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My Bad Bad Husband

My Bad Bad Husband



  “Whoever offends you, this is the end! " He was cold and handsome. He put out his hand and hugged trembling her in his arms. The man kneeling on one side shivered and begged for mercy. She was amazed at his actions. A deal, designed by her boyfriend, one night, she became his woman, and he began to pamper her. Outside the church, she said: "Alex, can we live together but not get married" He laughed and smacked her chin. "Honey, I like to work with a certificate!" In front of people, he is a evil man. In the back, he is a bad husband who is specially bad to her!
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  "What happened to me? I got hit in the head with a medicine pestle by Wright John but where is it ? Am I dead? "

  Boundless darkness, Herbert Lee floated in the sky, as if a strand of lonely souls wandering around.

  "After all these years, I finally see the John, but it's a pity..."

  At this moment, suddenly an old and powerful voice reached the ear, Herbert Lee could not help but shocked.


  "My descendants, do not afraid." The old man's voice was as gentle as to his own child, "I am your father."

  Ancestors... Ancestors?

  Herbert Lee was stunned, and immediately became angry and said, "Who are you?" Don 't pretend. "

  If anyone said that he was Lee’s ancestors, Herbert Lee has already scolded him impolitely. But now the situation was very strange, he became more careful.

  "Ha ha, this is a remnant of my soul, it is not too outrageous to say that I am a wandering ghost.

  That old man laughed, with a sad voice, and slowly said : "child, I have stayed in this Black God Pestle for more than a thousand years, perhaps god's will, in this strand of remnant soul near dissipation, let you find the existence of the remnant soul, then, I leave everything to you!"

  Herbert Lee listened blankly and shocked, Was he talking to ghosts? That's incredible, it is not true, isn't it?


  Suddenly, Herbert Lee ’s head was opened by roar. At this moment, as if there were countless sharp thorns pierced in his head.

  These were impressively numerous memory fragments, too much too complicated, vast, Herbert Lee was impacted by so surging memory fragments , his mind immediately liked a storm in the lonely boat, displaced, soon fell into a coma again.

  Lee didn’t know how long later, he woke up, slowly opened his eyes and saw his bedroom ceiling.

  "I'm alive."

  Herbert Lee dazed, he suddenly awakened, and sat up.

  Rubbing his eyes carefully, he looked at the familiar bedroom, touched his forehead again, his head was bandaged up, but he did not feel pain at this time.

  "Oh, my God, you're awake."

  Just then, a pleasant sound of joy came.

  Herbert Lee looked up and saw a pretty girl standing beside him, who had a slender figure, fair skin, beautiful melon seed face, slender waist tied with a pink apron, just like jasper. She was very beautiful.

  "Pearl, what are you doing here?"

  Herbert Lee looked at the beautiful girl, slightly surprised.

  Pearl Hester’s pretty face was full of joy, and the jade hand with apron wiped water stains, said excitedly: "Brother Herbert, you finally wake up, these days uncle and aunt are so worried about you that they eat nothing, I come to make some food or do something else." She stretched out a slim jade hand on Herbert Lee 's head, " Herbert , how do you feel? You've been in a coma for three days with a pestle hit your head. "

  When he heard the girl's words, Herbert Lee was shocked. "I've been sleeping for three days?"

  He thought he had only slept for a night, but he didn’t believe that he was in a coma for three days.

  At this time, a middle—aged woman hurried in, excitedly embracing Herbert Lee, " Herbert, you finally woke up." her eyes were full of blood gushing crystal tears, which wet Herbert Lee 's clothes.

  Herbert Lee, with a burst of sadness and guilt, comforted his mother and said : "Mom, I'm fine."

  He was hit by Wright John with medicine pestle, which is because his father opened a clinic in front of the neighborhood. Some time ago Wright John’s father had rheumatism, and asked Herbert Lee ‘s father Browning Lee for treatment, Browning Lee was a family herbal Chinese medicine, at that time Browning prescribed medicine to Mr John , While unexpectedly Mr John backed in the middle of the night suddenly, it was said that his legs lost consciousness.

  Wright John entangled a gang of people to make trouble, framed Browning Lee quack harm, asked them to compensate. Herbert Lee bloodthirsty, young vitality argued for a few words, but the other party with pestle hit his head and on the spot did not wake up.

  "Well, just fine."

  Mica Robert loosened Herbert Lee, wiped tears from the corner of her eyes with delight, and asked , " Herbert, does your head still hurt?"

  Herbert Lee felt and shook his head, said, "It doesn't hurt anymore." Looking around, he asked, "Where's my father?"

  "Wright John hit you and run away. He absents these days. Your father says your pulse is normal and fine. He won't let the police know. He goes to the hospital to see John every day ."

  Mica Robert was angry and aggrieved, her eyes flushed.

  Herbert Lee understood the grievances of his mother, after all, her child was injured, but nowhere to reason, and he also understood the father's idea, once the police joining this matter which would go through the judicial process, and it would affect the reputation of the Lee’s family ancestral medicine. his father regarded the traditional medicine as his life. The best way to solve this matter is in private.

  "Mom, I am fine. "How 's Mr John ?"

  The fundamental reason for this was that Mr John's leg, if his leg is well, his family would be able to tide over the difficulties.

  Mica Robert sighed and murmured, "I heard the situation is not good. He can't feel his legs. The doctor suggested amputation." Her eyes were red, and tore, "Your father didn’t treat the other people's legs well. Wright John that scoundrel, will certainly come again, we are sure to be compensated. How about our family?"

  Mica Robert was an ordinary housewife. She had heard of some medical troubles. Her family made a small profit by the small clinic. She had no ability to compensate at all, so she felt the sky was falling down.

  Pearl Hester softly comforted: "Auntie, don't worry, the level of doctors in the hospital is high, Mr John is sure to be all right."

  In front of the two children, Mica Robert also felt so unsuitable, wiped away tears, said: "I hope so, these days thanks for your caring, otherwise we don't know how to survive." She took Pearl Hester by the hand and thanked her sincerely.

  Pearl Hester embarrassed : "no, no, no, you watch me grow up, usually also take care of me, it’s nothing for me to do this." She secretly glanced at Herbert Lee.

  Herbert Lee rubbed his belly. "I'm hungry."

  "I just cook a pot of chicken soup, and I get it for you." Pearl Hester hurriedly said, and quickly ran out.

  Mica Robert looked at his son, but she didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. "Pearl is a good girl," she whispered. "If only she could be my daughter—in—law..."

  Herbert Lee embarrassed and touched the tip of his nose, this thing Mica Robert had also said, but Herbert Lee never responded.

  At this time, clanking, the outside door was opened, and then heard Pearl Hester sweet voice, "uncle come back."

  Herbert Lee heard his father’s dull voice, and then saw a tall figure entering the room.