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Counterattack From The Drunby King

Counterattack From The Drunby King


Three hundred years ago, Zhuo Bufan was plotted against and thrown into the sea. Fortunately, Master Hehe, the Immortal Venerable, passed by the earth, took him away on the earth to practice Tao Cultivation on the planet, and swept away the whole world! Three hundred years later, Zhuo Bufan failed in the catastrophe, returned to the young age of the city with a domineering posture, fought for the mountains and rivers, and made up for his regret... Facing his wife who was as cold as ice, his mother who had been humiliated in the family, and the provocation of the brave Marquis, he vowed to this life that he would to he would let the world surrender to his feet!
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  At night, a white Audi A6 sped on a road in the Jin Zhou District.

  In the car, Yezi held the steering wheel tightly with her slender and white fingers. Her face was cold and indifferent, and her water-like eyes were full of complicated emotions. She glanced at the man sitting behind her through the rearview mirror.

  It was her husband, Zhuo Bufan. She had just sworn to the police station that she had caught this man who was sallow.

  At this moment, Zhuo Bufan's calm expression was like a raging wave rolling in his heart, making it difficult for him to calm down!

  This was the earth 300 years ago, and he had returned to his youth's era!

  When I was framed and thrown into the deep sea, I was lucky to meet my master, He Yangjun, who passed by the earth and saved my life. He took me away from the earth and passed through the void to cultivate. I broke through the ordeal period in just three hundred years. I didn't expect to be betrayed by my most trusted brother and Hongyan. At the last moment, I blew up my primordial spirit and wanted to die with them. I didn't expect to be reborn back to the teenager age.

  "Wolves-tooth Troop, troubled Water Fairy, I see you guys as my most trusted people. I didn't expect you guys to betray me in the end. I'll definitely come back for revenge." Zhuo Bufan clenched his fists and his eyes were filled with rage. He couldn't even feel the pain of his nails piercing into his palm, but he calmed down again the next moment.

  Now he returned to the youth's era. His wife, Ye Qin, was driving in front of him. She was the president of Tianmei's cosmetic company in the Jin Province. She was also a famous beauty in the Jin Province, but she just married him, a wimpy man.

  Having not seen each other for three hundred years, Zhuo Bufan could not help but sigh in his heart. After all, he had betrayed someone else in the past.

  Zhuo Bufan's mother was the maidservant of the Master of the Zhuo family in Qing Prefecture. She gave birth to him because of the Master's drunkenness and turmoil.

  "The Zhuo family, the Zhuo family, when they drove my mother and me out of Qing Prefecture, my mother raised me up with Xin Ru. It was because of your eldest son's accidental death in the army that you asked me to go home and marry Yezi. Others laughed at me and thought that I was just a son-in-law."

  "I became the laughing stock of everyone, which made me drink wine to ease my worries every day. In the midst of the bad day, I was still addicted to poison. In the end, I was thrown into the sea for no reason, causing my mother to think that I was dead, and in the end, I suffered depression and let go of my life."

  "In this life, I, Zhuo Bufan, will definitely live up to my family! When I am reborn, I will stand at the peak of the cultivators, and the emperor will come to the earth!"

  A ray of bright light appeared in Zhuo Bufan's soulless eyes as he squeezed out all the water in his memories that had been used to be like a sponge.

  Then he looked at the woman who was driving the car. Although Zhuo Bufan and Ye Qin were husband and wife, they didn't say a word after getting married for three months. Later, he was killed by others. He didn't know whether Yezi would remarry or not.

  "Ziqin, I'm sorry."

  "Hmm?" Yezi frowned. Ever since she married Zhuo Bufan, she had never expected that her husband, who was only good at drinking and drinking, would say sorry to her today.

  She did not know that Zhuo Bufan's apology contained too many things and emotions.

  "Don't go to that kind of place in the future." Yezi sighed in her heart with a hint of pity in her tone. She had always been unwilling to have sex with Zhuo Bufan because she had agreed to the marriage under the pressure of her family.

  On the other hand, the corners of Zhuo Bufan's mouth were bitter. He had gone to a place like that where he could only use wine to ease his worries. He was not going to look for women at all.

