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Mysterious Hubby's Unrestrained Love

Mysterious Hubby's Unrestrained Love


Natalie Wright waited anxiously at the cafe for her fiance, whom she had never met in person. Suddenly, a man in a wheelchair slowly made his way towards her. It was Brantley Wood, her fiance. Natalie had no choice but to marry him to get her mother's illness treated. According to their agreement, Brantley would provide the money necessary for her mother's treatment. Natalie was incredibly grateful and vowed to take care of her disabled husband for the rest of their lives. However, something seemed off - he didn't appear to be disabled at all! "You tricked me into marrying you?" Natalie accused him. "It was just a harmless lie, honey," Brantley replied. "Let's ignore it and focus on having a baby first!"
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In Joy Cafe, Natalie Wright sat by the window and looked at the branches outside the window to ease her anxiety.

She was waiting for her fiance, whom she had never met.

Her mother was in the late stages of cancer, and had urged her to fulfill the engagement arranged by her grandfather. In light of her mother's illness, Natalie felt she had no choice but to obey, no matter what the cost was.

"Ding..." As the doorbell rang, a man in a wheelchair appeared and then turned his head in her direction.

When their eyes met, Natalie shivered. The man's eyes were as sharp as an eagle and he had a powerful aura. Natalie immediately knew that he was the man she was waiting for.

Brantley Wood, the second son of the Wood family, was a legendary man in the business world of Canhay.

At 28, he took over Woodmill Enterprise when it was in crisis. In just three years, he successfully brought the company back to the top. His cruel and powerful methods took the city by surprise.

Sure enough, the man's wheelchair slowly came in her direction, and Natalie got up.

The man was dressed in a blue suit. He was fit and elegant. Even if he was sitting in a wheelchair, his noble brilliance and his every move made him feel unapproachable.

The man quickly approached her and said, "Hello, I'm Brantley Wood."

His voice was pleasant to listen to, and it sounded low and clear. Well, to put it simply, it was music to her ears.

Natalie smiled and said, "Hello, I'm Natalie Wright."

Brantley nodded and said, "Take a seat."

Natalie sat down, and from such a close distance, she could see that Brantley had good facial features. His smile was so handsome.

In Brantley's eyes, the woman in front of him was undoubtedly someone he was satisfied with.

Her black long hair hung around her ears, and her eyes were bright and clear. She looked gentle.

This was nice, as it meant that he did not need to put too much effort.

"If I marry you, my mother needs some money to treat her illness."

Natalie pursed her lips. Her conditions made it clear that they were not on equal levels at the beginning of their relationship. She did not want to mention this, but she had no choice.

"You don't have to worry about the cost," Brantley said simply.


Natalie was relieved and took out the household register from her carry-on bag. "I brought it with me. Let's go register for marriage now."

Hearing this, Brantley's heart skipped a beat. He looked at Natalie with a faint expression and said, "The wedding..."

"We don't need a wedding!" Natalie said, "And we don't need to publicize it as well."

Brantley frowned slightly as his slender fingers tapped on the table. "Then, what do you want?"

"I don't want anything. I just need to make sure we get engaged as soon as possible. Well, it's better to be now."

Her mother's condition was very serious. The attending doctor had made it very clear that her mother could leave any time. She could wait, but her mother could not.

Brantley looked at her for a moment. "Have you seriously decided?"

Natalie nodded. "Of course."

Brantley appeared to be satisfied with her response. "There's one thing I want to clarify first. In our marriage, there's only the possibility of being widowed, but no divorce," he stated firmly.

Natalie was stunned, as she had never considered this before. All she wanted was to obtain a marriage certificate to put her mother's mind at ease.

However, Brantley's words made perfect sense. With his status, a divorce could trigger a chain reaction, such as a stock market crash.

"Okay," Natalie replied solemnly, nodding her head in agreement.


An hour later, while they were driving back home, Natalie held the marriage certificate in her hand and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, she had an explanation for her mother.

Suddenly, the driver cursed and made a sharp turn, causing Natalie, who hadn't fastened her seatbelt properly, to lurch towards Brantley.

"Ah!" she exclaimed, but her cry was abruptly cut off as Brantley quickly caught her by the waist.

When she looked up, she saw a handsome face with no expression.

His sharp and intense gaze made her heart race.

Realizing that Natalie had not regained her balance, Brantley asked in a cold voice, "Have you seen enough?"