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Fill My Whole World With You

Fill My Whole World With You



  My fiance had an affair, and I tracked the mistress’ elder brother, looking for an opportunity to sleep with him. I proudly broke up with my fiance, and forced the mistress’ elder brother to marry me. Since I can't be his wife, I will be his sister-in-law! "I married you because of your pregnancy, but you let me down. I never thought you couldn't have children! Get out of here. Don’t let me see you again." I took the divorce agreement and left. Three years later, I returned and took a two-year-old child with me to my ex-husband's wedding. In the chaos of the wedding, the groom flew into a rage and asked me who was the child’s father. I haughtily smile, "He jumped out of the stone!"
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"Sleep, my darling, don't mess with me. I still have a baby in my stomach ..."

When Taylor was almost asleep on the bed, she suddenly felt that someone was pressing on her.

The man's hands were very urgent and forceful. His big palms quickly tore off her thin nightgown.

After five months of marriage, Charles left the house the next day after his wedding and had been away on business since then. It was inevitable that he could not wait to have fun with her now when he came back. Taylor then gave up her defense and began to cater him, with a feeling of compensate.

Suddenly, the fullness of her body made her groan.

He took a breath on her smooth collarbone and whispered, "Are you satisfied?"

Taylor's body seemed to be struck by lightning. That was not her husband's voice!

When she turned on the light in horror, after seeing this face in front of him, Taylor's pretty face instantly turned red: "How ... How is it you ?!"

Under the dim light, the man's naked body was pressed against her, and his handsome face had a trace of evil charm, similar to her husband, Charles.

But it wasn't him at all, it was Kevin!

Her husband's brother! She heard that he was the illegitimate son of his family. He was a few months younger than Charles, but he had been staying abroad until he recognized his ancestors half a year ago.

Because it was her husband's brother, Taylor usually respected Kevin, but she could not think that he would appear on her bed and had sex with her!

Kevin smiled warmly, but the next words made Taylor frozen.

"Stop fussing, it's not the first time. You forgot the last time at you and my good brother's wedding night. It was in the same room, on the same bed, that I…."

It was him ... it was him!

The nightmare of the wedding night!

Taylor originally wanted to give her most complete self to Charles, but someone broke into her room that night and had sex with her.

Because of the shyness of the first time, Taylor did not turn on the lights all night. She thought that person was Charles. However, after her pregnancy, Charles said he had never had sex with her. Only then did she believe that it was not Charles that night.

So that’s why Charles haven’t gone back home for so long, but for some reason, he sent a text message to Taylor, telling her to keep the child.

But at that night, why it was Kevin?!

When she thought about this, she struggled, and her fingernails scratched the man's shoulders. "Go away! Don't touch me, go away!"

Kevin squinted, he did not move at all, but also increasingly powerfully occupied her.

His big hand pinched Taylor's smooth chin and said in an ambiguous tone, "But you liked it, didn’t you?"

Taylor turned her head in disdain, but the pleasure of sin brought her closer to collapse: "You ... I'm going to sue you! I'll sue you for rape ..."

The man in front of her had ruined her wedding night and ruined her love and marriage. She could no longer give Charles a complete self.

But Kevin laughed: "Okay, then everyone will know that you had sex with your husband’s brother, what will they think?

Kevin's threat was very effective. Taylor's body was cold, and she stopped vigorously resisting. She suddenly lay quietly under him, like a lamb.

Tears fell down her face silently.

"What do you want?"