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Oh! My Gorgeous Wife

Oh! My Gorgeous Wife


"He is the fourth son of the Ling Family, who is extremely powerful and rich. He is also the abandoned son who has been exiled by the family since he was a child! She doesn't mind the world's laughing at him and has cooperated with him for no reason. After that, she found that her disabled husband is a wolf in sheep's clothing! A wheelchair, a pen, but he has reached the top of the powerful family. But he saw with his own eyes that he has swallowed his family. And he also swallowed her! Look at the divorce agreement left by his wife. The man sitting on the wheelchair finally stood up and said, You know that he is I am not loyal to her!" He dares not!" He said. He said, "She said that he said, "She said that he said that he said that he said that he was not only!" But he said that he hated the rich and powerful man. "He said that he said that he was not!" But he said that he said that he hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He said!" But he said that." He said that he said that. He said that he said that he said that he said that. He said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he hated her and hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He said that. He said that. He said that. He said that. He said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that he said that. He said that he said that he said that. He hated her because he said that he said that he said that he said that. He hated her and hated her. He said that he hated her. He said that he said that. He hated him said that he said that he hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her. He hated her so he said that he said that!"
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  A pair of arms with the remaining warmth tightly hooked around his neck.

  She withdrew her soft arms and kissed his lips without hesitation!

  She tried her best to open his mouth with her dexterous tongue, and a fresh breath of air fell into his mouth, with the girl's soft and sweet taste.

  The man followed his instinct and sucked her mouth back, trying his best to absorb everything from her mouth!

  He tightly held her delicate body with his arms and put her whole body into his arms to bind her tightly.

  The big hand pressed all the way along the graceful lines on her waist, and finally held in the direction of her chest.

  The powerful kiss, with the power to sweep everything, mercilessly seized the reason of the two people.

  After a long kiss, he tried hard to open his eyes.

  In the direction of the light, he would always remember her with only one glance.

  Remember her red lips after being kissed by him, and her sexy body touched by him.

  Half a year later...

  "Fourth Childe, I have figured it out. The little girl who saved you in Qing City half a year ago turned out to be the only daughter of the Mu family."

  Zhuo Xi sat in the co-pilot's seat, turned sideways, and handed a stack of documents and photos to the man sitting in the back seat.

  Not knowing that he interrupted the man's greedy memories, Zhuo Xi continued to report, "The Mu family has moved to City M for two years, but their hometown is in Qing City. At the end of the year, Miss Mu came back to her hometown and happened to meet you."

  The people sitting in the back seat didn't say anything.

  A pair of dark eyes stared at the little girl in the photo. They looked at the photos one by one, and then looked back one by one.

  The atmosphere was tense, and Zhuo Xi's forehead was a little sweaty. He stared at his big brother, Zhuo Ran, who was sitting in the driver's seat, as if he was asking for help.

  He carefully observed the expression of the man on the back seat through the rearview mirror, and then tentatively said, "Fourth Childe, last time you were framed by the two young masters and fell into the dam together. Miss Mu accidentally met you and saved you from the water. It was also because of emergency that the artificial respiration was made for you, which was definitely not mean to take advantage of you. Besides, it was really not easy for the little girl to get you out of the water. Can't you let her go?"

  Everyone knew that there were four childes in the richest family in River East. Each of them was handsome and outstanding. However, the Fourth Childe had a bad temper and was not close to others. Besides, he was a clean-minded person who was afraid of water and was the most difficult one to serve!

  Zhuo Ran and Zhuo Xi had been by the side of the Fourth Young Master since they were children. Naturally, they knew that the little girl had taken the Fourth Young Master's first kiss when she gave artificial respiration to the Fourth Young Master last time.

  In private, they were also speculating that the Fourth Young Master had insisted on finding her in the past six months in order to get even with her!

  "Fourth Childe, although the Mu family has only come to City M for a short time, their status is not low at present. Miss Mu is the only daughter of the Mu family. If you come to settle accounts with them, I am afraid..."

