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Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed



  On the wedding day, the groom didn’t show up. At the door of wedding room, the mistress was waiting for showing her strength! When she woke up, the man lying beside asked her to perform the duty of a wife, touching her and kissing her rudely. At first sight, ...
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In the dark of the night, a bolt of lightning thundered through the sky, followed by a loud bang.

At 11 p.m., the nightlife in S City had just begun.

On the tenth floor of the House Hotel, the warm yellow light hit the woman in a black halter skirt. She held the wall with her hands, whispered something in her mouth, and looked around, her cheeks blushing and shaking,.

"In the front!"

Hesitantly, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her and the man's loud reprimand.

Susan turned her head and yelled at the man behind her, "You guys go back and tell Susie that I won’t play these vulgar rubbish game!"

The door of the elevator in front of her suddenly opened. Susan went in without thinking.

"Dead woman, don't run!" The men were chasing after her. As she watched the elevator door shut, Susan couldn't help but take a deep breath.


Fortunately, she was not caught! !

Susan raised her right hand and gently patted her chest.

Damn Susie, did she have to kill her? Her existence had exposed her to such a big threat?

Suddenly Susan felt a pain in the head and she frowned.

Bad! The drug has taken effect!

Without waiting to recover, her shoulder suddenly was caught by a hand.

Susan's whole body trembled, and a bunch of messy things popped up in her mind.

Could this elevator of House hotel be haunted?

Susan looked at the hand on her shoulder carefully. It was slender and white.

Female ghost!

"No matter you're a ghost or a devil, please don't wrap yourself around me? I'm a good person!"

She didn’t die in Susie's hands but in the ghost's hands. That was not worth it!

"Dominic, when did our hotel allow psychosis to run?"

A lazy and cold male voice came from behind, quickly freezing the only remaining atmosphere in the elevator.

"Young Master, next time, I'll add a new rule to the hotel that doesn't allow mental disorder to run!"


Susan suddenly turned around and saw two men in suits.

One of them was tall, about a meter tall, wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie on his neck.

That person stared straight at her with a pair of cold eyes. He had a knife—like handsome face, a tall and straight nose, a pale and sexy lip. Susan couldn't help but swallowed.

It seemed that the one beside him was in his thirties.

He called this man Young Master?

Just as Susan was absent—minded, the person suddenly raised his hand and pinched her chin, and asked coldly: "Does it look good?"

Susan could not help but nod!

Huh? Wait!

This was not the point!

Not until Susan said anything, the person flung her hand on her chin and said unhappily, "Dominic, throw her out!"

Then, he took the tissue that Dominic had handed over and wiped his hands as if he had just encountered a deadly germ.

"Yes, Young Master." Dominic nodded and immediately walked up, pressing the button on the nearest floor.

Very soon, the door opened.

At this moment, there were four men in suits standing outside the door. They stared nervously at Susan and said, "Miss Smith, please follow us!"