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Reborn, And Save My Tyrant Husband

Reborn, And Save My Tyrant Husband



Erica Ancia thought she hated the forced marriage with her husband, Seril Cal. A man who could cover the sky under his palm, and yet after his death, she realized the man only wanted to have a lifetime with her, the one and only person who would take a bullet to protect her life, the man who loved her the most in this world. By trying to flee with the scumbags, she made the man run all day and night just to find her, then by stealing the company's future projects, she made the man lose sleep for a week, and by constantly looking for the first love, she made the man shed tears in desperation and commit more sins that led to their tragedy. If there is another life, Erica thinks that, "I will only look in your direction, love your thorns, and stay beside you, day and night." Then, with a blink of her eyes, she was back in time, her bleeding wrist screamed in pain, but her eyes were filled with tears because the man standing next to the door was---him. "Do you believe you can leave me by killing yourself? No matter how much you betrayed me, whether you're dead or alive, you'll never be able to leave my side in this life." Seril Cal was domineering, paranoid, and dangerous, and when he expected the woman to scream in terror, he instead heard someone crying pitifully. "Hu...Husband, please let me go, there's so much blood, I don't want to die, we still don't have a baby."
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Phoenix Mountain.

On a cold night of mid-October, the first snow came late, as was expected.

It is a moment the people in the city are waiting for, and while away from the bustling crowd, there is a pair of figures sitting on a relatively narrow cliff.

With an ambient noise of the sea, a hand is slowly moving to point up to the sky as the young woman’s trembling eyelashes move.

Looking at one and two and soon countless radiant snowflakes falling from above, a chilly winter hits her face making one shudder.

Still, blinking twice, she is trying to see clearly the ice crystals and unknowingly flashing a little joy when seeing them.

“Seril, look, it is finally snowing.” Erica Ancia turned her head to the weight leaning over her body, she was embracing a fully grown-up man.

Seril Cal, a man who she betrayed all over and over again, yet, the only person who took a bullet for herself, was now closing his eyes after hearing her voice for the last time.

Feeling the changes of pressure on her, and the weak hands holding her waist slowly loosening, it was the warm tears that came next.

The other shaking hand slowly caressed the cold and pale face, putting a little more strength, but no matter how much she tried to touch or pinch, there was no response, except the gust of wind from time to time.

Her fingers have begun to shake more obviously, a continuous flow of tears ran down along with a painful whisper, “You forgot to kiss me...”

Then there are sounds of boots stopping from behind them.

Even without looking back, she knows who these people are, and the thought of seeing their faces is making her face ugly, sick, and nauseous.

“Erica, I finally found you, and you really have talent in running away.” Manuel sounded a little happy but full of duplicity. 

“Manuel,” Tasting the blood on her lips, Erica wants to vomit from just uttering this person’s name, recalling how they ended up to this moment.

A while ago, inside the dimly lit room.

In the suffocating space where hanging in the air was mixed with the fishy and pungent smell.

She stared at the man standing against the light.

He held the glass of red wine in his left hand, letting out a sweet scent of citrus fruits.

His handsome face slowly leaned, wearing a pleasing thin smile to his heart-shaped lips, but it seemed not enough, couldn't even warm his cold breath.

“Manuel, you are a scumbag!” Erica Ancia shouted through her bloody and painful lips.

“Yes, my dear.” Manuel Reight, a man she has loved for ten years, where she follows and obeys every word, and she is willing to become a tool for his ambition and betrays the husband she only has as her family in law.

By pinching her chin up to make her head raise, Manuel's smiling eyes shone with wickedness.

“You can still follow me after this, I can give you money, a house, and attention, as long as you are willing to spread your legs every time I come to you.”

“Dream on, bastard.” Erica Ancia spit out the chewed blood with her saliva onto the man’s closed-up face, which slowly turned ugly, and that resulted in another violent slap to her face.

“You bitch! You are asking for it.” Manuel took a step back, wiping the disgusting fluid from his face, and then summoned his men, who were waiting at the side, to fetch a bucket of cold water.

While she was still dazed from the heavy hand that landed on her face, giving her the impression that the world was spinning and her ears were ringing, Erica Ancia did not notice that the man she once thought would be a good husband if she married him was going to drown her again as punishment. 

Holding the bucket, Manuel looked at the disheveled appearance of a woman who was once held in someone’s palm like the greatest treasure where dirt cannot even paste on her shoes.

But, now this looks like a woman who was enjoyed by countless men, dried and beaten with blood, sweats were sliding down on a burning flesh, and all tied on a fragile chair.

Knowing he was the one who has tainted the angel of that cold and arrogant person, Manuel flashed a very satisfied smile.

When he was about to add another torture, the door opened suddenly, making him jerk his head toward that direction. 

“He really came, what a fool...”

“Manuel, you dare!” That person strode forward shouted like a madman, waking up the woman on the chair from her trance.

“Seril...Se...Seril!” Erica Ancia couldn't believe her eyes, this man really showed up.

Regardless of what she had done...he still came to her, then remembering all the torment and betrayals she did to this upcoming person, her heart sank completely to the sea of bitterness and guilt.

“You stopped there,” Manuel raised his hand toward Seril as he took a gun from the bodyguard on his side and pointed it to Erica’s head, “Or else, do not blame me if my hand suddenly pulls the trigger, right, Mr. Cal?”

Biting her lip, Erica refused to look at the man standing opposite to her, she suddenly yelled, “ Manuel, you will kill me, kill me, kill me, you bastard!"

“You are asking for it, dear---” After that, the next moment Erica knew she was falling to the floor and being hugged by a strong body.

Seril took the shot for her using his back, whispering softly next to her ear, “I’m here.”

Upon fleeing the dreadful place, they found themselves on the edge of a small cliff, above the strong waves of the sea, and the person hanging on her small body wanted to sit for a while.

But she realizes it's not just to sit.

That brings them to this point where regrets are always reserved for ending.

"I can see, your madman was already dead," Manuel's mocking voice rang as if next to her face, and he moved closer to her side, but she stopped him.

"Don’t come any closer!" Erica moved, and she felt a lot more comfortable all over when her hand hugged the unmoving body closer to her chest, and her eyes sharply became dull when she felt the cold air under her hanging feet.

This seawater was not just water for her, it is her trauma, but thinking there are disgusting people behind her, she feels like what’s under her is their savior.

Jerking her head towards Manuel, her eyes were colder than the winter frost, she had already seen the tricks of the scumbag and was speaking coldly, “ I really do love you, but this is my second regret in this life.”

As if his face were hit by the second choice, with an unknown feeling knocking on his chest, Manuel has narrowed his eyes dangerously, “And what’s your greatest regret?”

“That...” Erica turned away, looking down at the cold face.

Her eyes lingered for a long while and forgot to answer the person behind.

There is no need to hear the reply because her gaze was enough to make someone very angry and made them tighten the gun on their hands.

“Brother Nuel, you are here!”

“Oh, you finally found my dear cousin.”

Erica knows very well who comes shouting and sounded very happy...

Salina Ancia!

Jane Luise! 

Both people she trusted all this time, but to meet their jealous faces in the end.