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Magic Doctor's Happy Life

Magic Doctor's Happy Life


He was the most powerful medical immortal, and he was in a mixed city, so he had a good reputation. He was the strongest man, Hua Du Xiaoyao, and Fang Fang was about to attack him. He was Fang Chuan. He just wanted to be a quiet and beautiful man, but the beautiful woman came and went one after another. He said that it was really difficult to stay calm.
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  Chishui County, Yi Province.

  Fang Chuan rubbed his head and slowly walked out of the clinic with a face full of disbelief.

  He was reborn.

  He was a peerless Immortal Venerable and was a first-class expert in the Immortal Realm. He was killed by his best friend and his best friend when he was exploring the mysterious historical sites in the Immortal Realm.

  He was full of anger and reborn on the earth. He was a little farmer working in the county.

  He felt that he was the little farmer Fang Chuan, but he only got the memory of the immortal Venerable, who was also called Fang Chuan.

  This strange feeling didn't last long, and Fang Chuan was no longer confused.

  Because this was the combination of the two souls! He was an Immortal Venerable and a little farmer, Fang Chuan, who was destined to be awesome!

  "I will work hard to cultivate. From now on, I will be the hero of those novels, and I will climb to the peak of my life!"

  "I want to tread on the rich second generation and focus on the rich and rich! Let the people who used to look down on me tremble in my shadow!"

  "I want to be a legend!"

  The difficulty and confusion in the past had all disappeared at this moment. He saw his extraordinary future and life!

  "Go to hell with your mediocrity!"

  "What the hell are you rolling your eyes at?"

  "F*ck you!"

  There was a flash of firmness in Fang Chuan's eyes. He felt refreshed as if he had been reborn.


  He looked back at the small clinic and then took out his trouser pocket. There were two crumpled ten yuan, a bank card with only a double balance, and the key to the countryside door.

  "This world is too much of a trap for my father."

  Although he was generous, he still had to face reality... He was very poor now!

  His parents died in a car accident in the early years. He could only drop out of school in high school and work in the county. Originally, he had a deposit of nearly 10,000 yuan.

  However, some time ago, because someone was robbed, he did what was righteous and helped others to take back the bag, but he was stabbed by the gangster.

  Originally, he didn't complain when he saw that justice was for injury. What made him depressed was that the man who was kidnapped ran away when he saw that he was seriously injured.

  Later, a kind-hearted person sent him to a nearby hospital. Fang Chuan paid the medical fee himself, but then he couldn't afford it, so he transferred to this small clinic.

  And the thing that Immortals respected life happened the night before yesterday, that was, his illness suddenly turned urgent, and his body temperature reached close to 50 degrees.

  In a daze, the Immortal Venerable was reborn on him, merged with his dying soul, and miraculously recovered the next day.

  Until today, when the doctor noticed that he was fine, he let him go.

  "However, it's normal. Many people are like this. Next time when they see what's right and what's wrong, they have to think it over."

  Fang Chuan smiled calmly and thought, "Fortune and misfortune depend on each other. If I hadn't been stabbed this time, I wouldn't have fused with the soul of the Immortal Venerable when I was dying."

  "From now on, my fate will be in my own hands!"

  Fang Chuan clenched his fists, and the trajectory of his life had changed.

  Coo, coo...

  At this time, his stomach was growling with hunger. He looked at the sky and it was almost night. If he were to hurry up, he could catch up with the last bus to go home.

  There were still 20 in his pocket. He looked at a small stall with a hand in the distance. Smelling the scent of the bread, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and hurried over.

  "Two flatbread. I don't need anything." Fang Chuan walked over and checked the price. It cost him three yuan for each flatbread.

  Looking at the ham, chicken, and willows, he also wanted to eat them, but he didn't have any money in his pocket. It would be good if he had pancakes.


  The owner could also see the embarrassment of this Fang Chuan. Otherwise, ordinary people would not only sell two pancakes. They quickly grabbed the pancakes and roasted them. Then, they added one ham sausage and one egg to each of the pancakes.

  "Hey, boss, I said that I don't need anything. I don't have money." Fang Chuan was a little anxious and couldn't stop him even if he wanted to.

  "Young man, I think you're so thin. Eat more and I'll only charge you for your flatbread."

  The owner said as he put the two fragrant pancakes into the paper bag. Then he put them in his pocket and handed them to Fang Chuan.

  "Egg eggs and ham are for you. Everyone has their own difficulties. In the world, it's you who help me. I'll help you."

  "Thank you!"

  When Fang Chuan heard this, he couldn't help but be stunned for a while. Then he nodded and took the cake handed over by the boss. He looked at the boss seriously and thanked him again, then he went to the bus station.

  Along the way, after eating these two hand cakes, he suddenly felt that although he had been tricked by others, there was still love in the world.

  After taking the last bus, Fang Chuan took the few yuan left in addition to the driver's fee and went back to the village. After walking for a few miles, he finally returned to the village.

  At this moment, it was already sunset on the west hill, and there was a red glow floating on the top of the mountain. Fang Chuan saw such a beautiful scenery at the entrance of the village and could not help being drunk.

  He had stayed in the county for one or two years. Such scenery was almost invisible.

  "The scenery is good, but the condition in the village is still too bad. Now that I have the memory of the Immortal Venerable, I have to settle down and make a living first."

  Fang Chuan looked at the top of the mountain over there, as if he had seen his parents who had passed away. His eyes glistened with tears. He reached out to wipe his tears and then returned to his old house.

  "Hey, Fang Chuan, are you back?"

  The daughter-in-law of the Liu family, who lived next door, was more than one and a half meters tall, with a meat weighing one hundred and fifty kilos, plus her sharp and mean face, which was very funny.

