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I Got A Rich Wife

I Got A Rich Wife



When the cold beautiful CEO lady got attached to him, when his hot colleague tried to lure him, Vincent realized his time is coming! All the girls fell for him! The young genius, Vincent, started to take his urban adventure with numerous hot girls accompany him. He had solved many problems with his intelligence and became more and more successful. He is the legend!
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  Vincent stared at Sonia ahead with his black eyes, which flashed again. It was really beautiful.

  Her eyebrows were like a mountain, his eyes were beautiful, and her delicate face could not find any flaws. She could not describe her glamorous and noble words with any perfect enchanting figure.

  "Let's exercise a trial marriage!" Sonia took a deep breath and said coldly.

  “A trial marriage?"

  "That's right, although you're really bad, it won't stop me from trying it out with you," Sonia said, he could not help but think of this man's performance yesterday.

  She was wearing an old—fashioned outfit with a mouthful of stubble and a lazy idle look. But she shamelessly praised himself for the heavens and the sky.

  How could he say that she was too young and didn't want a child? Don't think about doing that with him or wearing a suit.

  He even said that he was the one who married his company and would not give up any money.

  In short, not the most shameless, only the more shameless.

  Later, because she chased him away, she was scolded by her grandmother, who had always treated her like a treasure, and demanded that she immediately call back the bastard. She could not listen to anyone's words, but she had to listen to her grandmother's words, so she asked him to meet this morning.

  Vincent still smiled and did not mind, but asked curiously, "What's the test?"

  "It's very simple. I'll marry you and get along. But there must be a one—year deadline. If within a year, I'm not happy with you, then we must divorce."

  Not to mention a year. Even if she gave her ten years, she would not like her. As long as the one—year period expired and she would be divorced, I believe that Grandma wouldn't be able to say anything else at that time. This was the only solution she could think of.

  "It's a little interesting. But in a year, if I'm not satisfied with you, you're shamelessly wrapped around me ..."

  "You're so shameless." Sonia's blood rushed and she almost walked away. How could such a thing happen, but she quickly held back: "If so, the initiative is in your hands."

  Vincent was silent. She did not expect this chick to come up with such an idea.

  Sonia looked at him and said, "I'll give you a start—up fund, even if we don't want to break up because it's not suitable. In the end, there's a hundred million. You can do a lot of things." Many women will do whatever they want. "

  "This, it's not a question of money."

  "200 million pounds!"

  "That, it's not money ..."

  "300 million pounds, don't overdo it ..."

  "Why don't you understand, it's not ..."

  "500 million!" Sonia gritted her teeth and said the bottom line in her heart.

  "Deal!" Vincent's eyes, which had been rejected, immediately changed and agreed.

  Sonia was stunned for a while. The so—called persistence just wanted more money. But it doesn't matter, as long as things are done, he quickly said, "Okay, that's it."

  "Okay!" Vincent promised simply.

  Sonia got an affirmative reply. He quickly took out two contracts that he had already drawn up and handed them over with his pen. He said ironically, "Since you've agreed, then let's sign the contract now."

  Vincent took the contract and was slightly stunned. He smiled and said, "Your work is really neat and sharp."

  "Of course! You have nothing to do, so you can spend your time freely. But for me, every minute is very important."

  Vincent was puzzled and asked, "How do you think I'm doing nothing?"

  Sonia looked at him and asked, "You still need to ask, you've got a wasteful atmosphere of unmotivated and ambitious waste."

  "Okay," said Vincent.

  When Sonia looked at him, he knew that he was right. A man in his heart snorted. If such a man wanted to be her husband, she might as well let her hit the wall.

  Vincent took the contract and swiftly swept through it in just a few seconds. He did not hesitate to sign his name on it, and said with a smile: "Okay."

  Sonia personally watched his signing, and joy flashed in his eyes.

  "It's okay. Even if you give me a contract, I'm willing to do it. Who told me that I'm full of love for you?"

  Unfortunately, Sonia not only did not believe him, he even thought that this was a shameless man who spoke with words and dislikes.

  Fortunately, Vincent did not know how to read her mind.

  "Although you don't look at it, there are a few points that I think I have to focus on to avoid you breaking the rules," Sonia said.

  "Okay, you say it."

  "First, we'll be married in the future. Even though we live together, you can't touch me and I won't care about you."

  "Yes!" Vincent did not hesitate to agree. He had never thought that this cold woman would easily let herself touch her. It was already very good to be free and to fulfill his grandfather's request.

  "Second, you can't reveal our relationship to outsiders, especially people inside the company."

  "Don't worry, I'm a tight—lipped person. I won't talk nonsense. And big deal, if I don't go to your company, I won't let it out."

  "This won't work. You have to work at my company and go to work in two days." Sonia directly said that this was not her request, but her grandmother said that she must let Vincent go to the company, work and study well, and strive to promote as soon as possible. Ability to help her.

  Of course, in her view, the company couldn't help the company with this man's ability and attitude.

  "Ah, can't I go?" Vincent was depressed, he didn't want to lock himself in a place all day.

  "No, you didn't read that it's already written on the treaty. You should be careful not to reveal your identity when you work in the company. This means that you must work for my company."

  "How can you explain this?" Vincent was shocked.

  "Of course, the following is written, and all the final interpretation is owned by Sonia," Sonia said elegantly, pointing to the contract.

  Vincent was helpless: "Okay, let's be ruthless, I'll admit it." But he quickly added it seriously: "But I first declare that I'm good at eating, drinking and playing. Serious work is not my style."

  Sonia snorted coldly to see if he did not think it was embarrassing to say such a thing. He said coldly: "It's okay, just like you, I don't dare to expect any working ability. In the company, as long as you are safe and sound, No one will fire you without causing trouble. "

  "Okay, I'm afraid of you anyway." Vincent had no objections.

  "That's good!" Sonia asked again, "Have you brought your account?"

  "What do you mean?"

  "Get married, it's just half past eight. When we get to the door of the Register Office, we should just open the door to work."

  "..." Vincent was completely stunned.