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Author:Hanifah Amirah


If you are looking for a serial book of this one, please check CAPTIVE OF THE COUNT. *************************************************************************************************** "What is your name?" He asked. "Nyx." "Nyx what?" "Nyx Evander." "Good." He hummed, "I am going to reject you." He said and I felt a stabbing pain in my chest. I wanted to beg him not to, to tell him that I will do anything for him not to reject me. "And you are going to accept my rejection and forget about me, we can never be together! I am an Alpha King, I do not need a mate like you." I cried more as his words rolled off his tongue, "Stop your crying, it is fucking irritating!" He said and I sobbed. "You are going to leave after the rejection and never set foot within my territory again, mutt!" He warned, "Is that clear?" I nodded at him and watched him do what I feared the most. "I, Lycus Dardanos." He began, "Alpha King of the werewolf community, the next in command after the wolf's council and the Alpha of Blackmoon pack reject you Nyx E..." He never got to finish his words as a blinding white light suddenly shone through the room followed with a harsh gush of wind that threw me back against the wall. ** Gambled away at a young age at a lost game by her father and was made to be a slave to the Alpha who rejected her and the pack. She was labeled cursed for being a silver wolf and her daughter an abomination. After enduring years of pain, rejection, and abuse, Nyx Evander finally goes rogue and decides to flee with her child only to end up in the territory of the Alpha King. Lycus Dardanos the Alpha King always wanted a mate but she wasn't what he was expecting when he first laid eyes on her. He wasn't expecting her to be what he hated most. What happens when these two meet and when Nyx discovers that her life is at stake for being a silver wolf and the mate to the Alpha King? And things become wild when her ex mate wants her back.
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Nyx's Pov

     I hissed as the silver laced whip came down against my back. I felt my skin slash open with a new wound as the whip came down again leaving an injury worse than the last.

"Should we do twenty one?" His laugh was sinister as always, "Or twenty one multiplied by two?" He brought the whip down again and this time I yelled in pain as I couldn't keep it in any longer. The tears I had been fighting to hold back rolled down my eyes and they stung harshly.

We are suppose to be mates! I bit back my words, why are you doing this? And I couldn't ask this either fearing for what would come next, we have a child together for goodness sake! I didn't have enough courage to say this too.

"I wonder what the moon goddess was thinking when she made us mates!" He gritted as he bent to where I was hunched over on the floor. He grabbed my head and made me face him, my own pained green eyes meeting his of grey that glinted with hate for me, "Weak mutt!" He spat.

"You should have just let me accept your rejection!" I said and instantly regretted as a harsh blow landed on my face.

"You dare talk back at your Alpha?!" His voice was filled with rage, "Seems you have forgotten what put you in this position in the first place." He reminded me, "And why would I have let you accept my rejection?" His question was somewhat rhetorical, "I want you to feel every pain anytime I have sex with another person."

"I am sorry." I muttered weakly as I remembered what had put me in this state. He had asked earlier this morning to prepare an omelette and I had refused stating that I wasn't his maid and he had gotten angry as usual and vowed to punish me.

So, here I was observing my punishment, I had never had it this bad and I wondered what the rest of the day had In store for me and what my life had in store for me.

"You know I would have been nicer if weren't some ugly, weak, cursed bitch!" He grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled by head back with so much force  I felt the strain in my scalp, "And that stupid wretched father of yours...you know why he gambled you away at such a young age?"

I kept mute as his horrid words cut through me like an actual knife.

"It's because you are nothing! A waste! Useless! A curse! You are worthless and I am hell bent on giving you so much pain to remind you how much of a letdown you are. You deserve only pain."

I whimpered at his words as more tears fell from my eyes.

"And that stupid child of yours..."

She's our child, I so badly wanted to tell him, why are you this cruel?

"She's a waste just like you! Cursed and useless!" He said, "And you even have the guts to say that she's mine?" His grip on my hair tightened, "How do I know the little bitch is mine? Every unmated male has been between those useless legs of yours! Whore!"

I cringed at his words, same words I heard ever since I birthed her.

"She's yours and you know it!" I spat at him, "I am no whore!"

His grip left my hair and travelled to my neck squeezing hard restricting my airflow, my eyes bulged as I struggled to breathe.

"You can use that mouth of yours right?" He growled at me and I felt claws coming out piercing my skin as the grip tightened.

His wolf was out and I felt raw fear wash over me.

"I will show you how to use that fucking mouth!" He stood up releasing his hold and I slumped to the floor gasping for air. I wasn't even given a moment to catch my breath. He bent swiftly, picked me up harshly and with long strides he reached the bed.

