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Journey of a Lifetime: John Hurd and Mary

Journey of a Lifetime: John Hurd and Mary

Author:Joy L Kennedy-Hurd


John Hurd boards the ship, Griffin, in 1634 with his boss and mentor, William Hutchinson to the New England Colonies. He is 22 years old, single and had 4 more years of serving until he was free. He has no financial ties and decides to come with William to start a new life, find a girl to marry, start his own tailor shop, and live without religious persecution. He experiences a lot to get these goals and meets his match! Join them as they bravely embark on the journey of a lifetime.
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  This story is based on many months of research. It all started when I was studying my husband's genealogy. The character's names and some events are very true facts, but the story behind these facts and conversations are made up. There is a mystery with these two ancestors. All records have last name discrepancies, and location in England is not sure. There were many John Hurd's born in late 1611 and 1612. The death record states he is a specific age at time of death in 1691 in Boston, Massachusetts, so I know these are the right years. Same with Mary's age. Her age at time of death makes her born in December 1613 or 1614. Her death was 1700 in Boston. The marriage record does not give her maiden name either. This ancestor pronounced his last name Hord, and his will is signed as that, but all family used Hurd. After doing many weeks and months of research, I came to the conclusion that this ancestor's last name was spelled in any of these combinations: Hurd, Hurde, Hourde, Hord, Hoard, Howard, Heyward, Heiward, Hird, Herd, and Heard. Many church records have the last name spelled differently. It is so hard to find John's father's last name. Even location of birth is difficult. I decided to write a fictional version of this story. There is a coat of arms for this ancestor.

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  The coat is described as having a Raven proper holding onto a garb of wheat. The shield has a golden lion meaning courage, a crane, azure on bottom of shield and silver on top with 2 stars on it. Helmet based on wars in 1500’s. The two stars represent the sixth son.

  According to the Hurd Family History book, this is a "Hord" coat. After studying the shield, there is a clue with the stars. One star is a third son, so two would be the sixth. This was the basis of John's father taking up a trade.

  Well, I am excited to share this story.

  I do not know how long it will be, and I do not know how often I will update, but we will see.

  This story is written by me and based on months of research! Please do not steal my work. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this story. Get ready for a journey of a lifetime!