  She was a well-known person in the village. When she saw anyone, she wanted to say something. This Fang Chuan was the richest and the most powerless person in the village. Every time she saw Fang Chuan, she would not let him go.

  She didn't wait for Fang Chuan's reply and said in a strange tone, "There are no father, mother, or wife at home. Why did you come back? If you don't work as a security guard outside, have you been fired because of your laziness?"

  "It's none of your business!" Fang Chuan was in a good mood and let this woman destroy him. He snorted and turned around to walk into his own house.

  When they walked to the door, they found that there was a chicken bang around the courtyard of their own house, which was full of the smell of shit.

  Needless to say, she knew that it was this woman from the Liu family who did this.

  He didn't say anything, knowing that it was useless to talk more to this woman. He stepped forward a few times and kicked the fence chicken ring into pieces. He shouted, "Who is he... Mom is so disrespectful, running to someone else's house to raise chickens. Whoever comes again, I'll crush the chicken to death!"

  "Fang Chuan, you little bastard, what are you doing?"

  When the woman in the Liu family heard the noise here, she ran over with her family's big wolf dogs. Looking at the running chicken, she was so angry that her fat face was trembling.

  This b*stard who had no parents dared to kick the chicken of her family? Who didn't know that her boss was the boss and her second son was a famous university student?

  She was the only one who could bully Fang Chuan. How could she let Fang Chuan bully her?

  She put her hands on her hips, pointed at Fang Chuan, and shouted, "Fang Chuan, you have a mother. You have no mother to raise. Bring the chicken back and apologize to me!"

  Her loud voice immediately attracted the neighbors around. Seeing this scene, they all felt cold sweat on Fang Chuan's forehead.

  The neighbors knew that this woman could do anything. Last time, just for a little bit, she put the dog on the ground and bit Old Wang's leg, causing a big chunk of meat to fall.

  Later, the old woman took advantage of her family's wealth to settle this matter. Old Wang could only swallow his anger.

  This time, Fang Chuan had to admit his defeat or be in bad luck!

  That dog was really fierce!

  "Do you want to say it again?" Fang Chuan didn't like to be scolded by others, especially after his parents passed away. He suddenly looked back, and his eyes sparkled, and he took a step forward.

  "Woof, woof, woof..." The wolf-dog was really fierce. As soon as it saw Fang Chuan approaching, it pulled the dog chain and roared loudly, which made people feel a little pain in their ears.

  "So what if I told you?" With the help of the wolf-dog, the woman of the Liu family was not afraid of Fang Chuan. She held the dog chain in one hand and put her hands on her waist. "You're a bastard who has a mother and has no mother! You didn't bring the chicken back today, and you didn't apologize to me. I'll let the dog bite you to death!"

  "Ah Chuan, forget it!"

  "Chuan, apologize to her. That's it!"

  Everyone also watched Fang Chuan grow up and knew that this child was good-hearted and polite. They were afraid that he would be bitten by this evil dog.

  If she bit him, she would not be able to get her daughter-in-law back.

  "You're courting death!" Fang Chuan's eyes flashed with a trace of anger. As a dignified Immortal Venerable, although he had no cultivation during his rebirth, how could he be scolded like this by a shrew?

  He took a step forward and was about to slap the woman from the Liu family.

  "How dare you!" The woman from the Liu family was not afraid at all. She loosened the dog chain and shouted, "Wangcai, bite him to death!"

  "Roar, Roar, Roar..."

  The wolf-dog, which had loosened its chain, was so fierce that it roared and rushed to Fang Chuan.

  Everyone was frightened when they saw this. Some even closed their eyes and did not dare to see this bloody scene.


  Fang Chuan was not afraid at all, and an immortal's momentum gushed out. The fierce wolf-dog was so scared that it wailed and trembled all over. Then it turned around and ran away madly.

  The imposing manner of this Immortal Venerable was not something that the wolf-dog could bear. It turned around and knocked the woman of the Liu family to the ground.

  The dog chain happened to grab the ankle of the woman from the Liu family. No matter how the woman screamed, the wolf-dog did not stop.

  The wolf-dog pulled up its shit all the way and let the nanny of the Liu family rub it on its back. After dragging on the road for a long time, the dog chain on the woman's feet fell down.

  Looking at her appearance, she was both sh*t and blood, which was totally different from her shiny appearance just now.

  "God damn it..." The old woman of the Liu family was so mad that she cried, made noise, and rolled on the ground, which made everyone laugh.

  "Oh, what are you doing?" Old Liu, who was next door, heard the noise and rushed over. When he saw this scene, he was angry and distressed.

  He glanced at Fang Chuan in the distance and was also burning with anger. However, he didn't want to be full of Fang Chuan alone. The whole family was not hungry, so he had a lot of trouble.

  He quickly pulled her daughter-in-law and said, "What are you doing to provoke this little bastard? Get up quickly, don't make a fool of yourself here!"

  "Liu Dazheng, you are such a coward. He bullied your wife so much. Why don't you chop him? Why are you angry with me?" The woman of the Liu family refused to let him go.

  Hearing that, Lao Liu looked back at Fang Chuan and saw Fang Chuan's murderous look. He was scared out of his wits. He, who was timid, didn't dare to compete with Fang Chuan.

  "Let's talk about it in the future. Let's go back!" Old Liu pulled his wife and went home.

  From a distance, she could still hear the cursing of the woman from the Liu family.

  Seeing this matter was over, everyone felt surprised. That fierce dog was still afraid of Fang Chuan. Was Fang Chuan a celestial being?

  "It's time to learn some skills. Otherwise, everyone can bully me. How can I have a foothold in this society?"

  Fang Chuan ignored the strange neighbors and shook his head. Then, he went back to his room and sat cross-legged, practicing the Qi-refining Method of the Immortal Venerable.