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The King Of Mafias

The King Of Mafias



Logan Yuri onced begged for money on the coast of the black sea and later bacame one of the richest and most feared man in Russia. The name Logan became a symbol of both fear and respect in Russia. He was respected by many people as he assassinated many criminals and was always generous to the poor.
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  It all began in Anapa, a town in krasnodar, Russia. 10 years ago Logan came on a trip to russia with his parents from America. Both his parents were killed by a thief.

  He was 15 years old. The thief robbed his parents and fled.

  He spent 2 nights in grief near the harbour down a big oak tree. He stared at the sea and cried most of the time. Passersby, mainly tourists gave him some food on looking at his condition. He starved the whole night and slept under a shop. He starved the whole night. His stomach was crying.

  He was the only begger nearby. The next day he made up his mind to beg for some money or look for a job. He was able to collect 2 rubles

russian currency

. He managed to buy a roll at the stall near the tree he spent most of his time.

  On the third day, an old man walked by. He was accompanied by 2 other man. The old man walked to him amd ask out of both curiosity and pity,

  "How did a young american ended up on the street in such a condition. Where are your parents."

  Logan told him what happened to his parents while her eyes filled with tears. He had no money and no family left as his parents were his only family.

  The old man proposed him to come and stay with him.

  The old man was a smuggler and might need extra hands. He was very good to Logan and treated him some decent food. Logan agreed to go with him. After all it was better than dying out of famine.

  He took Logan to his brotherhood by his car. They exchanged names on the way. The old man was called Kovar. He introduced him to the other members. He muttered "Logan my boy, this is my family. And once you agree to live here you become family."

  He pointed at the others and said "These are your brothers. From today you have to help them and they will have to help you. Rest for today and tommorow i will teach you the job." Logan quickly learned how to smuggle. Kovar asked the children to smuggle precious stones from one town to another while drugs and acohol were handled by the man. Violence quickly became part of Logans life. Many people of the brotherhood lost their lifes. Some went to jail while some were killed by rival smugglers. Kovar taught Logan to use a gun and he quickly became good enough to kill an enemy. His work was very appreciated by Kovar and he soon became his favourite.

  1 year later Kovar died a peaceful death on his bed. Before he died he passed the throne of the Brotherhood to Logan. This was the beginning of Logan Yuri's ascension.

  He started by visiting the place Kovar met him 5 years ago. He got attached to Kovar and his eyes were full of tears. Two man insisted on accompanying him as he was now the pakhan


of the gang. They had to protect him.

  He sat down at the bottom of the oak tree and look at the sea. This moment changed his life. It was when he decided to start smuggling Through the Black sea.

  He returned home and think about it. He asked one of his so called bodyguards to find him a map.

  The map showed big towns like