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My Beautiful Chairwoman

My Beautiful Chairwoman


Ross Qin, a previous leader of the organization of a special force, was one of 7% men who had just survived from fierce battles ... After his retirement from the army, a new legendary life started. Dramatically, he had one night stand with a gorgeous lady, who turned out to be a president of a listed company and surprisingly became his boss later. From then on, all kinds of beauties started to break into his life, including a sweet nurse he met in the hospital, a sexy secretary in the company, and that hot policewoman met in a bar...He never thought his retirement life would be this colorful! What’s more, he was climbing the corporate ladder fast and had just been promoted as the president’s private secretary from a normal security guard. And everything was just too good to be true, until...
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In the old bedside cabinet, an old-fashioned mobile phone rang with text messages.

Ross Qin opened his eyes in a daze and reached out his hand to touch on his phone. After pressing at the hang-up button, the room immediately returned to silence.

It was already bright outside the window, just the room appeared much darker under the cover of the dirty curtains.


Throwing the phone aside, he took out a bag of low-quality cigarettes that cost three and a half dollars from under the pillow, pulled out one, lit it with a lighter, and inhaled deeply.


He sniffed hard a few times, and the air was filled with the light scent of perfume!

F*ck, cigarettes cost three, and a half can get the scent of perfume worth thousands of dollars? What the f*ck!" He could not help but laugh at himself.


A woman's murmur woke him up in an instant. He suddenly sat up and looked over.

"Wow, who is this?"

There was a long-haired girl lying on the side of the bed. Although he could not see her appearance because she was opposing him, her black hair and sexy back were enough to evoke a man's desire.

Perhaps she had heard his surprise, the girl turned over her body lazily and lay flat on the bed.

She had long eyelashes, an oval face, a small nose, and a small mouth. The corners of her mouth curled up to form a perfect arc, she was just like a sleeping angel.

Big, curvy breast and lean waist had formed a perfect proportion on her. She did not even have any fat on her flat lower abdomen, with long and straight legs...


Ross could feel two streams of heat flowing out from his nostrils.

Was this a dream?

He ruthlessly pinched his thigh, and the bone-chilling pain made him accept this sudden happiness. Shaking his head hard, Ross recalled the scene last night in a trance.

In the dim bar, there was the ambiguous light, the music was deafening in the carnival crowd and a drunk girl was pestering him...

"Hehe, she's so gorgeous!"

Ross's lips curled into a smile. He did not think that there would be such a gorgeous lady in a bar. He was simply too f*cking lucky.

With these thoughts in mind, Ross stretched out his hand to her.

"Ahh! Hooligan!"

When his big hand just touched the girl, before she could feel it, the girl suddenly opened her eyes.

When he saw a wretched middle-aged naked man with bleeding nose beside her, she was so terrified that she let out an ear-splitting scream.

At the same time, she subconsciously kicked at the position between his legs.

Omg! Sonless kick? Ross flipped over and got off the bed to dodge the kick, breaking out in a cold sweat.

Shh! Shh...

The sound insulation effect of this apartment was poor. The girl's voice was so loud that it could easily attract the police. Even if the neighbor heard it, it would have a bad effect on his positive image.

He hurriedly put his finger to his mouth and made a gesture of silence.

"Who are you? Why are you on my bed?" The girl grabbed the bedsheet and asked terrifyingly while covering her body.

"Dear sweetheart, this is my house. Please take note that you're on my bed." Ross looked at her half-naked, half-uncovered body and patiently explained.

D*mn it. How enjoyed was he last night? Why could he not remember it now?

"You beast, rogue, sex maniac..."

The girl felt a slight pain from somewhere in her body. She opened the bedsheets and saw there was something red mark on the bed. Her eyes were filled with tears.

It seemed that all the vicious words could not describe her inner anger. She continued, "What did you do to me?"

She asked upon the concrete fact of the answer, or in other words, wanted to hear a deny from Ross, even if it was self-deception and lying to others.

Was it easy to keep virginity for more than 20 years? In this empty and impetuous society, how much temptation does it need to resist?

But today, she was taken advantage of by a wretched man. It was easy to imagine how miserable she was.

"Hey, I also want to ask you, when I was drunk and lost consciousness last night, did you take the opportunity to..."

Ross pretended to have a face full of innocence as he asked.

F*ck, it was said that a man would not admit his fault after wearing his pants. But this lady did not even pick up her pants yet, how could he refuse to admit to hers?

"You're so shameless!" The girl was stunned. Her pretty face was flushed as she gritted her teeth and said.

"This... it's not my fault, it's just a misunderstanding!" Ross answered cheekily.


The girl was completely speechless. After a while, she recalled what had happened last night. With tears filling her eyes, she choked up and said, "Turn around. I need to wear clothes."

"Man on earth, good at birth. In fact, the human body was the same too. Everyone came to this world nakedly, no matter man or woman, hence we should face it calmly. It was when we had a dirty idea then just we human will put on..."

"Get lost! Turn around, don't allowed to look!" The girl once again burst into anger. She grabbed a pillow next to her and threw it at him.

I just accepted the fact that you had taken advantage of me, but please not saying nonsense again. It made me felt as if I had taken advantage of you.

Anyway, neither of them knew each other. After today, she would pretend that nothing had happened. She comforted herself silently in her heart.

The girl's name was Winnie Chen, she was the daughter of a chief executive officer from a listed company. She was a sophomore in the Management Degree of Harvard in the United States. However, as the company expanded, her father called her back to take charge of the branch company in East Coast City.

In her father's opinion, the experience of managing a company was more practical than education. Additionally, the market on the East Coast was very important. He did not want outsiders to get in his way so as not to take away the company's information and resources.

Winnie did not want to come back, and she also did not want to be a boss. However, she had nothing to do with it other than joining the branch office in East Coast City after done with her school suspension.

Everything was not smooth after she joined the company. Feeling lonely and depressed, she came out for a drink to relieve her sorrow. Then, this kind of thing happened.

Now it was too late for her to regret...

Wow! Her size was at least 36 C. Ross glanced at them from the corner of his eye and silently sighed in his heart.

Winnie was tidying up her clothes. Her pink-white T-shirt fitted with her white jeans outlined her body shape perfectly.

Then, she took a deep breath and glared fiercely at Ross. Grabbing the LV bags on the table, she quickly walked towards the door.

"Goodbye! Welcome to visit us next time!" Ross reluctantly waved his hand to bid farewell.

"I don't want to see you again in my life!"


Haiz! Why were all the girls nowadays so impolite? It was such a waste of this hard-earned fate, Ross shook his head with a bitter smile.

When he turned back and saw the red spots on the bedsheet, immediately, his eyes looked obscene.

"The great river flows to the east, the stars in the sky, the stars, and the Big Dipper! We'll leave as soon as we say so..."

It was even more difficult than getting a big prize to hook up with gorgeous ladies at the bar. He could not help lying in bed again and humming a tune.

He suddenly remembered the ringing of the text message just now, then straight reached his hand for the cell phone.

The black and white screen showed, "China XX bank's warm reminder: 10 million transferred to your bank card with the end digits of 8888..."