  They didn't say a word along the way.

  Back at the door of the villa, Zhuo Bufan followed Yezi. Nothing had changed back then. Yezi was beautiful and owned a big company alone. She could be in the top 100 in the Jinzhou with tens of millions of assets. But in addition to the two of them, there was only one servant, Wang Mah, who was cold and cheerless in this house.

  Yezi was tall and slender, and her professional attire set off her voluptuous figure. She did not hold her waist tightly, and her cold and picturesque face was beautiful and charming. Zhuo Bufan only felt that he was not worthy of Yezi at that time, and he felt inferior for a long time.

  At this time, a man suddenly came from outside the villa. He was wearing a straight suit, a crew cut, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He was gentle and about 25 years old. "Mr. Ye, I heard that Mr. Zhuo had an accident. Is he all right now?"

  "It's all right." Yezi said. Then they walked to the door of the villa and talked.

  Zhuo Bufan was sitting on the sofa. This man was called Zhou Wei, the general manager of Tianmei's company. Yezi was accompanied by important officials. It was said that they had a kick on his head and a cuckold on him.

  However, Zhuo Bufan knew that Yezi didn't lie to men, but Zhou Wei seemed to have a crush on Yezi.

  "Mr. Ye, to be honest, Mr. Zhuo's behavior is not good for you and the company. He will only hurt you. It's better to divorce as soon as possible." Zhou Wei frowned and persuaded her.

  Yezi's face was as cold as frost. She frowned and said, "Manager Zhou, this is my private matter."

  Zhou Wei gritted his teeth and said, "President Ye, I'm doing this for your own good."

  Yezi sighed deeply in her heart and said, "You go back first." After that, Yezi went straight to the room upstairs.

  Zhou Wei did not give up. He glared at Zhuo Bufan and said, "Mr. Zhuo, can you talk for a while?"

  Zhuo Bufan frowned. "Manager Zhou, what do you want to talk about?"

  "You know yourself well. You used to be the young master of the Zhuo Family. It's her who made Mr. Ye meet you. But now you're just a young master of the Zhuo Family. If you want to make friends with her, you'd better get to know her as soon as possible and let her go," Zhou Wei said bluntly.

  Zhuo Bufan was a well-known loser in the circle of the whole Jin Province. Usually, even the employees of the company could shout at him. Naturally, Zhou Wei was not afraid of his "husband" identity as president.

  "This is my family's business. I don't bother you. Now I think I'm capable enough to make you happy!" Zhuo Bufan said calmly.

  After 300 years of cultivation experience, his Taoist Heart had long been as firm as a rock. Zhou Wei's provocation was like an ant's roar to him, which couldn't stimulate any ripples in his heart.

  Zhou Wei sneered and said, "I appreciate your grandiloquence for making Zi Qin happy, but time will prove everything. Who will Zi Qin fall in love with?"

  "Whether she loves me or not is her business, but after all, I've let her down. I'll give her what she wants." Zhuo Bufan sighed. As long as he returned to his peak status, it would not be a problem for him to increase his power by hundreds of billions of assets.

  "That's all. Take care of yourself." Zhou Wei gave him a cold look and turned to leave the villa.

  Zhuo Bufan turned his head, only to find Yezi standing on the stairs and looking at him. He couldn't help but smile.

  Yezi was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, she felt that Zhuo Bufan was different. His temperament had become a bit experienced and tough, and he had a strong sense of self-confidence.

  Perhaps, this was just an illusion. As the emperor's daughter, she was proud and arrogant. If it had not been for the great pressure of the Zhuo family, she would not have married Zhuo Bufan and been mocked by all her best friends, friends, friends, and relatives and friends.

  "Why don't you come to my room?" Yezi suddenly said.

  Zhuo Bufan was stunned for a moment. He remembered that he and Ye Qin were not in the same room after they got married. There was a kind of coldness and arrogance in the bones of an emperor's daughter like Ye Qin. How could she take a fancy to him?

  "Could it be that she has already figured it out?" Zhuo Bufan's heart skipped a beat as he followed Yezi into her room.