf had able to reached all of his potential capabilities, either in emotional strength, physical or knowledge, his body would allow the changes in an early stage of his life. Your kid is strong and smart and I had been expecting it. He had never enjoyed his childhood because of the training that he endured here and in school.”

  The Luna hugged his son. “I’m sorry and this happened to you. Your body is not yet fully developed to accept the change.”

  “Kiddo, you have to take a rest. Alira, we should take our leave now. If something happens call me.”

  As the Doctor opened the door, The Alpha came in.

  “We should take him to the forest. I had asked the help of the family from the Spirit Pack; they will be here in an hour or two to check on him why he would turn at this age. The youngest in my family turned 15.”

  “Alpha” Charles and his assistant greeted.

  “Charles, you will go with us in the forest to assist them.”

  “Yes, Alpha. We will take our leave. Please call us if further details as we need to attend other patients.”

  “Thanks! And for the love of the Goddess, it is Darco only. You are a family.”

  “You know why I call you Alpha instead of your name.” With that, they took there leave and went to the infirmary.

  “The Alpha of Spirit Pack and his family will be the one coming. His wife is the one to check him. Please ask the head Omega to prepare three rooms. There will be the Alpha, His Luna and three kids and Beta Marco,” Darco informed his wife

  “Please don’t leave his side.”

  “Yes, My Love. Son you have to sleep in you room. Could you walk?”

  Without giving him chance to answer, The Alpha carried his son to his room and tucked him in so Franco could sleep properly. They all left the study. The Luna instructed Omega Maita to prepare the food and rooms for the guests.

  Despite the comfort of the bed, Franco keep on tossing in his sleep. The Luna called her husband that the guest had arrived.