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A Book About A Book

A Book About A Book



It's like a Anthology story were we can able to find collection of stories or episodes in a same book. Here our hero of the story is a Book . It's a fantacy story were we can imagine to the extent of imagination in the world. Our book will travel from one person to another and from that their Life will change.
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This story is not about time travel it's about book travel. A Book that travel from person to person and change their Iife.

A teen age girl name Haley is having her birthday and who is ready to enjoy her life . She is a most beautiful girl with the most incredible voice and amazing body structure also with beautiful eyes. Whoever see this girl with fall in love with her beauty. And she decided to celebrate her birthday with is friends because she is not staying with her family for long time. And most of the boys are trying to impress her with a costliest gift and try to impress her in many different ways . She likes fantacy and she is also interest in adventure. So one boy thought to buy her a fantacy book to impress her.

He went to the book store and he try to find most fantacy books so he keep on searching in all the racks and at last at the end he finds that book, which is our hero. The book was covered by one wonderful box with golden colour and also it has a key for that box . He didn't open that book itself he just love that book by seeing that box and he buys that book.

At the birthday party he present that book to Haley and she also love that box because it's so stunning. After the party gets over inspite of all the presents she chose to open that box, she finds the key one open that box and she hears the voice like "welcome to future" and also the voice resembles like her voices , she got shocked and she also thinks that it's the idea of that boy to impress her. And she finds that book named as "Haley A Beautiful Girl".

She opened that open and started reading that . From the first page she came to know that the book belongs to her and each and every information in that book resembles her life . She has no idea what the fuck and how it's happens because no one here knows about her childhood but this book also contains that. We can't describe her feelings, at that second itself she called him who presented that book . That boy name is Dylan and he as huge crush on her. On seeing her call he feels happy it's a first time she is calling her. He is really very happy and attend her call .But the first question of her is where did you buy this book? He replied that I buy that book from one store were I saw today while searching gift for you . She ask her to pick her up to the book store , and we obviously know now how Dylan feels. He enjoyed and get ready as hot as much as possible and pick her to the store.

But unfortunately the book store was not there! And also burger shop was there. He is confused like the hell and he is having no idea what's going on. Then he ask her what happens? She explained he is having no sense to believe it . But by relating everything together they both came to know that the book belongs to her and the book is now with her to give us some information about her life .

What will Haley do she is having two thoughts whether to destroy that book or to read further?