He threw me on it with a growl and I howled in pain as my head met with the head board, tears clouded my vision.

I looked up at him and his shirt was gone, his hands laid on his belt unbuckling it and he had his usual signature smirk on his face anytime he wanted to take advantage of me.

I closed my eyes as his last piece of clothing came off and soon I felt his weight on me and I laid there stilling in silence as I bore it all with tears flowing down my cheeks.


                  I woke up to a soft hand caressing my cheek, opening my eyes I saw Amara in front of me, her green eyes looked sad as she peered down at me. She was holding her teddy 'fluffy' and her dress was stained with mud, her face was dirty too.

"Mummy..." She called, "Blood." I knew she was talking about my wounds as I saw tears glistening in her eyes too.

I tried to sit up and was rewarded with pain as I did so.

"Where am I?" I groaned trying to decipher my surroundings as I  looked around only to discover that was in the alley as expected. He always ordered warriors to drop me here when he was done as I always passed out.

"Sorry mummy." She sniffed as she dropped fluffy and flung her arms around me not minding that the blood on me would mess up her hand and clothes.

I drew her closer and hugged her back holding tight to my daughter, the only reason for me still being alive and fighting. I had to be alive to take care of her and give her a better life.

"Have you eaten baby?" I asked her.

"No." She shook her head and looked up at me, "I was waiting for you..."

"Okay." I gently pushed her off me and stood up. I picked her up once I was on my feet and made my way back into the pack house.





I tried not to pay attention to the words I got used to over time as I passed by the members of the pack making way to my room or should I say cubicle. Each time I heard those words I was pained, hearing them over and over again pushed me to tears but I couldn't retaliate or defend myself as I would get punished.

"Look at her..." I heard one of the ladies sneer, "Imagine she was our luna." Her wicked laugh followed, "I bet she's even fake mates with the Alpha, she's such a slut, no wonder she got rejected."

Others joined her in mocking and laughing at me but I  paid no attention to them, still hugging Amara close and trying to shield her ears from hearing such derogatory words but I knew it wouldn't work, she could hear them and often times try to ask me what they meant.

You are not what they say you are, you are not a slut neither a whore, you don't deserve this, you don't deserve the pain, I tried convincing myself so as not to believe their words as I walked into the kitchen with their voices fading away.

It was empty and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

I walked to the fridge and took out some fruits with meat.

Amara loved meat a lot, would have said it was because she was a werewolf but she had a very large appetite for meat which was strange for her age.

I finished from the kitchen and walked away quickly before someone would find me out.

I followed the stairs leading downwards towards the basement of the pack house which was where I stayed. I got to it quickly and closed the door behind me as I got in before dropping Amara and the food I had in my hand.

                    It was dark down here, really dark. This place also served as a temporary store room where things that weren't needed were kept. In the corner of the basement was where I called home.

A thin mattress was near the wall with a light blanket thrown over it. I had a worn out sack next to the bed which carried most of Amara and I's clothes and other petty belongings.

I took my child's hand and led her to the bed, sat her on it and laid the food out before her. She immediately reached for the meat on the plate and I giggled as she lifted it to her mouth and began gobbling it down.

I sat joining her on the bed, picked up some grapes to eat and leaned against the wall, I hissed in pain as my back came in contact with the wall as my wounds were still raw and fresh.

Let me heal you! Hera my wolf growled, stop being fucking stubborn.

No! I said to her, if you heal me now, he will find out and get really angry, you know how he forbade us from healing, besides, you aren't even strong enough due to the wolfsbane and silver.

We need to get out of here Nyx! She said, we need to get out of here before he kills us or hurts our pup.

I looked at Amara at her statement and felt anger surge within me at the thought of him harming her.

You know we can't run. He will find us and hurt dad, you know it. Besides are we going to be rogues all our lives if we run, what will happen? We are omegas, we can't survive out there and Amara can't survive out there and I can't just leave dad here.

Nyx! Hera growled, I could tell she was really angry, this man put us in this situation in the first place, gambling us off to the  Alpha and not even caring till now, he's cruel to us and yet you bother what's happening with him.

She was right, my dad hadn't been an angel but even though he always saw me as a curse and an abomination because I was a silver wolf and never cared what happened to me, I still cared for him despite his cruelty.

We can't run away Hera, I said to her, what if worse happens to us out there?

And what if good happens to us? She countered me, we can never know if we don't try.

You have to rest Hera, we got a long day tomorrow, I said and cut off the connection.

I looked at Amara to see that she had fallen asleep with fluffy tightly clutched to one hand and a half eaten grape fruit held in the other.

I smiled at her and laid next to her myself with the hope that sleep will embrace me soon.