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Don't Stop Kissing Me

Don't Stop Kissing Me


He was the richest and powerful King, while she was a princess who fell to the dust and became a Cinderella. "Elop, my feet are sore." She cried. "I carry you!" He squatted down and patted his back. "Elop, I'm afraid of thunder." She cried. "I'm here!" He drove the car against the danger of being hit by thunder and came to her. She thought their love grew with time, but he had already fallen in love with her at first sight. Whenever she needed help, he would come to her at once. She thought she was a Cinderella, but someone came to her, spoiled her, and told her that she was his princess. After a separation of so many years, he finally found her. He silently helped her, pampered her, escorted her, and guaranteed her safety. This time, he would not lose her again.
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The Emperor's Light Club was resplendent and magnificent.

Michelle Gu walked quickly with the fruit pots in both hands. Suddenly, she heard someone calling her, "Michelle..."

Michelle turned her head and asked:"What's wrong?"


Michelle ran into an unknown object.

Suddenly, she was knocked down to the ground, and all the fruits on her hands dropped on the ground, "Ah..." She cried out in shock. Michelle turned her head and saw a very handsome man with an enchanting face.

He had a well-defined outline, a cold face, and fine features as if they were carved with jade. There was a strong aura between his thick eyebrows, and his sexy thin lips had a fatal temptation and charm.

He seemed to have exuded an emperor's aura, imposing and dignified!

Faced with the pair of deep eyes, Michelle felt they were as bright as the stars in the night. She seemed to have seen the eyes somewhere. Was it in her dream?

Michelle stared at the man with her big clear eyes, as if she couldn't see enough of him.

Elop Yi hated to be stared at like this by a woman, but at this time, he did not hate it at all. Such a face, such a scent, and such a pair of eyes made him feel like he had seen her before.

Elop narrowed his eyes and studied Michelle carefully. There was an unspeakable feeling in his heart...

"What's wrong with you... Get up quickly. You have bumped into the gentleman. Apologize to him! " At this time, the leaders hurried over and shouted.

Michelle Gu has recovered and got up quickly. She bowed to Elop Yi and said, "I'm sorry, I... I didn't mean to!"

When Michelle bent over, Elop saw a vague plum blossom birthmark on her chest below her collar. He narrowed his eyes and thought, Nancy?

Michelle also noticed that the man's eyes were fixed on her chest. She quickly got up, covered her chest, squatted down, and picked up the fruit. She thought, "such a Lothario!"

It had been 18 years, and Nancy had left the Voons for 18 years!

Nancy, who was only 2 years old, always stuck to Elop Yi and Harry Voon, brother of Nancy, but unexpectedly disappeared on a snowy night.

After searching for so many years, Nancy suddenly stood in front of Elop. Surprise came too fast and almost made him too late to react.

After picking up the fruits, the leader pulled up Michelle and said to Elop Yi: "I'm sorry..."

Then she quickly pulled Michelle away.

Only then did Elop Yi come back from his memory. When he wanted to catch up with Michelle, he was pulled by Harry Voon: "What's the matter?"

"I seem to have found Nancy!" Elop's eyes narrowed. Even though he said this calmly, he could not hide the excitement in his heart.

Harry Voon's cold eyes tightened. "Take me there!"

When she was young, Elop Yi would always be able to sense where Nancy was. As long as Nancy came close, he would be able to sense it. This was a very special feeling.

The the Yis had been in touch with the Voons for generations and they were the most powerful and wealthy families in the capital.

At the moment when Nancy Voon was born, Elop Yi's grandmother took a fancy to this girl at first sight. The grandmother gave a valuable piece of jade as betrothal gifts to Nancy's family, arranging a future wedding for Elop Yi and Nancy.

Unexpectedly, when Nancy Voon was more than a year old, she disappeared. Voon and the Yis had been looking for her secretly and never gave up.


"Yolanda... have you arranged everything? Today, I must ask brother Joshua to see how cheap that b*tch Michelle is!" Ruby Luo's eyebrows twisted tightly, and she was very angry.

Ruby was Michelle's deadly enemy because Joshhua, the brother that Ruby had a crush on, seemed to be interested in Michelle. Therefore, Ruby Luo was ready to teach Michelle a lesson.

"Don't worry! I've said it before... I will definitely help you. We are sisters!" With a faint smile on the corner of her mouth, Yolanda was extremely beautiful.

"Well, that's good!"Ruby Luosneered.

After hanging up the phone, Ruby Luo felt that someone behind her is staring coldly at her. It was extremely cold. She turned her head, but there was no one there. She felt creepy, so she quickly ran away.

"Michelle Gu is Nancy's current name. I just saw her work card on her chest!" Elop Yi said in a low and cold voice, with his eyes half-closed and a dangerous signal on his handsome face.

"Humph!"Harry Voon snorted and his face was extremely cold. "How dare they bully my sister?"

Elop Yi's deep eyes were filled with coldness as he said, "Let's go and watch the show!"


"Michelle, you go to the 8036 box. They ordered two bottles of red wine!" The squad leader said to Michelle Gu.

"Yes!" Michelle took the list and left with two bottles of good red wine.

Michelle carefully held the two bottles of red wine in her arms. This bottle cost tens of thousands of dollars, so she had to carefully protect them.

When she opened the door to the 8063 box, she frowned. It was not someone else, but her classmates, Ruby Luo, Yolanda Voon, the rich Voon's lady who came from a very powerful family, and Linda Ruan, who used to be domineering, and some other classmates.

When Michelle Gu stood at the door, they all looked at her with a sneer on the corners of their mouths.

Michelle puffed out her chest. Though she was not rich, she didn't feel inferior. She depended on her own efforts to earn tuition and living expenses. There was nothing shameful about it.

Ruby Luo came over and stretched out her hand. "Give them to me!"

When Michelle carefully handed two bottles of red wine to Ruby Luo, Ruby held them and Michelle let them go.


Two bottles of expensive red wine fell down like this, and the floor was full of red wine...

Michelle could only feel the buzz in her head. "Oh no, how could this be?"

She made herself calm down. Just now, she handed it to Ruby Luo, and she held it. Then Ruby Luo deliberately let go of her hand. She did it on purpose.

"How can you work here? You can't even take a bottle of wine. Look, you've ruined my clothes. You need to pay for it!" Ruby complained first.

Michelle understood that she was framed. She shouldn't have handed the wine to Ruby Luo just now.

"Sorry, it was you who let it go. I have already handed over the red wine to you!" Michelle defended herself.

"Oh... are you trying to shirk your responsibility?" At this time, Yolanda came over and pointed at her arrogantly.

Michelle directly pushed away her hand, and said, "I'm just talking about the facts!"

"How dare you push me!" Yolanda twisted her eyebrows and said angrily:"B*tch, apologize!"

"Okay, do you actually want an apology?" Michelle's eyes tightened. Seeing the wine on the table, she picked up the wine and poured it on Yolanda's head. The wine flowed down Yolanda Voon's hair to her neck. She looked terrible.