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Marry a Stranger

Marry a Stranger



The man Jane loved for ten years said to her that she was the only one he loved, yet abandoned her and married another woman the next day. What was worse, right on his wedding day, she was drugged by someone. Under the influence of the medicine, she had no choice but picked a stranger on the rooftop and said to him: “You want me? Help me, please. Take me to a room.” The next morning, she found out this man was the prince of the Miller Group, who owned a top wealthy and influential business empire. Out of her expectation, he was also the elder brother of her ex-boyfriend’s newlywed wife! Things were getting more and more interesting!
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At the entrance of Hilton Hotel. Full of brilliant lights and luxurious cars.

The handsome groom knelt on the ground, gazing at the bride gently, "Ruby, I am willing to do my best to make you happy forever. Will you marry me and become the only one for me?"

"Yes, I do!"

Jane stood in the crowd and looked at the two people who were hugging and kissing each other. Her heart seemed to be stabbed with a knife. Shawn White was supposed to be his fiancé, but now had really gotten married and held the other woman in arms.

Heh …

Jane's eyes lit up as she rushed forward, wanting to slap him. But just as she was about to step forward, a figure blocked her path.

"Jane, what are you trying to do?"

Jane clenched her fists tightly. "I …"

Mary White chuckled, "Auntie knows that White Family has unilaterally destroyed the marriage contract with you and you have suffered grievances. However, if Shawn doesn't marry Ruby this time, White Family will declare bankruptcy, and you should be more clear than anyone else that if the White Family goes bankrupt, no one can afford to pay for your grandmother's medical fees. Think about your grandmother, then happily wish Shawn a happy marriage."

Jane bit her lower lip so hard that the lips was almost torn apart.

Could the White Family be any more shameless? When her father passed away, he had left behind a large amount of inheritance, enough for her and her grandmother to live the rest of their lives. If she hadn't used the money to pay for the loss of White Group, how could she have relied on them?

Jane rushed to the front, shouting, "Shawn, I wish you two happy forever! I should make a toast! "Finishing the words, she raised her head and downed an entire cup of wine.

Shawn saw that her eyes were red which seemed to drip out a drop of blood. His expression changed slightly, as though he wanted to say something, but in the end, he did not. All he did was to marry the young miss of Miller Family to help his company overcome difficulties. How could he give up at the last moment?

"Alright, Shawn. Go somewhere else to toast." Mary White cleverly blocked Shawn's sight. She said and pulled Jane's hand with a smile.

"Yes, mom. Take care of Jane." Shawn didn't forget his concern before he left.

"Yes, I will." Mary White smiled as she agreed.

As they left, Mary White instantly stopped smiling. "Jane, your performance just now was so obvious that Ruby almost saw through it …"

Jane interrupted her with a cold tone, "I am not born to act. How can I compare to the people of White Family?"

"You!" Mary White felt depressed.

"Aunt Mary, I'm leaving first. Otherwise, if I stay, I might say more things that I shouldn't have!"

Jane then left the great hall. Her tears instantly fell.

She told herself not to cry, not to cry. Crying would only make her look more embarrassed, but it was useless, tears kept falling like broken beads.

With anger filling her heart, Jane walked to the top floor of the hotel alone. Seated on the side of the roof, Jane looked at the far end of the hotel and her tears fell even more violently than before, "Shawn White, you liar! In my lifetime, I will never forgive you! "

Just as her voice faded away, she was suddenly hit and almost rolled down. Fortunately, in a moment of desperation, she grabbed onto the railing and pulled on her wrist.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't you see me standing by the rooftop? Did you know that you almost caused my death! "

She then turned her head around, she saw an almost perfect face, with clear and deep facial outlines. Under his pair of sharp sword—like eyebrows, his dark eyes were like stars under the night sky, and they were accompanied by a chilly wind that gave him an almost demonic atmosphere.

“Get away!”

Jane was almost pushed aside.