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Come On, My Rich Daddy

Come On, My Rich Daddy


In order to take away her father's shares, her husband and her best friend worked together to set up an affair. A divorce was thrown on her face, and she was forced to go out of the house. Four years later, she came back with a treasure, and her baby son put her hands on her waist. "Mommy, I heard that recognized father is popular now. Wait for me, I'll take one to support you!" A few days later, her son brought back a super handsome guy who looked exactly like him. "Mommy, don't worry. I've checked. I've found out who's the son who's first on the list of rich families. He' Who' He' Who's disappointed in
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  He felt uncomfortable as if he was being roasted on the fire.

  Cheng Lyuyue's eyes were groggy, and her eyes were blurred and she grabbed a person's arm.

  She wanted to ask for help, but there was a strong masculine smell coming from her nose. It was overwhelming, and her slightly open lips were blocked by force.

  She instinctively wanted to resist, but the man did not give her any chance. He drove straight in, opened her mouth, and swallowed everything she had.

  It was obvious that she felt repelled and resisted this strange man's kiss...

  However, why was she excited?

  The next second, there was a pain like a crack under his body...

  A strong pain seized her...


  Early morning.

  The golden sunlight penetrated through the royal-style curtains, illuminating all the ornaments in the luxurious room...

  On the white carpet, messy clothes were thrown on it. In the air, there was a hint of lasciviousness after love.

  On the bed, the girl's slender figure was partly hidden and partly visible under the Golden-rimmed quilt.

  She had a small oval face. Her facial features were delicate and beautiful. Her skin was as tender as snow. At the shoulder blade that was covered by her black hair, one could vaguely see the red marks left by his rudeness.

  It was as if a cherry blossom was blooming all over her body.

  In her deep sleep, she suddenly heard the sound of the door being slammed open. Although she did not want to open her eyes, she still forced herself to wake up.

  She opened her eyes.

  She saw her husband Lu Junxuan's ferocious face and the shocked expression of her mother-in-law and aunt outside the magnificent door.

  "Junxuan..." Cheng Lyuyue wiped her eyes. When she fell on the bed sheet, the quilt, the floor, the whole room, and the decoration of the room, her brain went blank for a moment.

  This was not her room, where was it?

  "Junxuan... Where is this place?" She asked the man with a gloomy face at the door.

  Lu Junxuan sneered, and his handsome face was full of gloominess. He asked, "How dare you ask me where I am? Tell me, which bastard did you spend the night with last night here!"

  "She's a adulterer?"

  Cheng Lanyue narrowed her eyes and carefully recalled what had happened last night, but she couldn't remember anything. The last memory was that she drank some wine with Jun Yao in the cafe.

  At this time, she saw her sister-in-law, Lu Qingya, and her mother-in-law, Chen Xia, came in from behind Lu Junxuan. She said to her daughter next to her, "Qingya, take a good picture of your sister-in-law and your husband lying on the bed."

  "To sleep with another man?" Cheng Lyuyue's brain exploded.

  "I... I didn't..." Cheng Liting shook his head and tried to explain.

  At this time, her mother-in-law, Chen Xia, came to the first bed and pulled her long hair up. She was so painful that she put her neck up, revealing her chest and neck covered by her long hair. There were more than a dozen glaring kiss marks, which were shocking.

  "Yes, it's all clear," Chen Xia said to her daughter.

  Lu Qingya patted her head with great interest while sneering, "Sister-in-law, you had a good time last night!"

  Cheng Lanyue lowered her head in pain. Looking at the marks on her chest, some shameful images appeared in her mind. She thought it was a dream...

  Obviously not.

  She looked at Lu Junxuan's handsome face in panic, only to find that his face was cold and scary, and his eyes were staring at her coldly and sharply, as if he was staring at a piece of garbage. "Very good, Cheng Litingyue. You dare to cheat in half a year after you got married. I don't care who you were with last night... Get ready for a divorce!"

  After saying this, he took a look at the door again and strode away.

  Cheng Lyuyue's face suddenly turned pale and colorless.


  "No, Junxuan, listen to me... It's not like that..." Cheng Liting was naked. She held the quilt tightly and covered her body, trying to chase him out.

  Her body was pushed to the bed by a force. It was her mother-in-law, Chen Xia. She looked at her in shock and said, "Mom..."

  "You don't have the right to call me mom, you shameless fox. How dare you steal a man behind my son's back? It's a shame for our family. Let me tell you, my Lu Family absolutely can't tolerate a woman as beautiful as you."