  At the end of his words, Zhuo Xi suddenly stopped.

  Just because the man in the back seat suddenly raised his chin, a pair of black eyes looked at him seriously and looked at him as if he was a monster. He said, "Who said that I'm going to get even with her?"

  Zhuozhuo was so shocked that he almost couldn't hold the steering wheel. Zhuo Xi also opened his mouth wide and couldn't believe it!

  When was the last time Fourth Childe spoke?

  "It's been so long, so long that I can't remember it clearly!"

  In the face of the surprise of his subordinates, Ling Lie slightly narrowed his eyes, and his bright eyes reflected a trace of danger. However, he was not afraid of Zhuo Xi and asked, "Then why did you come to her... to find her?"

  Ling Lie was in a good mood and bent the corner of his mouth. He closed the photo in his hand and put it away. He looked out of the window.

  The heavy rain poured down. Even in the summer afternoon, the sky was still dark and mist filled the air. Looking out through the dark window, the visibility was not high.

  "I don't know."

  Ling disinterested spat out another three words.

  The Zhuo brothers were shocked again.

  He suddenly moved his direction and stepped on the brake again!

  Following inertia, the three people in the car rushed forward with all their strength. They all buckled their seat belts and hit the leather seats in the driver's seat with their cold foreheads, but they didn't break through.

  "Fourth Childe!"

  After coming to his senses, Zhuo Xi's heart skipped a beat. While complaining about his brother, he unfastened his seat belt and went to the back to see what was going on. "Why are you driving the car? Don't slow down even if you know it's raining!"

  "I" Zhuo Ran's face turned pale with fright as he said, "Someone ran into it!"

  "This is a city-balling expressway. Who can run into it?"

  "There's really someone here. Why should I lie to you? I almost bumped into her!"

  "Fourth Childe, are you all right?"

  The two brothers tried to clean up the mess, but a tiny white figure suddenly came from behind Zhuo Xi and quickly slipped into the car!

  His posture was as agile as if he had performed hundreds of times in advance!

  Water dripped down her body, wetting the car seat and foot pad. She also crawled to Ling Lie's side and curled up. She said in a trembling voice, "Drive quickly! Hurry up!"

  She suddenly looked in the direction of the rearview mirror—

  The back seat was shivering with cold. She was wearing a long white dress, and her clothes and long black hair were soaked in the rain. Her clothes were sticking to her body. Her figure was very good, at least as a woman, she had the capital to be proud of. She kept dripping water, and half of her face was pale, so it was hard to see her expression clearly.

  However, the perfect side, the prominent nose, and the beautiful chin all indicated that she was indeed a little beauty.

  She had a small bag in her hand, which was held tightly in front of her chest by her nervous and alert.

  Judging from her voice and tone just now and her tender skin, she was a poor girl who was under 18 years old and looked quite pitiful.

  Such heavy rain.

  Such a high speed.

  He tried his best to stop the car.

  What a strange little girl!

  The corners of Zhuo Xi's mouth twitched. He opened the door of the car in order to check if the four of them were not injured, and it was not convenient for others.

  What's more, could Fourth Young Master's car be taken by cats and dogs as they wished?

  Before the Fourth Young Master got angry, Zhuo Xi frowned and grabbed the little girl's collar, ready to throw her out!

  This was the culprit who rushed out and almost caused them to have a car accident!

  "Don't! Sir, someone is chasing after me. Please, take me to the outside of the city!"

  As she spoke, she took out 100 tickets from her small backpack and handed them to Zhuo Xi. "We'll take a taxi around the city from the urban area. There are only over 100 tickets outside the city. I'll give you 1,000. What do you think?"

  Zhuo Xi was stunned.

  First of all, it was because of her weird path, and then because of her face, how could she look more familiar?

  Just as an answer was about to come out of his mouth, Zhuo Xi opened his mouth wide and looked at Ling Chilly. "Fourth Young Master, she, she Mu..."