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My Wealthy Wife

My Wealthy Wife


Her life would be in complete chaos when the shrewy and charming young lady of the rich family met a bodyguard of a country turtle. And it would be hard to imagine how the coquettish country turtle would conquer the beautiful young lady. Was it a lie? Or a lie? Or a lie? Everything was so interesting that it would be like a new book!
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  "I don't want him... I can't let this guy be my bodyguard!"

  "Do you know what 'faction' means? Do you know what 'city view' means? I, Tang Xiaoran, am a noble young lady. How can I find such a savage to be my bodyguard? Do you know it's shameful?"

  Inside the luxuriously decorated villa of the Tang family, Tang Xiaoran, who was wearing a princess's fur coat and revealing two slender and snow-white legs, pointed at the young man in front of her, who was pulling the wind not far away.

  The teenager was about 20 years old.

  She was dressed up in a "tide" manner, so much so that it was hard for ordinary people to accept it.

  She wore a red split vest on her upper body, a pair of colorful big underpants on her lower body, and a pair of flip-flops on her big feet. If he hadn't said that she had come down from the countryside, Tang Xiaoran would definitely think that he was a savage who ran out of Shennongjia.

  His harmless face was average, but only his evil eyes kept glancing at Tang Xiaran's arrogant chest.

  "This girl is only 17 years old. How come she has such a big chest? Unbelievable, incredible." Yang Chen muttered to himself, admiring Tang Xiaran's beautiful chest.

  Tang Xiaoran was even angrier when she saw that the beast was actually aiming at her chest.

  "Uncle, look, look at this barbarian... he even looked at my chest... He is a hooligan, bastard. I can't let him be my bodyguard." Tang Xiaoran shouted angrily with her small cherry mouth.

  Next to him stood an old man with an embarrassed look. He was the old housekeeper of this villa. His name was Uncle Wang.

  At this moment, Uncle Wang looked at Miss Tang, and then turned to look at Yang Chen. He said with a bitter face, "Miss, this... this... this was arranged by Boss Tang himself! And he specifically reminded me that he is first-class."


  "A bodyguard like him is still a first-class bodyguard?"

  Suddenly, Yang Chen spoke.

  He showed his white teeth and glanced at Tang Xiaoran's chest. He smiled and said, "I'm really first-class."

  "Go to hell."

  "Let me ask you, where did you come from?" Tang Xiaoran stared at Yang Chen with her beautiful eyes.

  "Liao Cheng."

  "What the hell is Liao Cheng?"

  "It's a beautiful mountain with blooming flowers all year round. There's a mountain in front of it and water behind it. The air has reached the best place in the world."

  "Inside the mountain?"


  "Get lost!"

  Tang Xiaonuan could not bear it any longer. At this time, rich people no longer fought with cars and their fathers. They began to fight with their bodyguards. At least the students of the Star School had already had special bodyguards to escort them. What was their purpose? To save face!

  However, Tang Xiaoran had worked so hard to get her father to find a bodyguard. Originally, he wanted to find a handsome, tall and invincible bodyguard to hang out with, but in the end, he found a beast from such a big mountain? How could she stand it?

  "Uncle Wang, hurry up. Call my dad. I want him to get out of here! Speed!" Tang Xiaoran yelled.

  Uncle Wang stood there and said with a look of disbelief, "Miss, Boss Tang has personally ordered that he can't leave, and he will be your full-time bodyguard in the future."

  "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Is my father torturing me like this?"

  All of a sudden, Yang Chen opened his mouth again. With that annoying smile on his face, he said, "Little beauty, your father is not torturing you, he is torturing me!"

  "You, you, you..."

  "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, I can't stand it!" Tang Xiaoman felt that she was going crazy. She stamped on the floor desperately, as if the floor was just Yang Chen's face.

  Just as Tang Xiaoman felt that she was about to go crazy, the ring suddenly rang.

  Tang Xiaoran angrily took out her mobile 6S global limited-edition phone with golden shell, and then glanced at the caller with her beautiful eyes, only to see that the caller's notification was: Baby Su.

  Seeing her best friend's call, Tang Xiaoman glared at Yang Chen and then turned to pick up the phone.

  "Baby, miss me?" Tang Xiaran's sweet voice came out from her cherry mouth.

  A sexy and pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone.

  "Ran, where are you?"

  "I'm at home."

  "Oh, Li Feifei called and said that she wanted to hold a party and wanted us to go there."

  "Ah? It's that little bitch." Hearing that, Tang Xiaoran couldn't help saying.


  "Hum, this little bitch insulted me at school last time. I haven't had time to deal with her yet. How dare she invite me to the party?"

  "I heard that Li Feifei spent a lot of money to hire a handsome and tall bodyguard. She probably wants to show off in front of you!"

  Tang Xiaoran was furious when she heard the word "bodyguard". She could not help but sigh in her heart, "How dare that little bitch compare with me?"

  "By the way, Xiaoran, didn't you say that your father also spent a lot of money to hire a first-class bodyguard for you? You can take him out this time and let Li Feifei know what is a shame and what is a shame?"


  Hearing what she said on the other end of the phone, Tang Xiaoran's voice was as loud as a blademaster's.

  "What's wrong? Xiaoran? Didn't your father hire a bodyguard with you?"

  Tang Xiaoran was about to cry.

  "Please, please... but..."

  Before she finished her words, the man on the other side of the phone said, "That's good! I believe Uncle Tang's taste. The bodyguards he hired are definitely much better than the bodyguards Li Feifei's father hired! Xiaoran, take your bodyguard out and let Li Feifei, that little bitch, have a look. Let her know what the gap is."

  "I..." Tang Feifei's small mouth was open, and she wanted to say something, but she couldn't say anything for a long time.

  "Lil Ran, I'll wait for you at home. Hurry up and bring your bodyguards here. Let's go to humiliate Li Feifei together. bow!"

  "Hello, hello..." Tang Xiaoran was just about to tell her best friend about the situation, but the phone had already hung up. Holding the phone, Tang Xiaran was completely dumbfounded with her delicate oval face.

  What should he do?

  "Oh my God, can my bodyguard take me out to see someone? I'm going to lose face!"

  Once again, Tang Xiaoran turned to look at Yang Chen with a grim look on her pretty face.

  "You savage, come here."

  Yang Chen walked over joyfully and said with a smile, "What's wrong? First Miss?"

  "Let me ask you, what were you doing in the past? What have you done? Have you ever had any experience as a bodyguard?"

  Yang Chen rubbed his head with his hand and said awkwardly, "Can I not answer this question?"

  "No, I have to tell you."

  "Well, I'll tell you, I used to raise pigs in Liao City."

  " raises pigs?" Tang Xiaoran almost fainted when she heard that.

  Yang Chen said sincerely, "Yes, I can't help raising pigs. I also killed pigs. I know how to use a knife. In the village, I cut the pork for them every festival every year."

  "Go to hell!"

  "Oh my God, my father found me a bastard who only knows how to raise pigs as my bodyguard?" Tang Xiaoran looked up at the sky and said with a sad sigh.

  "Beauty, you are wrong."

  "What am I wrong?" Tang Xiaran's eyes were red as if she wanted to eat Yang Chen.

  "Not only do I know how to raise pigs, I also know how to kill pigs."