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Marry a Silly Princess

Marry a Silly Princess



An emotionless prince married with a silly princess. He thought he could control her for he was stronger than her. Therefore, he didn't give her money in time, and even didn't care about whether she was hungry or not.
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The festive wedding was full of luxury.

However, there was a particularly noticeable sign at the door that said, "Ex and dogs are not allowed."

The original bride of the wedding, Luna, stood there. Her eyes turned red when she looked at the word "Ex".

Did it refer to her?


Wearing a white wedding gown, Luna broke into the wedding ceremony.

At this moment, the priest was asking solemnly, "The groom, Grace Groat, are you willing to marry the bride, Catherine?"

"I do."

"He doesn't want to!" Luna shouted out to interrupt Groat's words. "I'm the real bride for this wedding! Just last month, he proposed to me!"

Suddenly, everyone looked at Luna.

However, Luna’s gaze was fixed with hate and confusion on Groats.

When Groat saw Luna, his handsome face instantly became extremely cold. He raised his eyebrows, his nose was straight, and his deep, dark eagle eyes were sharp and godly.

Even if he was in a wheelchair, the cold and overbearing momentum that he did not dare to intimidate was exaggerated all over him, and all the focus was on him in the crowd at all.

"Sister, are you crazy? I wore a wedding dress to make my wedding!" Luna's sister, Catherine, shouted.

At this moment, Catherine was wearing a luxurious wedding dress. She was standing beside Groat with a pale smile in his shocked expression.

"Don't be delusional anymore. The person whom Groat loves is me and always me!" Catherine said.

"He loves you?" Luna laughed sarcastically. "Where did you go when he lost his consciousness in a car accident? When his company was on the verge of collapse, where did you go? Where have you been? "

With that, Luna looked at Groat again and questioned, "When no one cares about you, you rely on me and continue to promise to marry me when your leg recovers! Just last night, you said that our wedding is going to be a grand ceremony. You also said you wouldn't treat me badly! But now ... "

"Sister, are you ..."

"Shut up!" Luna hissed in anger, and she still glared at Groats.

She continued to shout, "But now, your leg is about to heal, but you treat me like this? Turn me into an Ex, and make me waiting for you to marry me at home like a fool?"

Hearing Luna's voice, Catherine's face was disdainful and indifferent.

This sister who had lost her mother was not favored, and their family would not support her!

"Sister, how can you put all the fault on me and my husband?" Catherine's beautiful face was filled with a bright smile. "It's clear that you are the first to cheat. At home, I've paid a lot of money for your unsightly photos at the nightclub! "

Then, Catherine added: "You treat my husband as an ATM. Now don't you let my husband find his true love, do you?"

"What did you say?" Luna was so angry. "Catherine, you just slandered me."

"I know you're coming here, so the evident video is ready, " Catherine said, then she nodded to the staff on the left side of the ceremony table.

After she said that, an unbearable sex video appeared on the big screen. A man and woman were entwined with nothing, their movements were intense, and their voices were ecstasy.

The man on the screen was Luna's friend, while the woman was not clear to recognize.

But closed friends could tell that that woman was Luna.

Luna was completely stunned. When did she do this?


The video was fake!

"Satisfied?" said Groat, who had not spoken, suddenly said.

His voice was cold and full of anger, and there was a trace of ridicule in his eyes.

"Luna, I've warned you long ago. Stay away from that man, but you keep saying that it's just pure friendship! Now, do you know why I'm not marrying you?"