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Save the Marriage

Save the Marriage


In her previous life, she helped her boyfriend build a business empire and helped him take his inheritance right in the big family. Yet her entire family was killed by him on the day the congratulation banquet was held. When she woke up again, she reborn as the first daughter of the Su’s, who fell overboard by running away from marriage, which made the Pei’s and the Su’s a new joke in commercial circles. Facing a large dowry worth half of the Su’s family property and a husband who was No.1 playboy in Sea City, she knew that she had to save this precarious marriage to avenge her parents and herself.
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"Suzie Su, I am now the heir of the Xia's. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get to this position so easily. But Suzie, you are just a civilian girl, and you are not qualified to be my wife. I am going to get engaged to the daughter of the Bai's now. What else can I do? You are so smart and resourceful. If you have no love but hatred for me one day and go to my opponent's company, you will be my big worry."

Your parents are sitting beside you now, right? I'm not sure if they know what's happened between us. I think they'd better die with you, just in case. Tell them not to blame me, but to blame themselves for giving birth to such a filial daughter as you."

"You love me so much, and you are willing to sacrifice everything for me. Now, just sacrifice yourself one more time, I want to watch you die. Farewell, my dear Suzie."

The voice on the other end of the phone was still so familiar and gentle, but there was a piercing coldness and viciousness in it. The next moment, two cars collided just as planned, and the flames rushed up to the sky.

Suzie Su suddenly woke up with sweat all over her head. She was in a strange white ward, filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant Suzie was in a dizzy, but... "Am I still alive? What about my parents? Are they also here with me?"

"No, it's not right, this is not my body. What's going on?" Suzie frowned, and then countless memory fragments rushed to her head. It took her quite a while to figure it out.

It turned out that she was dead for sure, but just happened to be reborn in this body. The owner of the body was Zoe Su, the eldest daughter of the Su's, which is one of the four wealthiest families in Sea City. She jumped into the sea to escape from the luxury ship where she was going to get married this morning, because she was dissatisfied with the marriage of the family interest. But unfortunately, she drowned and died. Suzie accidentally became the owner of Zoe's body.

Suzie looked around the ward, picked up the remote control at the bedside table, and turned on the TV. She was continuously changing the TV channels in anxiousness.

In her last life, she was the director of Thunderbolt Entertainment and a well-known entertainment designer in the circle. The news of her death would definitely be broadcasted in the entertainment news. "It was fake! Everything was fake! I can't believe Chennault would do this to me."

The news broadcast on TV, "Suzie Su and her parents were all victims, and no one survived in this accident. To the misery of Miss Su and her family, we express our deep condolences..."

Finally, Suzie's eyes lingered on the TV, with her white and weak fingers tightly grasping the white sheets, and her whole body could not help but tremble violently.

It was true. This was not a nightmare. Her boyfriend, who was in a relationship with her for eight years, well planned a car accident, which took the life of her parents and herself. All because he wanted to get engaged to the daughter of the Bai's.

Suzie Su had known Chennault Xia for eight years, and she thought that she would marry him one day. However, after he took advantage of her to get the right of inheritance of the Xia's, the first thing he did was to kill her, so he can marry another girl from a wealthy and influential family.

The eight-year relationship was a scam. She was like a joke and did not find that he was heartless. She became his secret girlfriend for eight years, sacrificed everything for him. But in the end, she had her parents and herself put to death.

"Chennault Xia, I hate you so much! God spared me and gave me a second life, I will definitely avenge my parents and myself in this life. I swear it. You wait and see!"

"Eh, how can there be the sound of TV, Zoe! Baby, you're awake!" A woman came in and said delightedly as the door opened.

Suzie looked at her. She had just learned from the memory of the body that this woman was her mother, Charlotte Lin.

Zoe Su was said to be a stupid and domineering daughter of a rich family. Charlotte Lin spoiled her very much. They have a good mother-daughter bond. Because Zoe used to be a playgirl in high school, and Charlotte was always the one who helped her to clean up the mess.

Zoe Su was not scheming at all, but she's got a silly temper, such as arrogant, domineering, and stupid. She was always fooled around by others, and often offended people without self-knowing. In Sea City, she was a laughingstock of the top society.

Jonny Su, Zoe Su's father, was an old-fashioned and serious man. He regretted that his eldest daughter does not live up to his expectations, so he sent her to study abroad and cut off her economic source. He didn't expect that Zoe would be plotted against and deliberately approached by a bad boy. And dramatically, Zoe was so obsessed with this man that she regarded him as her only love in her life.

However, Zoe had been engaged to the third son of the Pei's since she was a child. This time, she was forced to come back to get married, but she refused to accept this marriage for love even unto death. Zoe felt dizzy at the thought of this. How did she fall into the sea? How could her memory disappear just at that moment? Was there anything she didn't know?

Zoe had a younger sister called Cindy Su, who was exactly the same as her. Both of them had a bad temper. They were not scheming, but stupid, arrogant, and unpopular in the family. Their parents had a bad relationship with each other, so their father got some affairs. Besides Zoe and Cindy, there are two other illegitimate children in the family.

Zoe's father, Jonny Su, prefers that illegitimate son and daughter, who were more cautious, and he doesn't care about Zoe and her younger sister Cindy too much.

Just as thinking, Zoe swayed and then passed out.