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Accidentally Pregnant

Accidentally Pregnant



Maria Hudson, a twenty three years old writer in New York. Jake Adrian Vance, twenty seven years old and One of the youngest Billionaire's in New York. It was just a one night stand, she wasn't supposed to get pregnant, but she did. I guess the stars did not align in her favour. ~~~~~ "When were you going to tell me, you are pregnant." Even though I have not heard him talk a lot of times I knew that voice. ~~~~~ "You are good with words, I will give you that. But I don't think I need to remind you that it's our unborn child binding us together and that does not mean we should be together together." "Why not?" He asked as he took the first bite of his cake. "Because." "'Because?" He promoted. "Because I am not attracted to you." I rolled my eyes at him. "You think?" "I know so." "Let's find out, shall we?" He smirked at me as he stared at me and then placed his plate of chocolate cake on a table.
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Come on Maria," I heard Joe's annoying voice, my best friend and also my roommate, "let's go out today."

I sighed as I rubbed my temples with my hands. "Joe," I called as I turned to face her, only to see her sitting in a weird position on her couch, "we have been arguing about this for about two hours now. When are you going to give up?"


I rolled my eyes at her and then proceeded to stare at my laptop screen. I have been trying to continue the teen fiction story I have been writing since last year, all to no avail. When I type about two sentences and I re read them, they look weird in my head and then that leads me to deleting them and ending up with a blank screen.

"You have been staring at that screen for the past three hours and I am sure you've not written anything." Well, that's true.

I groaned as I shut down my laptop and then turned to face Joe again only to see her already staring at him with one of her finger eyebrow raised at me, "Fine. We'll go to wherever you want. Only because I have not written anything in my book and because you're my best friend."

"Yay!" She squealed and then stood up from the blue couch to drag me away from the dining table where I was trying to update my book. "Come on, come on, let's go get dressed. Plus you might see one hottie to have a shag with." She winked

I rolled my eyes at her excitement but followed her anyway. I don't know what I would do with her.

About forty five minutes later we were both already dressed. I picked- well, Joe picked the cloth cause she said and I quote, "you look stunning and hot combined together." I was wearing a red backless gown that reached my mid thigh coupled with black heels. Joe also did my make up.

Joe wore the same gown I wore only that her's was green and she was with a heavy make up, though it fitted her perfectly. Joe had a nice shape, she had large breasts and buttocks making the cloth look nice on her body. While I was the opposite of her. Slim with average breasts and buttocks. We were opposites in everything. We never preferred the same stuffs. While I liked orange juice she preferred apple juice and while I preferred not eating boiled egg she loved egg. The list could go on and on.

"I look hot." She said to herself as she twirled at the front of the long lengthened mirror. "Don't I?" She turned to me but before I could reply she said, "never mind. It was a rhetorical question." Making me chuckle.

"The amount of confidence you have in yourself surprises me."

I said as I put the necessary stuffs I needed into my black shoulder bag.

"Someone has got to do the praising." She winked at me through the mirror as I shook my head chuckling.

"Let's go." She picked up her white purse from her bed as we both heard the horn of the taxi from outside. "Fun time!" Joe screamed it but she deepened her voice making it sound manly as we entered the taxi. I am very sure the man was confused for both of us.

The cab made a stop and we both got down from the cab but not before thanking him and paying him. "Neon lights." The huge sign board read as it glowed in the dark with pink and blue lights.

"I heard about it at work when some of my colleagues were talking about it. I heard it's a young guy, well, about our age that owns it." She told me as she was pulling me into the entrance of the club.

We passed the long queue of people standing at the the front of a huge black guy, the bouncer, as they presented their ID.

"I thought you said this was your first time coming here." I shouted over the loud music playing and thankfully she heard me.

"I didn't say that," she shrugged as we both took a seat at the bar. "You just assumed it." she smirked at me.

This woman.

"Uh, please four shots please." She smiled too sweetly at the bartender and he returned the smile with a forced one. Poor guy.

"Stop flirting with him." I said as I hit her arm when the guy was already out of hearing vicinity.

She placed her perfect manicured hands on her chest and then gasped. "I was not!"

I chuckled, "you definitely was flirting with him. He looks younger than us."

The guy came back and handed us our drinks and went back to attend to some other people but not before Joe gave him a wink, "I doubt that." She took a sip.

"Yes, he definitely is younger than us." I chuckled and drank my whole drink at once.

"Whoa! Calm down there tiger."

"You brought me here to have fun, that's what I am doing." I grinned as I downed the next drink.

"Nice. I like this spirit." She grinned and also took another shot. After about five shots each I pulled Joe to the dance floor both of us giggling and dancing together, well, that was until I felt someone wrap his hands around my waist and I could feel the person's hit breath fanning my neck. But I was too drunk to even care and that was how I got sepereated from Joe.