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Never Getting Enough of Her

Never Getting Enough of Her


After being cheated by her scumbag husband, Kimberley experienced a horrible night with a stranger. Then she was forced to get married under her sister’s name to save her family. Her second husband was rich and powerful Maddox Yardley, who was trapped in the wheelchair by his broken legs. They made a deal to be a fake couple, but they were attracted to each other gradually. Until Kimberly’s pregnancy changed everything. She got the baby on that night which was stamped indelibly on her memory. It was that stranger’s baby...None knew who he was. And an abortion might kill Kimberley. What would Kimberly do? Would she risk her life for the child of a stranger? Or leave the husband she loved?
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Kimberly Shell was lying alone on a bed in a dark room.

Tonight was the night of her wedding with the second young master of the Yardley family.

There was no wedding ceremony. A man in a wheelchair was waiting for her. He said coldly, "Please let her take a bath and send her to my bedroom. I want to conduct a virginity test on her."

Virginity test...

Kimberly was nothing to him. He was just taking advantage of her. She was object he now owned.

All of a sudden, the door opened and Kimberly's body stiffened. She grabbed the corner of the quilt tightly.

It was said that the second young master of the Yardley family had a bad temper. His mood swung frequently because of his impotence caused by crippled legs.

There was even a rumor that he had cursed five wives to death previously. Although a lot of greedy people wanted money from this wealthy family, nobody in the city dared to allow their daughters to marry him.

Nobody except the Shell family.

The Shell family needed money. Their company was on the verge of bankruptcy and Kimberly's father even borrowed money through usurious means. However, the company was still in bigger trouble now because of the high interest rate.

The people who lent them money were threatening them.

Kimberly's parents found a solution to this problem. They wanted to marry their daughter to the second young master of the Yardley family. However, they did not want Kimberly's sister, who was still a virgin, to marry the second young master. Therefore, they decided to let Kimberly, who had been married before, marry him instead.

Kimberly could not take her father's pleading. In any case, her parents had spent the past 20 years raising her. Therefore, she agreed to marry the second young master of the Yardley family.

The screeching sound resulting from friction between the wheelchair and the floor was loud. Kimberly was so frightened that she held her breath.

She could see a shadow close to her in the darkness...

All of a sudden, the quilt was lifted up and someone touched her. The skin on the hand was rough and cold.

"Ah!" Kimberly couldn't help but scream.

The man sneered and said coldly, "Are you afraid?"

He did not stop touching her and moved his hand down gradually from her cheek to her neck. Then, he touched her collarbone and continued the downwards motion of his hand. Eventually, his fingers glided over her breasts.

Kimberly was holding the quilt tightly. She was trying so hard to suppress the urge to escape.

He did not stop moving when his hand reached her lower abdomen. He continued to move downwards...

"Please stop!" Kimberly shouted. She couldn't help but grab his hand just as he was about to touch her private parts.

It was said that men with dysfunctions might have some kind of propensity for violence!

Thinking of this, Kimberly's body trembled with fear. She stammered, "Young Master Yardley, can you please not do this to me? I..."

"No way," he said.

Kimberly's body stiffened. The second young master could tell that her hands were trembling because he was holding her hands.

"Haha! Why are you pretending to be a virgin?" he said sarcastically.

Upon hearing this, Kimberly, who was lying on the bed, was shocked. Did he...

The lights flicked on within the next second and Kimberly immediately closed her eyes.

Second young master retracted his hand. He looked at Kimberly and said, "Should I call you Erica... or Kimberly? My dear wife?"

His words sent a tingling sensation down Kimberly's spine. She opened her eyes and realized that he was staring at her coldly.